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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 1006

1006 Chapter 1016-di Qi, stepping on the path to find his ancestor

“What happened?”

Carolyn was still studying the ancient civilization murals in the tomb.

There were all kinds of styles. This elemental civilization was very strange. The houses, streets, and furnishings were all made of crystals and diamonds.

However, it was only natural that this white dwarf was a huge diamond planet.

“Nothing happened.” Di Qi smiled and looked at a tree. I was just surprised by the structure and shape of the creatures here. It’s very interesting.

yeah, it’s very interesting. Beautiful elemental trees, and even the plants are elementalized ... Carolyn didn’t pay any attention to him. They were only in a cooperative relationship. She casually grabbed a broken branch of a crystal tree, which also contained an elemental heart.

However, it was very weak, only at the second rank.

For those who could enter, there was no value in picking them.

The two giants were conversing calmly.

Carolyn was still researching.

However. di Qi. who was standing behind him, looked more and more solemn. that feeling is getting stronger and stronger ... How could my clan’s bloodline be in the depths ...”

Di Qi was extremely puzzled and felt that it was unbelievable.

my race isn’t some heaven-defying race. Our genes aren’t strong. We don’t have the space bloodline of the primordial humans, the powerful race of Carolyn, or the mysterious and unpredictable demon core race. We don’t have any powerful genetic talents ...

Di Qi’s true form was a golden Crow.

Our race is a race of innate ancient gods.

His bloodline was just ordinary ... It was far from being comparable to the other powerful races, but it was too strange that his bloodline connection had appeared in this ancient monument ...

He couldn’t help but contact his wife, the moon god si Yun, one of the thirteen innate ancient gods.

In the internal space.

“He discovered the bloodline aura of our clan?” At this moment, Kong Yun was also shocked.

As a moon god back then, her aptitude was naturally not bad, and with di Qi’s full guidance, she was already quite a distance away from rank 9.

is it true? ” Kong Yun couldn’t help but ask, ” is there really the aura of our bloodline race in the depths of the ancient elemental civilization? ”

In the ruins of an ancient civilization, it was already strange to have the aura of living beings, let alone their own people.

After all, so many years had passed, and the thirteen innate ancient gods from the era of the innate ancient gods had all died!

Only the two of them were left alive to this era ...

Di Qi furrowed his brows and said,”a race that can survive in this Historic Site?” it’s not like we haven’t encountered them before. It’s those remnants of the elemental civilization. They’re very weak and run away as soon as they see us ... And now, it seems that our clansmen are also living in the ruins. Could it be that they are also a Special Branch of the elemental race?”

This was a terrifying and even bizarre piece of news.

Could they be the elemental race?

Or rather, their mother, the daolord, the first ancestor who created the world ... In fact, he was a member of the elemental race?

Di Qi remained silent for a long time, then said to Kong Yun, ” “It’s not impossible! Thinking back, my race is naturally covered in energy flames, forming a thick energy coat outside ... Ordinary flesh-and-blood creatures are mostly covered in feathers and scales. How could they be naturally wrapped in a layer of energy flames that are still burning?”

Now that he thought about it, he was terrified.

“Thirteen ancient gods and nine Sun golden crows ... you are the same. Da Feng, Yun, and the others are also covered in a layer of energy. As innate ancient gods, they control the order of heaven and earth, sunshine, wind, fire, moonlight, clouds, and mist ... It glowed and was surrounded by energy. It was similar to an elemental creature.”

In fact, having inherited the bloodline of the Phoenix, they naturally had a ring of energy flames like the Phoenix.

However, the true form of a Phoenix was naturally a creature of flesh and blood.

Although they were not elemental energy creatures, phoenixes also had the talent to control ” elemental energy. they could cover their bodies with an elemental coat and could barely be considered half elemental creatures.

After that, the Phoenix evolved, and its bloodline became more and more perfect. Its energy coat became Platinum, and its flame control also became energy control ... It was indeed a true half-elemental creature.

However, the life structure of the Phoenix race was its own characteristics from the very beginning. It was unique and had never imitated anyone. It was also a completely different creature from pure elemental energy creatures!

Her genetic core was still a carbon-based flesh-and-blood creature, but it was just a huge and heavy elemental coat.

However, at this moment, di Qi still felt that it was unbelievable. He walked back and forth.

according to the situation of the civilization ruins you have obtained, we are completely different from the elemental creatures of this race! Kong Yun was also very smart. He quickly and seriously analyzed, ” we innate ancient gods have pure flesh and blood bodies. Even though we are covered in energy flames ... However, there is a qualitative difference. They are true elements, and they have no physical form at all.”

Di Qi agreed. but our race does have characteristics similar to elemental creatures ... Could it be a half-elemental creature?”


But when they thought of this, they looked at each other and were stunned!

The enemy’s civilization, the moon god season ... Half-elemental creatures. It was said that the other party was a mysterious civilization with many half-elemental creatures!

‘We’re also half-elemental creatures ...’

Could it be so coincidental?

the bloodline of both parties is so similar. This is almost impossible to be a coincidence ... Di Qi mumbled to himself with an unbelievable thought, ” could it be that we are really related by blood? our clan actually came from ...

He immediately suppressed this thought.

This thought was too terrifying.

It was simply subverting his position and views!

However, once this thought emerged, it was somewhat impossible to contain.

After all, both civilizations were at war, and he was very similar to the bloodline extraordinary system of the other civilization ...

He took a deep breath. He had to figure out everything. He looked at Kong Yun and said, ” “If it was just a simple exploration of the ancient ruins before, I must go to the depths of the ruins now.

It seems that our main clan is not simple! There might be a big secret in our bloodline.

Back then, there was probably a great reason behind the daolord’s descent into the primordial world and the creation of the heavens and earth. I have to find the truth and find the cause and effect of this!”

Kong Yun nodded, his face solemn. He said softly and gently, ” “We ... We are here to find out the truth, not for anyone else, but for ourselves. When we returned to the primordial world, our mother, the daolord, was long gone ... Perhaps, if we can meet ...”

The two of them were not calm. It was too strange to find bloodline auras similar to theirs in these ruins.

At this moment, in the ancient ruins.

After examining the tree, Carolyn looked at di Qi and said, ” let’s continue forward.

alright, I have to go deeper and see the characteristics of this ancient ruin. Di Qi smiled. He had no intention of telling Carolyn about this Strange Matter.

Carolyn was a loyal supporter of the ancient gods. Even if it was just a guess ... If she found out, it would be a big problem.

However, he had to figure out the mystery of his birth.

In the beginning, he had thought that his race was very ordinary and not considered strong, but now ... It was as if he could see the thick fog behind the scenes, the bottomless mysteries of ancient history.

Moon god season!

‘What does it have to do with us ...’


In the ruins.

Xu Zhi was very indifferent. He looked at these creatures and muttered, ” previously, I used a Phoenix to create a half-elemental civilization from the mother stream civilization. I even created an elemental identity in the moon god season ... Now, this half-elemental creature is the latest version of the half-elemental creature.”

Even though it seemed to have changed.

But in reality, it was still a half-elemental being with a flesh core and an elemental body.

The only thing that had truly changed and integrated was the legacy of the ancient elemental civilization, which had been integrated into the bloodline of this half-elemental.

“Mm ... ‘This half-elemental creature has a memory imprint. It should be fine to say that it’s a mutated descendant of this pure-elemental creature and has become a half-elemental ...’ We should be able to go deeper now that we’ve forced our way back and deceived the mechanism.”

Although they looked different, the heritage and mark of their race could not be faked. This was the core of their bloodline ...

“Mm ...”

Xu Zhi’s expression was very calm as he led this group of newly-born children into the ancient monument. now that we’ve entered this ancient monument, there should be no more resistance. There’s no need to force a breakthrough, and we can swagger in ... In that case, let’s enter the deeper mine labyrinth and take a look ...”

He began to walk in, intending to see what was in the depths of the ruins. He said indifferently,

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