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Night Ranger

Chapter 8: Grave Robber

Chapter 8: Grave Robber

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Every city had a cemetery.

Nobles’ tombs were built gorgeously and under strict supervision, and watched over by specially trained guards. And for those that couldn’t afford it, there was a public cemetery in the north end of the city that looked much more desolate.

Each city’s public cemetery belonged to the city’s public welfare program, often led by a corrupt official. As a result, the hired manpower was quite lacking.

The public cemetery was somewhat in shambles, with all kinds of thieves, robbers and grave robbers gathering there.


Midnight, the crescent moon shone visible above the branches.

Marvin and Anna silently approached the southwest entrance to the public cemetery.

Of course, he hadn’t come to rob a grave. These pitiful souls already had rough times when alive and their bodies often didn’t obtain any rest after death. Even if he was short on money, Marvin would still not be like those worthless grave robbers who had ideas on these poor souls’ bodies.

He came looking for the public cemetery’s guard.

Indeed, the public cemetery also had a guard, just that he was hired by the city hall for a pitiful amount of money. He didn’t have a lot of responsibilities, and was only in charge of looking around the cemetery everyday.

By searching through his memory, Marvin knew that this guard’s name was Heiss and that he was an eccentric old man.

Marvin remembered this name well.

‘It was when the game had just been released. The first 2nd rank elite Boss to be killed, his name feels similar to this guy’s...’

‘Grave Robber Heiss. He used his identity as a cemetery guard to embezzle some poor people’s remaining valuables. He sold these corpses to the Necromancer hiding in the Hopeless Hills north of River Shore City in order to get a small reward. In the end, he got a necromancer book in a deal. From that point on, he became a blasphemer who could summon the dead, a grave robber bound to be hated by all kinds of evil-hating righteous gods.’

Marvin’s target was Grave Robber Heiss.

Based on the current point in time, it would happen half a year later in the game. Perhaps Heiss hadn’t yet received the Necromancer’s grimoire, converting him into a 2nd rank Evil Spirit Sorcerer.

This was worth trying!

Marvin was silently calculating his side’s strength. One level 2 Ranger but with the experience and memories of a Ruler of the Night, and a level 5 half-elf Fighter – he’d asked Anna about her status on the road only to be shocked by her answer.

Anna had actually already reached level 5 quite a long time ago, but because of always being busy with the White River Valley’s affairs, she hadn’t had time to go back to the half-elf gathering grounds to look for a qualified advanced teacher and change to a stronger 2nd rank class. Her strength was quite out of the ordinary, which was also the reason why Marvin was able to survive to this day!

‘As a level 5 half-elf Fighter, she should have at least 120 HP and possess a racial trait, a class specialty and a personal specialty, along with many powerful skills. She was practically a super-bodyguard!’

Facing Marvin’s Inquiry, Anna did not withhold any information, telling him everything: her stats, her specialties, and all kinds of skills.

She had the Fighter common skills [Cleave], [Parry], [Dual Strike] and others, all extremely useful skills in battle. Anna’s basic skills were quite impressive.

As for the trait and the two specialties, they made Marvin envious:

[Racial Trait – Swordsmanship Proficiency]: Your swordsmanship mastery rank is increased by one.

[Class Specialty – Tenacity]: As long as you aren’t dead or crippled, injuries won’t be able to restrain your movements.

[Personal Specialty – Accuracy]: Your sword is always targeting the enemy vitals.

Anna’s racial trait was quite rare and it would nearly only appear in pure-blooded elves. It was incredibly rare for half-elf to get it. Her luck was quite good. Levelling up swordsmanship mastery was extremely difficult, requiring years of training. Anna’s swordsmanship mastery was at [Expert Swordswoman], but after adding the racial trait bonus she was a [Master Swordswoman].

Marvin knew that even among 2nd rank classes, not many had a swordsmanship mastery that high. Master Swordswoman meant that Anna’s swordsmanship would be invincible in an otherwise evenly matched fight.

In addition, both [Tenacity] and [Accuracy] specialties were very useful in a fight. The first let someone ignore the pain of an injury to keep fighting, ensuring the preservation of their fighting strength and increasing their survival rate. The second let her blows on enemies be more deadly or crippling, leading to a very high lethality.

Anyways, this overpowered half-elf butler was beyond Marvin’s expectations, letting him be even more confident towards the next move.


The public cemetery, in a small secluded wooden house.

The faint flame of a candle accompanied a shaking wood-creaking sound. A tall figure was hard at work.

But shockingly, his work partner was a girl with a deathly pale complexion and with no apparent vital signs.

The girl’s eyes were vacant, with pus flowing out from her eye sockets, but the tall figure remained indifferent to it.

Two shadows were leaning on one side of the window, watching this scene speechlessly.

Even Marvin hadn’t expected him and Anna to find the public cemetery’s guard Heiss in the cabin at that time, going as far as defiling a corpse.

‘He simply is devoid of conscience!’

That girl’s body had still not decomposed that much, so she must have died due to some kind of illness. In Grave Robber Heiss’ eyes, this was without a doubt the best sexual relief material!


A foot kicked open the entrance of the small wooden house. Anna, furious, instantly forgot Marvin’s battle strategy.

She already lost herself to anger.

She had a strong obsession with being clean, so for someone desecrating the dead, she only left him one path.


With quick footsteps, Anna quickly rushed and slashed downward!


The tall and flexible Heiss unexpectedly managed to dodge the blow by jumping down from from the bed.

His twisted face showed both anger and surprise. He didn’t know why someone would come to disturb his ritual right at that time.

"Poor half-elf girl." Heiss said in a deep voice, "Since you ruined my ritual, this body lost its value, so I’ll have to use yours to make up for it!"

He suddenly raised his left hand and shot out a dark ball of fire.

"Damnit! It’s actually [Corrosive Fire]!"

On the other side, as Marvin used stealth to sneak in through the narrow window and saw the dark-colored fire, his heart sank.

Corrosive Fire was a 2nd-Circle spell, and being able to instantly cast it meant that Heiss had already become an advanced Evil Spirit Sorcerer! Even if he wasn’t currently the elite form that he’d become, he was still quite bothersome.

Anna was startled, ducking to avoid the spell. The corrosive fire hit the wall and melted a hole more than a meter in diameter.

She had managed to dodge, but it gave Heiss the opportunity to run and increase the distance between them.

The small wooden house was actually quite spacious with its several rooms. Heiss escaped to the living room and stood behind the sofa.

Low-level casters didn’t have many ways to defend in a close range battle, so Fighters couldn’t be allowed to close in on them. However, once they increased the distance, casters definitely had the advantage with their large amount of deadly low-circle spells.

Without anyone noticing when it had happened, he suddenly had a very thick spellbook in his hands.

At that time, Anna dashed toward him, but the outcome was as if she hit a wall.

Air Burst!

A ball shaped blast burst out from Heiss’ location, and the surroundings were completely flipped over!

Anna was not an exception! She stumbled and fell on the ground. Even if Anna had impressive strength, she was still inexperienced at fighting against a caster!

Heiss laughed, exposing his yellow teeth.

"You are screwed! I’ll enjoy taking care of your body."

But he wasn’t paying attention to the corner, where Marvin was completely focused on the ring Heiss was wearing.

That was a black diamond ring, and if Marvin didn’t remember incorrectly, that was small uncommon item. Its effect was to instantaneously cast a spell that didn’t exceed one’s own class level. Usage was restricted to once every three days.

‘So he couldn’t insta-cast Corrosive Fire!’

‘This was his ring’s effect! He only stalled for time to cast a stronger spell!’

‘He isn’t a 2nd rank Evil Spirit Sorcerer, just a 1st rank Conjurer leaning toward the darkness.’

It was common knowledge that a Conjurer’s defensive spells were quite limited.

Low-level wizards had very few spell slots, up to a maximum of three, guaranteeing three life-saving spells. Corrosive Fire and Air Burst had consumed two.

Marvin took a deep breath, aware that he shouldn’t worry.

Anna had drawn Heiss’ attention, the half-elf young girl’s impressive status giving him some pressure. This was an opportunity. He had to properly take it.

He only required Heiss to throw his last life-saving spell.

Anna crawled up from the ground, gave a light shout, dashed forward, and while firmly holding the longsword she stabbed toward Heiss’ heart!

This was a level 5 Fighter’s all-out strike, and Heiss’ spell was still not ready. If he was stabbed, the cast would certainly be interrupted!

His face showed a hint of helplessness and his spellbook turned to the first page.

After a short incantation, a thick light yellow armor floated on Heiss’ body.

0-Circle spell [Inferior Mage Armor]!

Marvin’s eyes were shining. This was the third life-saving spell!


The longsword stabbed the armor, nearly piercing a hole in it.

But the mage armor’s repelling strength made Anna’s wrist tremble, almost making her let go of the sword.

Heiss took advantage of this opportunity to retreat half a step and complete his previous ritual.

In an instant, strange shrieks could be heard continuously. It was bustling with activity outside the small wooden house.

As Heiss’ HP was gradually draining, he said pridefully, "Enjoy the Zombie Feast! I’ll tear your body apart afterwards and enjoy your soul..."

Anna looked outside the window feeling both fury and fear, only to see dark masses rising. It was actually Heiss’ zombie summoning!

But at that time, an ice-cold voice echoed in the room, "Your teacher never taught you that Evil Spirit Sorcerers are at their weakest during [Void Shift]? Mister Heiss?"

An ice-cold curved dagger was against Heiss’ neck and easily cut open the floating mage armor and soon, Heiss’ neck had a gaping hole in it. Black blood gushed out as if it was water.

Heiss’ head fell on the ground.

Marvin emerged from the shadows and checked the corpse, and then grimly looked outside.

"We’re in trouble! Cursed Zombies! Quickly block the door and the windows!"

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