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Night Ranger

Chapter 734: Redemption (4)

Chapter 734: Redemption (4)

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

Rocky Mountain.

By the time Marvin arrived, everything seemed to have settled.

The marks on the ground showed that this area had been through a big war.

Only when he used Endless Path to check did he find out that the West Coast Army was retreating in failure. The war had gone poorly for them this time.

He didn’t notice the aura of a God in the area, which suggested that in this life, after Marvin killed the Queen of Spiders, the Twin Goddess wasn’t able to destroy Rocky Mountain alone.

Marvin was quite happy that things had gone better for them this time. The Three Fate Sisters of Rocky Mountain had helped him on numerous occasions.

Since the fighting seemed to have already died down, that left Marvin’s other main reason for coming here to Rocky Mountain.

His Fate Imprint.

Because Lorie transferred the Fate Imprint to him that time to save him, he gained the Child of the Plane aura.

Now, for some reason, not only did the Fate Imprint fade to gray, but he also lost the aura that had come with it.

Marvin had a bad feeling about this.

But even so, he had never imagined that his reunion with the Three Sisters would be in such circumstances!

As Marvin saw them standing on Hope City’s city walls, he noticed that Kate and Jessica’s eyes had become pure white!

And Lorie was standing behind them... She seemed to be an ordinary person now.

The Fortune Fairy that was normally fluttering around all over the place wasn’t there.

Marvin was startled. He leapt over and asked, "What happened here?"

He could clearly feel that Jessica and Kate’s strength had roughly doubled!

While Lorie had lost her Fate Power ability!

And become an ordinary girl.

But Jessica and Kate ignored Marvin’s question and only stared at him. It felt very strange.

"You shouldn’t have come here."

Jessica’s voice was very harsh, and it didn’t sound friendly like it usually did. "This is extremely risky," she warned.

Kate furrowed her brows. "We... We don’t have a choice."

Marvin wasn’t sure what was going on, but he was interrupted by Lorie when he was about to say something to ask for clarification.

"No, you do have a way. Give up on that so-called strength."

Jessica’s face seemed to show that she was having some sort of internal struggle. "If I don’t accept its gift, we won’t be able to support ourselves. The Twin Goddess is too powerful."

Kate also nodded as she added, "Our lives aren’t only our own. Our task is to protect this city, to protect this world."

Marvin looked at the two in bafflement. "What happened in the end?"

"They have changed," Lorie lamented. "They accepted the last gift and became [Destiny Sorceresses]."

Destiny Sorceress!

When he heard Lorie say this, Marvin gasped!

Destiny Sorceress was the final form of a Fate Sorceress!

This form meant that the Fate Sorceress had completely accepted the gift and the favor of the Plane Will becoming its direct representative!

At the same time, they also completely lost their wills as individuals!

Their bodies had partly become part of Feinan’s Plane Will.

"You know what this means," Jessica said regretfully. "Sorry, Marvin, we didn’t have any other choice."

"I really don’t believe that you are the Destroyer!"

Kate remained silent, but the two had already become Destiny Sorceresses!


’The Plane Will believes that I am the Destroyer?!’

Marvin suddenly understood everything!

Eve previously wanted to kill him before because of the Valkyrie’s will. And now, two of the Three Fate Sisters were Marvin’s enemies!

"The Plane Will... really believes that I am the Destroyer?"

Marvin’s voice was a bit hoarse, and his mind was in a mess.

He didn’t know what he would do when Jessica and Kate made their move!

He could easily kill Eve because she was barely an acquaintance!

But he definitely couldn’t kill these two.

They were his friends.


"I don’t believe it." Lorie’s voice was soft, but clear. It reached everyone’s ears, including Marvin’s!

When he heard her voice sounding just as steady as ever, the chaos in his mind seemed to settle down.

His mind was a lot clearer!

"Although my Wisdom Ability was given to me by Feinan’s Plane Will, I used it to look very far into the future when it demanded my agreement." Lorie emphasized her next words very strongly. "Marvin isn’t the Destroyer, so I refused it."

She refused to carry out the terms that Feinan’s Plane Will stipulated in exchange for the power to defend their land. They had to kill Marvin!

Thus, she was deprived of her Fate Power making her just an ordinary girl!

As for the other two, because of the pressure of the Twin Goddess, they had no choice but to become Destiny Sorceresses to defend the home they had created, but they lost their free will in exchange!

The God Realms wanted to kill Marvin!

Feinan’s Plane Will also wanted to kill Marvin!

Marvin suddenly felt despair.

"Ding?" he subconsciously asked.

"Before becoming a Destiny Sorceress, I already revoked our contract. At least this way, she won’t be under the control of a Destiny Sorceress like me."

Kate sighed. "Marvin, we really don’t believe that you are the Destroyer..."

"But... We can’t do anything about it!"

The next second, a frightening burst of Fate Power came from the city walls!

Marvin narrowed his eyes and used Endless Path!


He rushed to Lorie’s side. With such a burst of Fate Power, this girl who had lost all her strength simply wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure!

The next moment, his silhouette appeared far in the distance!

But because Marvin was protecting Lorie, he left a flaw while dashing away!

Under the control of the so-called [Destiny], the two Destiny Sorceresses pursued relentlessly!

Endless Path!

Marvin was carrying a person and pushing his False Divine Vessel to the maximum, moving through Feinan at a frightening speed!

Plane Guardians always had incredible strength, so one would expect that Marvin would be able to easily throw off his two pursuers.

But in fact, whenever he reached a new place, the two would quickly catch up to him.

Although they weren’t as fast, they could always catch up whenever he exited his Endless Path!

"It’s no use." Lorie was deathly pale. Marvin’s forced Endless Path was definitely a burden on her too!

She was only an ordinary person now, after all.

"This is Feinan, it’s watching you."

Marvin immediately realized the obvious problem. The fact that he hadn’t realized it immediately showed how much the situation had left him flustered.

This was Feinan!

If Feinan’s Plane Will wanted to target him, it didn’t matter where he went, and neither did it matter how fast he was.

Although these two Destiny Sorceresses weren’t quite as fast as he was, they always managed to catch up because they knew where he was.

And the people from the God Realms were chasing him because of the Fate Tablet.

’What can I do?’

’Kill Jessica and Kate? There is no way I could do that.’

All he had done so far was taking Lorie and using Endless Path to flee.

But this would only make things worse.

Marvin’s False Divine Vessel and Fate Tablet had huge amounts of power, but the Destiny Sorceresses were unequalled while within Feinan.

Their power wouldn’t ever decrease at all because Feinan’s Plane Will was always replenishing their energy.

If this kept going, Marvin would sooner or later just die of exhaustion!

’There must be a way...’

Marvin fled while continuing to ponder.

Suddenly, he recalled something from his trip to the Dragon Library!

’That! All of Feinan’s lands of Order are in its eyes.’

’But what about the Wilds?’

’There is primal chaos in the Wilds, it shouldn’t be able to see there!’

Marvin’s knowledge of the many secrets of this world was the greatest weapon he could use in this situation!

When he came up with this, he decisively set it in motion.

He rushed south!

And as he passed White River Valley, he conveniently took the life of a God that been preparing to disturb his territory!

The second he reached the Wilds, that uncomfortable feeling he’d had of always being watched finally disappeared.

He suddenly understood why Lance’s only temple in all of Feinan was built in the Wilds!

’Am I really the Destroyer?’

The thought still lingered in his mind.

At this time, Lorie, who had always been watching Marvin closely, reached out and grabbed his hand.

"You aren’t."

Marvin was startled. "You didn’t lose the ability of your Fate Power?"

Lorie laughed. "I truly lost my Wisdom Ability... But what if I’m Wisdom itself?"

A mechanical sound suddenly came out. "You finally remembered."

In the depths of the Wilds, two people slowly came out.

Marvin immediately recognized the person on the left side. It was shockingly the Truth Goddess, Molly!

The figure next to her was the one who had just spoken, and Marvin also knew him!

Mark 47!

But that voice just now carried a hint of humanity.

Marvin was a bit familiar with it.

"Hello, Marvin."

Mark 47 showed an unsightly smile as he said, "Please allow me to re-introduce myself."

"I am Lance."


In the depths of the Wilds, when the Truth Goddess and the one claiming to be the God of Creation appeared in front of Marvin, he felt that nothing else would surprise him.

"I’m a bit confused... I need a clear explanation!" Marvin quickly said.

The construct calmly responded, "I can explain it to you, of course, but we have to be fast."

"We don’t have time, it’s moving too quickly. Although your appearance forced history to move forward, her rate of growth also increased."


’Who is he talking about?’

Marvin was puzzled.

The Truth Goddess sighed. "I’m still not completely convinced by your words."

The construct calmly insisted, "From when I first started overseeing this world, I had never imagined that a world would actually have a consciousness that wants to destroy itself."

"Sadly, she appeared."

"I have to stop her, so I looked for you, Marvin."

"Please follow me, we don’t have much time."

"I’ll let you know everything I know on the way."

Marvin took a deep breath and asked, "Where are we going? Who is she?"

The construct turned around and said, "To the Negative Energy Plane. As for her... you should know who went to the Evil Spirit Sea."

Marvin’s heart tightened!

He suddenly thought of the one who had bidden him farewell, saying that she was going to the Negative Energy Plane.

A woman he was well acquainted with. One that had very deep ties with him.

Feinan’s first Plane Guardian, the previous Witch Queen.



"I should start with the bad signs that I saw."

On the Wilds’ path, everything was dull, but Marvin kept focused, listening to Lance’s story.

After Feinan was set up, it had its prosperous first Era.

But soon, a strange phenomenon started to appear.

At regular intervals, Ancient Gods would fall.

There would be all kinds of reasons for the fall and even Lance wasn’t able to figure them out.

The Ancient Gods of the Astral Sea were fading one by one.

This continued all the way up until the Ancient Nature God and the Ancient Elven God retired and began to slumber. By this point, Lance felt pretty sure that something was quite wrong.

At the same time, a world of negative energy took shape.

After exploring it several times with no results, he focused his attention on something else.

He contacted Feinan’s Plane Will, but he felt that the other side seemed unwilling to communicate with him.

Lance had thought that it was tired and had also entered a period of slumber.

But he never would have thought that it had actually left Feinan.

"... Do you know how many Ancient Gods disappeared?" Lance suddenly asked.

Marvin frowned as he muttered, "I don’t know."

"A total of seventeen."

"An Ancient God would fall during each period of major turmoil. Doesn’t it sound familiar?" Lance drew out the word "turmoil" before asking the question.

Marvin gasped, "The Negative Energy Plane?"

He quickly thought and made the connection to the Negative Energy Plane!

Seventeen Ancient Gods fell.

And there were nineteen Evil Spirit Overlords!

If he didn’t count the fallen Human, Diggles, and the Chromatic Dragon God, Hartson... or rather, Tidomas, as he was now known... Then there were seventeen Evil Spirit Sovereigns!

"Don’t tell me..." Marvin started in surprise.

The construct interrupted, "Indeed, they are trapped in the Negative Energy Plane, and they have become unconscious puppets."

"An evil side was aroused in each of them and they became the Negative Energy Plane’s Overlords."

"The Negative Energy Plane is the product of the wicked idea of Feinan’s Plane Will!"

"And I... I didn’t realize it soon enough, and thus, I made a mistake."


As they kept walking, Lance continued with his story.

But at that time, an oasis appeared in front of them.

"It’s here." The construct hinted for Marvin to go forward.

In the oasis, a gray-clothed woman seemed to be waiting for something.

When she saw Marvin, she immediately walked over.

"Hello, I am Huwishe."

"Thank you for saving my younger brother Minsk. I’d been entrusted by Sir Lance to look for it, and I am now giving it to you."

Marvin took the page of the Book of Nalu in a daze.

The Book of Nalu and the Wisdom Chapter automatically appeared, and the page fused with the rest of the pages!

Only one page left to complete the Book of Nalu.

5th page – [Redemption]!


"Your choice is very risky."

The Truth Goddess glanced at the construct. "You sealed me."

"This was to protect you," Lance said, sounding a bit embarrassed.

"Then what about her?" Molly asked, pointing at Lorie. "The Wisdom God passed himself off as the God of Deception and wrote the Book of Nalu, and then self-destructed, becoming a mortal. Hiding from the detection of Feinan’s Plane Will like that, was it all in order to keep the matter of dragging someone from another world hidden?"

After listening to her explanation, Lance solemnly nodded. "Indeed, it was."

"This is my only path to redemption."

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