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Night Ranger

Chapter 720: Collapsed Earth

Chapter 720: Collapsed Earth

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

In the Nature God’s Realm, Marvin finally found the World Tree’s entrance.

This was as he had expected.

Even if the Gods blocked the exits of the God Realms, the World Tree ran through the Universe, so it was the best way to leave.

But there was one thing that was beyond his expectations.

The three Great Gods’ ability to control the World Tree was better than he had thought!

The entrance of the World Tree was actually sealed.

This was normally should have been impossible.

But the fact was that it did happen.

This meant that as long as the three Great Gods didn’t lift the World Tree Imprint, Marvin and Tiramisu wouldn’t be able to get into the World Tree.

Clearly, if only the New Gods were there, they wouldn’t have been able to do this.

Marvin estimated that either the Truth Goddess or the Moon Goddess had participated in this matter in some way.

Without some sort of help from one of the Ancient Gods, they wouldn’t have been able to maintain such deep control over the World Tree Imprint, and they definitely wouldn’t have been able to use it in the Ancient Nature God’s God Realm.

But now that matters had reached this stage, Marvin could only try to find some way to deal with this thorny problem, or else they would remain trapped in the God Realms, never able to leave.

"Do you have a way to crack the seal of the World Tree Imprint?" Marvin softly asked.

He had dared to come cause trouble in the God Realms because of the fact that he was backed by Tiramisu. Not taking advantage of the abilities of the Eternal Time Dragon would be a waste.

And Tiramisu hadn’t disappointed him. He had been able to bypass or get rid of the defenses of all the Gods.

He was even able to bring Marvin into the Ancient Nature God’s God Realm.

But this time, the Dragon shook his head for the first time.

Tiramisu muttered with a grave expression, "This is the World Tree Imprint, it was said to have been made from the first decaying roots of the World Tree, and it can seal the entrances and exits of the entirety of the God Realms."

"The World Tree Imprint’s most important characteristic here is the fact that it isn’t bound by Time Laws. In other words, my control over the Time Laws is useless against it."

"I can’t break it open on my own."

"But as long as their World Tree’s seal slightly moves, or they have to transfer a bit more power to another location, I should be able to deal with it."

After hearing this, Marvin pondered for a short moment before having an idea.


The Gods were still waiting outside the Nature God’s Realm.

But as they waited, the mood was inevitably becoming more irritable and anxious.

Gods left one after the other, and many of them had awkward expressions.

Waiting there doing nothing and hoping for a random chance felt quite foolish.

Who knew how thoroughly Marvin might have prepared his supplies? And who knew how long they would just wait inside?

Maybe that Eternal Time Dragon had even slipped out of the Gods Realms with Marvin already.

If it was the former, it wouldn’t be that bad. But the Gods were very busy. they were busy with the construction of their own Secondary Planes, expanding their God Realm, as well as making preparations for Feinan. Standing there was a waste of time. It really wasn’t a good method.

And if it was the latter, that would be much worse. If the news spread out, even if it was an Eternal Time Dragon, the Gods would truly become laughingstocks.

The Gods gradually left, but a few Gods still followed the three Great Gods and stood outside the Ancient God Realm, watching the area outside.

After some time, the God of Dawn and Protection said, "In fact, we don’t have to all focus on Marvin."

"This is our home, and if Marvin and that Dragon dare come out, we will need a Great God to make a move and suppress them."

"We can take turns to watch over it."

After bringing this up, he turned his gaze to focus on the War God.

"Taking turns?" Anubis sneered. "Grant, you plan on waiting alone for Marvin to come out so that you can monopolize the Fate Tablet?"

"In any case, I won’t leave! Before I peel off that Dragon’s skin, I definitely won’t leave!"

Those three slaps earlier really had left a huge psychological trauma for Anubis.

He was famous as the War God. He had never suffered such shame before!

He wouldn’t ever be able to forget that matter.

Hearing these words, the always calm Anuba Grant became a bit angry. He coldly snorted, and then he created an avatar to help stand guard before leaving.

A portion of the Gods following Anuba Grant also left.

That avatar was expressionlessly continuing to watch the same place.

"An opportunity!"

The duo using Time Boundary to watch what was going on outside the Nature God’s Realm became energized!

It would almost certainly be too risky to make a move against two Great Gods at the same time here.

Tiramisu had been able to slap the War God back in the depths of the Universe, but now they were in the God Realms!

Even though he was an Eternal Time Dragon, given the World Tree Imprint’s ability to suppress the Time Domain under the suppression of the World Tree, he might really be tortured to death by the War God!

This was the home of Gods, they had to be careful.

But the opportunity that Marvin had been hoping for had now come. One of the Gods had decided to leave!

And among these Gods, Anuba Grant was the only one who knew about Marvin’s True Shadow skill.

The others might have known that Marvin had an avatar, but they didn’t know that it was as strong as his main body.

"Help me check the avatar that the God of Dawn and Protection left behind," Marvin said in a low voice.

The Dragon snorted and used his innate ability to make a move.


Outside the Nature God’s Realm, the remaining Gods were feeling ever more bored.

But at that time, the War God suddenly snorted, "Finally can’t bear it anymore?"

The avatar of the God of Dawn and Protection didn’t react, because at that time, Marvin had appeared in the back of the God Realm on the other side!

It was at a very crafty angle specially chosen by Marvin!

The War God could see there, but Anuba Grant’s avatar had his limitations and wasn’t able to notice him.

Before he could do anything, the War God already angrily grumbled and used the World Tree Imprint to impose pressure in his direction.

"Hold on!" Anuba Grant’s avatar shouted. The Gods nearby turned and looked as the World Tree Imprint condensed into amber and swallowed Marvin inside!

But the next instant, that Marvin that was in the amber dissipated into mist!

"How could this be?" The War God was quite startled. He had been certain that this was Marvin because he could sense the power of a Plane Guardian coming from him!

This definitely wasn’t just an avatar!

"What’s going on?" the War God roared in surprise.

As he caught up, Anuba Grant’s avatar coldly explained, "Marvin has an Avatar that is as strong as he himself is. It’s all over now."

"They already left!"

He waved the World Tree Imprint back and could see the situation inside the World Tree.

Marvin and Tiramisu had gotten into the World Tree the moment that the War God directed the power of the Imprint at Marvin’s avatar, and they were quickly rushing toward a yellow leaf!

"Where are they going?" The Gods were puzzled.

Grant’s Avatar mumbled, "The Elemental Plane of Earth."

"Collapsed Earth."

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