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Night Ranger

Chapter 708: Return!

Chapter 708: Return!

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

The Eternal Night Kingdom had great meaning to Marvin, but the most important thing was that this Artifact had the ability to evade enemy scouting abilities.

And every once in a while, when Marvin was at an impasse, he would use the Eternal Night Kingdom to elude all his pursuers, including Gods!

This was the power of the Eternal Night Paradise.

If the Eternal Night Paradise was a Demi-Plane left behind by the Night Monarch, then the Eternal Night Kingdom was a valuable Artifact left behind by the Night Monarch for mankind!

Moreover, in his previous life, the Eternal Night Kingdom he received was a defective item, a Half-Artifact.

What he inherited from O’Brien this time was the complete Eternal Night Kingdom.

Marvin didn’t know whether it was originally complete and rendered defective by the Lord of Hell who plundered it, or whether it was due to O’Brien repairing it in this timeline because of some butterfly effect, but he did know that he couldn’t fail to live up to the expectations of his predecessor.

He wanted to survive.

To unlock all the mysteries and guard all his cherished people.

This was what Marvin was striving for, simple and straightforward, just as before, never going against his original intentions.


The effective time of the Absolute Sanctuary seemed to fly by extremely quickly.

Marvin felt like before he knew it, the seventh day had already arrived.

After ten hours, the Absolute Sanctuary disappeared.

Using his power as the Lord of the Sanctuary, he already felt some forces approaching.

These people were all at the Legend level, but they weren’t Marvin’s opponents in a duel. However, if they united and attacked the Sanctuary, it would truly bring trouble to White River Valley.

At that time, even if Marvin killed his way through them with his daggers and could intimidate all those near him, he would be unable to protect his own people.

Moreover, Marvin could feel the aura of Divine Servants among them.

The true powerhouses were hidden in the dark, obscured from view as they watched White River Valley’s every move, preparing to deal a mortal blow to Marvin.

Like the World Ending Twin Snakes, or Valkyrie Eve!

In the morning, White River Valley’s intelligence network brought the latest information. The rulers of the Rose Dukedom, Eve and Holy Paul, both had left the Three Northern Cities.

They disappeared from public view, and what they wanted to do was very clear.

Rocky Mountain’s side was worrying and asked Marvin whether he needed their help. But Marvin rejected them, reminding them to pay attention to the safety of their own territory.

Although the entire Universe’s enmity was focused on Marvin because of the Fate Tablet, Rocky Mountain had also been a place that was frequently targeted in the past. The three sisters were the easiest trigger of the Gods’ jealousy. They had to be careful.

The goodwill of his other allies was also declined. No one could stop him from walking that lonely path.

But in the process, two world-shaking events happened on this mystical continent.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon of the seventh day, some people noticed Jewel Bay’s water having some irregular changes.

And Marvin, with Madeline’s help, saw the astonishing scene through the Scouting Eye spell.

A towering tree rose up from the middle of the sea.

Large tidal waves spiralled around this tree as they slowly crashed against the edge of Jewel Bay’s coastline.

A fluorescent green light flickered at the top of the tall tree.

The scene was simply spectacular.

All of Feinan’s forces saw the moment when six roots spread out and pricked into the ruins of the Six Pearl Harbors.

Those roots started emanating a terrifying Order Power when they landed.

The monsters in the surroundings, as well as the remnants of the Wizard Monsters, were completely annihilated.

The green light followed the tree roots and entered the earth, creating life.

In a short hour, the large tree floating in the sea ultimately rotted and fell to the seafloor. As for Jewel Bay, it was covered in a dark green forest.

Six Elven towns rose up and fused with the Six Pearl Harbors. The Elves occupying this place called it [Green Harbor].

Marvin noticed a particular woman standing at the top of the tree, holding a scepter and a crown, looking awe-inspiring.

She was already completely different from that small and unrestrained messenger back in Thousand Leaves Forest.

The High Elves had returned!

This was definitely a big deal for Feinan!

As the rulers of the 1st Era, the High Elves, under the orders of the Ancient Elven God, left for an oversea Sanctuary, staying far from the issues and eventually becoming forgotten.

In the Wizard Era, a few High Elven items were revealed, reminding people of the existence of that race.

Like early on, Marvin drew support from the High Elven Wishful Rope to get the upper hand in fights.

This race was very skilled in combat. Their magic originated from themselves and they were more powerful than the Wood Elves.

Although they were sparse, no power dared to underestimate this returning force.

On the first day of the return of the High Elves, the Elven Queen Butterfly announced that her Green Harbor was allied with the Thousand Leaves Forest.

This added an invisible layer of defense to White River Valley.

All that lay between Thousand Leaves Forest and Jewel Bay were the chaotic Three Ring Towers. If the Northern Three Cities wanted to march onto White River Valley, they would definitely have to pass through that road. At that time, they would have to obtain the permission of the Elves, or else wouldn’t easily be able to head further south.


The shocking news of the High Elves’ return spread through all of Feinan.

But not waiting for others to digest this news, another race came out from the dust of history and reappeared.

An hour after the establishment of Green Harbor, a floating city appeared from the depths of the First Mountain Range where the Sky Tower originally was.

The floating city was just like a small mountain. Under the support of the Ancient Gnomes’ science and technology, it had been drifting between the planes.

Now that the Universe Magic Pool had shattered, the trajectory of their drifting was no longer safe.

They chose to return to Feinan. The Ancient Gnomes were in Feinan once more.

The floating city took root in the First Mountain Range, and countless swarms of machinery were driven around by the Ancient Gnomes, bubbling like ants.

With the floating city as their core, the Ancient Gnome Empire started rebuilding!


Two great races returned, attracting widespread attention. Marvin’s too.

But he wasn’t too surprised about this. After all, he had already guessed from the departure of Butterfly and the two Gnomes that the Ancient Gnomes and the High Elves might return.

They had to return, or they would have nowhere to go.

But, the return of these two Great Races changed the already complicated situation of Feinan, making it even more confusing.

Along with the incoming Gods, Feinan was in a tense situation!

And this was the state of Feinan when White River Valley’s Absolute Sanctuary finally disappeared.

A lone figure sorrowfully left.

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