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Night Ranger

Chapter 706: Leisure

Chapter 706: Leisure

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

For the low remaining Human population in Feinan, the news from the North was an absolute storm.

Most people felt shocked and startled, because as two of the few remaining large Human forces of Feinan, White River Valley and the Three Northern Cities hadn’t ever had any hostilities before.

And given the situation with the Gods descending soon, shouldn’t the two forces join hands and work together?

This was the most confusing thing for the people.

Naturally, the clever ones could see that the northern side seemed to be preparing for the Gods’ descent in their own way.

Eve took a strong stand on the side of the God of Dawn and Protection, making his son the first Supreme Pontiff. This already explained a lot.

And everyone already knew that Marvin’s relationship with the Gods was like fire and water.

This youth from White River Valley had been provoking the Gods over and over with a bold attitude.

He apparently never had learnt what respecting a God meant.

Even when the frightening Great Calamity began, he was the first to stand up and slaughter the first person to publicly make an attempt to ascend to Godhood since the 3rd Era.

Under such an explanation, the falling out between the North and the South seemed clear.

But only a few people knew about the secrets behind Eve’s decision.

Marvin wasn’t included among these people.

But since the fight at the Sky Tower, he knew that Eve had become his enemy.

He didn’t know the reason; he only needed to know what the current situation was.

The North decided to join forces with the Astral Sea. This was something that never happened in the game.

It was clear that this even happened specifically because of Marvin’s transmigration. And there had already been many other things in this life that had diverged from the events of the game.

It was thoroughly different.

Thus, Marvin couldn’t use his original experience to handle everything.

He calmly accepted Eve’s announcement, but during these days, White River Valley didn’t react to the announcement.

Because of the existence of the Absolute Sanctuary, apart from a few people that Marvin approved, no one could enter White River Valley.

People were very curious. What kind of attitude would the tyrannical Marvin use to confront Eve’s war declaration?

From what Anna had learnt, the Three Northern Cities were in the process of clearing out the monsters in the surroundings on a large scale. This would allow the area to be safer when most of the army left.

After that, they would dispatch an army and attack White River Valley, their most important target being Marvin.

Whether the information was true or not, one declaration was enough to make everyone in White River Valley feel very tense.

Was that a joke?!

That newly established Rose Dukedom threatened to kill the Lord of White River Valley? The great hero that kept saving mankind?

White River Valley’s inhabitants disagreed right away!

And those who moved to White River Valley later were the same.

Because in terms of their best interests, they and Marvin could be said to be on the same boat.

When the declaration came out, many people started cleaning their weapons, making their preparations for the upcoming war.

But what they didn’t know was that the protagonist who was the target of this was leisurely strolling in the corners of White River Valley.


"Your [Seducer] is hiding a [Black Sheep], am I wrong?"

In a cabin in the Northern Mine, a strange trio was gathered around a deck of cards.

Lola, who hadn’t craftily smiled like that for a long time, pointed at the card in Marvin’s hand, ultimately announcing his death sentence.

Marvin smiled awkwardly and then nodded.

He was truly not on the same level as that crafty girl in this card game.

He had never thought that the girl he saved from the Gnolls would one day play such an important role in White River Valley.

And despite all that she went through, she was still the same crafty and talkative girl.

She was wearing her favorite checked skirt and still liked to bully the small halfling. She liked to use lots of tricks when playing her card game. At the same time, she also controlled the finances of White River Valley.

A lot of people would have a hard time connecting the two together, but in Marvin’s eyes, Lola was Lola, and she was the same as before.

This felt very pleasant.

Since he transmigrated, he always had to hurry around, to the point that he lost contact with many friends.

But in the end, there had been many people supporting him from behind. Anna was one of them, and Lola was another.


"You really have no opinion?"

Lola gently put the cards away, and then blinked as she looked at Marvin. "Although I know nothing about battle, the matter this time sounds pretty serious."

The halfling on the side nodded vigorously.

Like everyone else, they were worried about Marvin, Wayne, and White River Valley.

Fighting was something most people were afraid of.

Marvin shook his head gently and smiled. "Nothing to worry about."

Lola snorted, "With my understanding of you, when you say these words, you usually go off and try to deal with everything on your own."

Marvin laughed out loud and didn’t confirm or deny anything.

Wayne was still half asleep in the Sky Tower.

Constantine and Sophie had already returned and were dealing with the new headquarters of the Night Walkers. White River Valley also officially signed their alliance agreement with Rocky Mountain.

Apart from the Migratory Bird Council, whose attitude was still outside their grasp, the South seemed to be united.

Because the leader of Thousand Leaves Forest was Marvin’s close friend, there was no need to worry about this.

Thus, when looking at it as a normal war, Marvin didn’t have much to be afraid of.

In a war between the North and South, the South should be a lot more powerful.

But he didn’t want to start a war.

He didn’t want countless people dying because of him.

The only one Eve wanted to kill was him.

And with the matter of the Fate Tablet getting sorted out, there would be many more flies watching White River Valley because of Marvin.

The place Marvin swore to protect with his life was now in huge trouble because of him.

He had already thought of the obvious way.

That was to leave.

Lola was very clever and she already guessed that. But she didn’t expose him. She only probed while worrying about Marvin’s plans like he was an old friend going on an expedition.

But she knew she couldn’t stop Marvin, and the only one that could stop Marvin was still asleep in the Sky Tower.

"So, when are you going?" Lola winked, "Don’t deny that I’m right, I don’t think you would have taken the time to play with me otherwise, or to visit the others... Besides, White River Valley’s Overlord being missing isn’t anything new."

Marvin blushed with shame.

He really seemed like someone that didn’t know how to manage his territory. i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

But facing Lola’s question, he still conscientiously answered!

"After the seven-day duration of the Absolute Sanctuary spell ends, I’ll leave."

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