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Night Ranger

Chapter 704: Absolute Sanctuary!

Chapter 704: Absolute Sanctuary!

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

Nobody had expected War God Anubis to do such a thing. This would do no good for the Gods either.

The World Ending Twin Snakes, who had been so close to being sealed away for at least another era, got the opportunity to escape.

And even though the seal over the Ethereal Plane still ended up closing under the effect of the remaining Sealing Power, it had no meaning anymore.

The World Ending Twin Snakes had already been released.

Wayne struggled to channel the tower’s energy to cast a Long Distance Lens spell so they could see the World Ending Twin Snakes, and they saw an image of them crashing into a sea of ice!

The Pambo Sea!

They escaped the Ethereal Plane, fled from the Sky Tower, and finally returned to the real world!

Although they still seemed weak on the surface, Marvin, who had fought with them, knew that these two Ancient Evil Gods weren’t easy to deal with. They would surely be able to recover from the damage they had suffered from both seals.

Everyone watched as the World Ending Twin Snakes raged against the surface of the sea of ice for a moment before finally breaking through the layer of ice and drilling in, disappearing from view.

The stronger one was, the more they valued their life, and the World Ending Twin Snakes were no exception.

After breaking out from the second seal, they naturally wanted to be cautious.

They chose to disappear for now because they needed to recuperate.

This was the era of the Gods Descent after all.

They might not necessarily be able to beat the Great Gods after suffering from the formation of stars.

This kind of enemy was the most frightening.

Marvin himself also liked to hide in the dark before suddenly make a deadly move.

The stakes changed, now that there were two powerhouses that had once been able to contend with Lance now hiding in the dark. And both of them wanted to kill Marvin, making him feel quite depressed.

The next time they met, even if they hadn’t recovered to their peak states, the Twin Snakes might have already recovered most of their strength.

If he couldn’t become stronger, far stronger than he currently was, stronger than he had even hoped to get before... not mentioning White River Valley, he might not even be able to protect himself!

Moreover, Wayne had spat out blood from the backlash.

Clearly, despite him having tyrannical Magic Power, being interrupted by the War God had put a lot of strain on his body!

"They are watching this place!"

Wayne coldly raised his head again, looking at the sky.

They all understood what he meant.

After the Gods got rid of the Astral Beast, they didn’t return to their God Realms, but instead approached as close to Feinan as they dared.

Although they couldn’t enter Feinan for the time being without causing disastrous effects on the plane, this didn’t mean that they couldn’t interfere with what was happening in Feinan through special means.

Fortunately, this was the Sky Tower. Lance’s power permeated this place, as well as the remnants of the Universe Magic Pool, or else no one would have been able to escape that spear!

He was able to let the World Ending Twin Snakes escape because the entrance to the Ethereal Plane was quite a large portal, and because the seal was designed primarily to be extremely resistant on one side... It was always much easier to break a seal from outside than from within.

Also, the Laws of the Sky Tower were very domineering. Although he couldn’t lock onto the exact position of Marvin or the others, it was easy for him to perceive the intersection between two different Planes, and with such a huge target, even if the power of Lance offset and weakened his spear, he still wouldn’t miss that entrance.

’The upcoming days will definitely not be easy!’

Marvin had a bitter expression on his face.

He was weary, his False Divine Vessel was still recovering, and the Fate Tablet was locked!

In the following days, unless he died, the continued chase for the Fate Tablet would be inevitable.

Thinking of this, Marvin quickly thought of a bold plan!

’There is no other choice... For both White River Valley and Wayne, it’s the only choice.’

An unswerving determination flashed in his eyes.

But just as he was going to tell everyone about his plan, Wayne suddenly looked at the others and said, "Everyone, my older brother is in a very sensitive state, therefore, I apologize in advance!"

"I hope my actions won’t influence your friendship with him or White River Valley. I’m very sorry, but I have no other choice."

Marvin asked in bewilderment, "What do you want to do?"

Wayne suddenly waved his hand!

Before the others could react, a white light flashed everywhere.


The next second, they felt their surroundings change.

They glanced around and found out that they were now outside the Sky Tower!

"That kid actually expelled us from the tower?" Jessica asked in disbelief.

Ivan nodded, looking somewhat unhappy. "Maybe in his eyes, Marvin is the only one he can trust."

"Marvin’s current situation is very worrying. And there is also that Fate Tablet in his body. Perhaps in such a situation, it’s normal not to trust easily."

Copper Dragon Professor nodded. Those who were left had good relationships with Marvin, so they wouldn’t take offense.

But they were still very curious... After Wayne threw them out, what would happen next?

The answer was soon revealed.

All the powerhouses who were still watching the scene stared in shock as the unfathomable Sky Tower rose up!

The magnificent and imposing Wizard Tower actually started flying!

It pierced through the clouds and flew south at a crazy speed!

After a short thirty seconds, the busy inhabitants of White River Valley heard the sound of an explosion!

They raised their heads in alarm.

What they saw was a tall Wizard Tower appearing in the Sanctuary, right outside White River Valley’s location!

On top of the Wizard Tower, an eye shining like a radiant sun appeared! The sun shone over every corner of White River Valley!

A lot of dust was whirling around the Wizard Tower.

White River Valley’s guards became nervous. A few powerhouses that were now in the territory also waited for an opportunity to make a move. Under Madeline’s lead, they quickly gathered at the side of White River Valley that was closest to the tower.

They didn’t understand why this tower flew here and landed in White River Valley!

After all, from what their Lord Marvin had told them, nothing could enter the Sanctuary without his consent!

And what was going on with that light?

It felt even warmer and more reassuring than the light of the Source of Fire’s Order.

Anna quickly went to the front of the Wizard Tower when she heard the news.

When she saw the tower, her heart started pounding for some reason.

Marvin said that only what he allowed would be able to pass through!

’Then this tower...’

As she thought about this, the dust gradually scattered.

A tall youth and a child came out, supporting each other.

Wayne’s face was still dusty, but his smile was beaming.

"Brother, we are home."

Marvin nodded, and despite not being able to give much of an acknowledgement due to his weakened body, a huge wave of cheers echoed through White River Valley!

The Overlord was back! And so was Young Master Wayne!

To this territory’s inhabitants, this was the best news.

What they didn’t know was that the pale yellow radiance outside White River Valley would remain there for seven days – Absolute Sanctuary.

For the next seven days, Marvin and White River Valley were unlikely to be disturbed by anything that happened in the outside world.

For Marvin, seven days would be enough.

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