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Night Ranger

Chapter 3: Acheron Gang

Chapter 3: Acheron Gang

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[Newborn Ranger]: Increase your Ranger badge effects by 1%.

That was the effect of the title. As far as Marvin was concerned, this was at least better than nothing. When Marvin had previously completed his thief class quest, due to perfect completion, he had obtained the title [Gifted Criminal].

[Gifted Criminal]: All Thief class skills +10

Marvin’s early game was very smooth because of that amazing title and the dexterity skill [Wall Climb]. It was very different from the other Thieves as those two made up for the lack of firepower at the early stages of the Thief class.

In "Feinan Continent," early game Thieves were extremely lacking in firepower. They were mostly considered explorers rather than adventurers. Experts at disabling traps in a dungeon, unlocking chests, and popping in and out of a battle to sneak attack. If not for the advanced Thief class [Assassin] having incredible burst damage, a lot of Thieves might have already given up on the class.

Aside from Marvin, with that kind of extraordinary early game BUG, most of the Thieves could only leech exp from their team. Occasionally unlocking a chest, sometimes disabling a trap, nothing very helpful. A lot of classes could substitute for Thieves in the early game, such as Rangers and Druids.

It was also because of those problems that Marvin grudgingly gave up on his beloved Thief class in this life. It’s true that stealing and lock-picking abilities could let him earn some money, but his top priority was increasing his strength, especially his fighting abilities. In that regard, the Ranger, known as the "jack of all trades," was perfect.

Furthermore, one of the Ranger advancement branches was linked to the Thief final advancement path to become a [Ruler of the Night].

Each person could only use a single title at a time, and as Marvin had no other choice he naturally equipped [Newborn Ranger].


After submitting the recommendation letter to the Ranger Guild, Marvin also received a novice Ranger badge. In general, novice Rangers had three badges they could choose from. They were the wild wolf badge, the noble hawk¹ badge and the sika deer badge.

[Wild Wolf Badge]: Taming +5

[Noble Hawk Badge]: Long range vision +3

[Sika Deer]: Hide +9

The three badges each increased a skill effect, and between these three skills, the knowledgeable Marvin made his choice very quickly.

Ranger’s [Hide] was very strong in the wilderness. If the [Hide] skill was 100 or higher, its effects would be almost like a 2nd rank Assassin’s [Strong Stealth]. Even if [Taming] and [Long Distance Vision] were useful, they weren’t as useful as [Hide].

[Hide] was as important to rangers as [Stealth] was to thieves.

When he successfully became a Ranger, his HP increased by 11 points, he received a free attribute point, and he started with 96 skill points. His character window also changed:

[Adventurer Class: Level 1 Ranger (0/50)]

He spent his free attribute point on dexterity without hesitation. A Ranger’s main attributes were dexterity and intelligence. Dexterity made them more agile and skillful while intelligence let them cast spells. Dexterity was more important than intelligence in Marvin’s advancement path.

Attribute points were very valuable. Besides the one available at level 1, he could only get 1 every 2 levels. His 96 skill points were also spent quickly. Soon, his skill tab looked like this:

Hide – 41(+9)

Stealth – 20

Inspect – 35

Rangers could use daggers and bows. This was the inherent class ability.

Thus, Marvin’s stats window was as follows:

Name: Marvin

Race: Human/?


Strength – 11

Dexterity – 17

Constitution – 9

Intelligence – 14

Wisdom – 14

Charisma – 13(+1)

Class: Noble Rank 3 (150/200)

Adventurer Class: Level 1 Ranger (0/50)

Title: Newborn Ranger

Health Points: 37/37

Exp: 40 (Noble) [Unused]

SP (Skill Points): 0

AP (Ability Points): 0

Class Skills:

– Noble (Baron):

Dignity – 25

Management – 31

Perception – 16

Diplomacy – 19

Accounting – 28

Horsemanship – 30

– Ranger:

Hide – 41(+9)

Stealth – 20

Inspect – 35


Badge (Sika Deer)


"I finally have a combat class!" After leaving the Ranger Guild, Marvin excitedly felt strength flowing through his body.

He felt full of energy. He had successfully forged a "recommendation letter," which let him see a glimmer of hope. His past knowledge was indeed still helpful. Among all the classes, only the Ranger was able to get his class from a senior Ranger’s recommendation letter. There was no opportunity for the other classes to take such a shortcut. Marvin, by observing that homeless man’s actions, guessed that he was a former high-level Ranger. He then used a bottle of golden rum to buy him off. He wasn’t the one who had found this strategy; it was the personal experience of his ranger friend from his previous life.

That guy was also a god level player. While the average player struggled with their 2nd rank advancement quest, he had shockingly already reached the third rank, [Forest Guard]. Marvin also learned from him that there was such a loophole in the base Ranger class. The recommendation could be forged as long as he got a hold of the badge of a higher leveled Ranger.

The Ranger Guild only paid attention to the recommendation letter and didn’t check with the actual people, giving Marvin the chance to take the shortcut.

Successfully getting the Ranger class meant that his past knowledge could be put to good use. Although he wasn’t familiar with River Shore City, he still found several ways of making money and increasing his strength after casually searching through his memories. Obviously, if he was in his former starting town, [Jewel Bay], located further Northeast, he would feel even more at home.

He still had 30 silvers in his pocket, but the rest of his wealth was quickly spent after he bought a Common Curved Dagger² from a blacksmith in the business district.

The common curved dagger’s stats were quite lacking, only giving 2 – 5 Attack. It was barely enough to protect one’s life... and killing monsters would require some effort.

Marvin urgently needed to increase his strength, and obviously, there was still the money issue. He also did not forget his own mission. Anna was still waiting for him at the Fierce Horse Inn. This half-elf butler had been following him since his childhood. She took an important place in his heart.

If need be, he would use his life to protect her.

After the two entered River Shore City, Marvin had lost their funds. Anna went to do manual labor every day at his rude uncle’s place in exchange for a miserable amount. If not for Anna, Marvin might have already been targeted by one of those local gangs who wished to steal his money, before finally dying in a gutter.

It could be said that Anna had always been taking care of Marvin.

It was time to make some changes.

Taking advantage of the fact that River Shore City’s gates weren’t closed, Marvin, with his curved dagger on his belt, quickly left the city.


In Feinan Continent the wilderness was quite a dangerous place. Apart from the roads between cities, a deadly monster could appear anywhere. In theory, a terrifying beast could even appear on a road that was regularly cleaned up. To Marvin, who was an insignificant Level 1 Ranger, an ogre, or even a young goblin was enough to deal with him.

Because of the guards patrolling every day around the major cities, their surroundings were somewhat safe.

However, Marvin didn’t go out for leveling; he went out to earn money.

Outside River Shore City, there was a large river known as Pine Cone River. Pine Cone River splits 65 kilometers downstream. The branch river is known as White River. Marvin’s territory was the White River Valley, located at the White Lake.

Pine Cone River stretched for more than sixteen hundred kilometers, becoming very wide and gentle, forming large sandy areas.

Gordon Plateau’s loess upstream washed down the river, leading to the formation of silt and making this territory extremely fertile.

Occasionally, small crabs known as [Blue Glow Crabs] came out of Pine Cone River. The blue glow crab was top grade delicacy. For wizards, this kind of crab meat could increase their mental power to a certain degree. Therefore, in River Shore City’s market this kind of crab would be extraordinarily expensive. If Marvin remembered correctly, a single blue glow crab would sell for more than 20 silvers.

Therefore, he left the town in the middle of the night in order to catch crabs.

Naturally, the blue glow crab’s high value led to Pine Cone River being filled with a lot of people trying to catch crabs. However, they weren’t very efficient at it. They had no choice but to rely on luck and blindly look for them. Even if they searched for a whole day they wouldn’t necessarily find one. These guys were way too small. During the day, they would be really easy to overlook, not to mention at night.

Consequently, there were almost no signs of humans near the Pine Cone River at night.

This suited Marvin’s wishes well. He knew a technique for catching blue glow crabs that only worked at night. As no one would bother him, this was the best.

Soon, he arrived at the location.

But at that time he suddenly heard footsteps behind him!

"Someone is following me?"

Marvin’s heart sank. He had actually made such a dreadful mistake.

He was no longer that almighty Ruler of the Night and his Wisdom was at a mediocre 14 points, barely above the average person. Along with his 16 Perception, he only reached the level of having sharp eyes and nothing more.

Becoming a ranger had made him somewhat careless. He surprisingly hadn’t checked whether there was anyone tailing him.

A single shadow quietly appeared while making fun of him. He wasn’t tall and in his hands was a small dagger.

It was a Thief!

[Inspect (35) skill has been used...]

[Wisdom Check...]

[Inspect Successful]

The Thief’s main information immediately appeared before Marvin’s eyes:

Level 5 Commoner / Level 3 Thief – Hp 42

"Lord Noble, leaving the city alone isn’t a good habit." The thief burst into laughter and said, "Although you carry a knife, do you really think that it can protect you? For a useless noble, you should be honored to die by the hand of the Acheron Gang."

At that time, a few shadows rushed in from somewhere close to the main road.

Marvin gritted his teeth. ’Damn it, backup?’

‘The Acheron Gang? I haven’t offended them. Why are they trying to kill me?’

But it was clearly not the best time to think. He suddenly burst into a sprint, his target being the grove beside the river shore.


1 - T/N: Noble hawk being the translation of the latin name of the northern goshawk.

2 - T/N: To be more exact, it would be a curved single-edged knife something like a kukri. Curved dagger in short.

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