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Night Ranger

Chapter 28: Death of a legend

Chapter 28: Death of a legend

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Anna nodded.

Under Marvin’s arrangements, all his guards had already been evacuated in small groups from River Shore City.

River Shore City’s defenses were quite tight, but also quite lax. There were always some unknown secret paths belonging to different kinds of people.

Actually, Marvin had bought information on a secret escape route from the old goblin’s place, before the patrols rushed back from the docks yesterday night.

After clearing away a corroding monster that once occupied the sewers in the northern part of the city, the patrols weren’t attentive while making their rounds there any more.

As a result, that section had a tunnel with enough space for an adult man to enter or leave the city.

Bane’s Black Claw chamber of commerce controlled that path. He and Marvin worked together and thus, they got Marvin’s guards out of River Shore City.

They were carrying those light and convenient but expensive belongings and went back first to Green Village and the other places.

Marvin and Anna wouldn’t question their loyalty, especially under the leadership of Andre. The garrison wouldn’t fight over those belongings.


"Doing it like that was too dangerous!" Anna scolded Marvin, "I know you hated him. He killed Old Lord and deserved it. But what if the wizards look into it?"

The half-elf butler was very worried. She personally brought Miro’s daughter back home this morning. As a result each major guild offered a bounty for Masked Twin Blades this afternoon. Who posted it was quite obvious.

After experiencing this, the families of the city hall’s high officials were increased.

"Unlikely." Marvin faintly smiled.

He didn’t explain much.

The people in this era were still revering wizards.

They were after all the group that was ruling this world in this era.

This was why River Shore City had good public security. But that was already in the past.

Marvin clearly remembered that all diviners lost their abilities six months before the Great Calamity.

This was a sign, but the wizards did not pay attention. After all, divination had always been a bit tricky.

The true reason was that the powerful god of time took a portion of the forbidden magic power in the Universe Magic Pool. That part just happened to be connected to divination.

The gods have already started their move.

It is because of this that Marvin could be so bold. He knew that diviners couldn’t find him.

That was the reality.

As for that city hall high official Miro, he wouldn’t personally appear to help identify Marvin. The patrols moved because of his handwritten warrant. He couldn’t appear as someone that neglected his duties.

He would at most use some forces to secretly investigate and offer a bounty for Masked Twin Blades.

It’s just that Marvin was somewhat surprised when he went looking for information in a tavern at noon. He actually heard that the patrols had grabbed a few evil cult followers at the docks.

‘Apparently they were secretly offering sacrifices to the [Plague God], and met with those patrols as a result. Those guys were really out of luck.’

Of course, sending the patrols away to the docks was part of Marvin’s plan. But who would have thought that they actually caught some evil followers.

But this also reminded Marvin.

Whether it’s the [World-ending Twin Snakes] or the [Plague God] believers, both have already began to be active in the south.

This meant that the most chaotic era was on the verge of starting!

He couldn’t take a break now. He had to quickly recover White River Valley!

But before that, he still had to act as the "victim" of the family.

After all, following Miller’s death, Marvin was his only blood relative. This meant that he would inherit Miller’s possessions.

But Marvin knew that even if the city hall sent him a notification, the great majority of his inheritance would have been plundered by them and he would only get the leftovers.

‘These guys didn’t overdo it. I thought they would casually find an excuse to say that Miller’s home was completely plundered by thieves, only leaving me a box of ashes.’


Late afternoon, Marvin switched his clothes for a noble set. Seemed like it was time to turn back into a weak and incompetent young noble.

He went to the city hall with Anna.

As expected, the official in charge of the inheritance formalities only gave Marvin a deed, the deed of the house Miller bought in the wealthy district 31 plot.

The rest of the pearls, belongings and such things wasn’t there.

"Sir Marvin, I’m sorry for your loss," said the official insincerely.

Marvin feigned to be weak and asked, "Now that my uncle also died, my only blood relative died. When can River Shore City send troops to help me clear that pack of gnolls? I need to get my territory back."

That official still insincerely said, "This is... Quite difficult. Sir Marvin, you see, evil cult followers have been roaming in River Shore City, along with savage killers such as the one that killed your uncle’s family, Masked Twin Blades... We are severely lacking manpower.I think waiting patiently inside for the city a little while longer should be quite good."

Marvin’s face showed his disappointment.

He inwardly felt somewhat startled.

It’s fair to say that after Miller’s death, the bribed officials should have no reasons to not send troops to clean up that gnoll pack.

After all, River Shore City and White River Valley weren’t too far away from each other. To have a pack of gnoll occupying the territory like that was a threat to River Shore City.

But these officials still avoided dealing with it.

‘Could it be that someone else was paying attention to White River Valley, and not only Miller?’

Marvin was smart, and he was able to guess the possible causes behind that.

But he didn’t plan on relying on the strength of the River Shore City patrols. Asking like this was firstly, the sensible thing to do and secondly, a way to probe.

It seemed that there were still some people who had intentions on River Shore City.

Marvin took a quick glance at the quest menu, and saw that the Main Quest hadn’t changed: it was still [Reclaim your territory].

But he had 18 days remaining.


Leaving the city hall, Marvin immediately planned his next step.

After yesterday’s murder and arson followed by looting, Marvin had harvested a quite generous amount of wealth from Miller’s home. The amount of riches was worth more than 100000 silvers!

Marvin’s garrison left with almost a third of the easy to carry valuables.

He sold the remainder to Bane of the Black Claw at low-cost using the identity of Masked Twin Blades.

The old goblin was extremely crafty. He knew who to provoke and who to cooperate with.

Marvin’s body emitted a kind of very scary killing intent, so when he got the money, he actually got a pretty good price.

Moreover last night, he also understood that Marvin’s two subordinates were both powerful phantom assassins.

In their line of work, they were very clear on one point: they should never provoke an assassin.

The old goblin expressed with enthusiasm that Sir Masked Twin Blades was the Black Claw’s important business partner. Even if there was a warrant with a large bounty on his head.

Marvin currently had about 50 golds in total. Converted into silvers, it was about 50000 silvers

That money was enough for him to hire a party of adventurers!

"Here, 30000 silvers."

Marvin gave a pouch to Anna and solemnly said, "Go to the adventurer guild to pick some people. They must have an official class. Prioritize those with battle experience, those with leading experience, the fighters and those who have their own weapons and armor. Get around twenty. As for the monetary reward, do as you see fit."

The Half-elf nodded.

He was quite confident in Anna’s abilities. She would do her job of recruiting the adventurers just fine.

He wanted to take back White River Valley, so he needed troops. Relying on his garrison wasn’t enough.

"Young Master Marvin, what about you?" Anna asked.

"Me?" Marvin smiled, "I’ll go check White River Valley first. Don’t we need someone to scout?"


The setting sun was illuminating the the top of East Coast Holy Light Tower.

On the highest platform, a corpse was calmly lying next to a stooped old man.

Even if the legendary wizard was in poor health, he was still quite strong. Even if he suffered a hard to predict sneak attack and was close to death, he still managed to kill this disciple controlled by the Twin Snakes Cult.

It’s just that, he was also was on the verge of dying.

Even if the shadow prince was a weak god, he was a powerful legendary assassin before ascending to godhood.

Anthony closed both eyes, his face covered with bruises.

The voices coming from the Eye of the Bright Sun were in a mess, as if something was interfering. He also tried to contact other legendary wizards in the region but an indescribable force field prevented it.

This was a conspiracy.

Anthony staggered his way to the edge of the platform. From this point of view, whether it was Sail Boat City in the north, or Jewel Bay in the South, it only took a glance to see them.

‘Such a beautiful scenery.’

The old man calmly stood there and began to chant.

30 seconds later, his body fell from the platform.

And a pitch black cloud quickly formed in the sky.

In a split second, all of the East Coast’s kind hearted living creatures suddenly felt an acute pain.

A woman with weak willpower was also unable to restrain herself and cried.

Everyone was looking toward the east, shock filling their eyes.

A legend died!

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