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Night Ranger

Chapter 27: Deceit

Chapter 27: Deceit

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If an ordinary person killed a twin snakes believer, a secret technique would imprint the murderer’s appearance and send it to the upper ranks of the cult at the time of his death.

Very few people knew how to break the technique and Marvin was one of them.

This method was actually quite ruthless. Dig their eyes out before killing them.

Twin snakes believers had two easily controllable [Poisonous Snakelet] embedded inside their eyes which were used to transmit signals.

As long as their eyeballs are destroyed before they are killed, it’s unlikely that the murderer will be discovered.

This method was extremely ruthless, and the howl could be heard even outside the room.

Marvin wasn’t merciful.

He wasn’t cold-blooded. It was because he knew that when facing that kind of malicious person or an evil cult follower, he had to thoroughly deal with the problem.

He couldn’t leave something that could come back to bite him.


After killing Miller, he noticed the towering flames outside.

Taking advantage of the patrols being busy at the docks and the rest of the troops in the wealthy district just watching, Marvin made his guards plunder as much easy to carry stuff as they could.

"You only have ten minutes. Get as much as you can." Marvin instructed them.

Andre and the others dealt with the hired mercenary team and swiftly followed Marvin’s order. Because all the money would go back to their lord.

They didn’t have any reason not to do it.

Ten minutes soon passed. The fire spread further but Marvin started to have a bad feeling.

"Sir Mask, we found a secret room, there is a lot of jewelry inside..." One of the guards excitedly said.

"Don’t take it, time to go!" Marvin felt increasingly more worried and immediately gave a decisive command.

Andre also knew when to stop... They had killed and burned within the city and were still looting.

He reckoned that even the boldest group of thieves wouldn’t dare to do something like this.

If they were caught by the patrol... Death penalty!

But what made everyone feel strange was that those patrols that normally defended the wealthy district had still not appeared.

"Hurry up!" Andre urged them.

The group of guards left.

Marvin stayed behind to cover their back.

But in the distance, a swift shadow suddenly came running at lightning speed!

He was very quick and it seemed like he was going to intercept those guards!

"Not good!"

Marvin clenched his teeth and abruptly dashed a few steps forward. He jumped over the fence and blocked in front of the shadow.


Andre and the others missed this and directly turned into an alley, following the escape route.

"Fuck!" That shadow quickly rushed toward Marvin. "You are Masked Twin Blades?!"

Marvin became startled when he saw that guy.

It was that strong guy he met in the [Deathly Silent Hills]!

2nd rank, Dark Murderer!

Looks like a shadow spider member.

‘I’m not his opponent!’

Marvin’s heart shivered. His opponent was a senior with superior dexterity, and his running speed definitely was faster than his own.

He would certainly not be able to escape if he turned and ran.

"Damnit, you actually killed that fat pig Miller?!"

That shadow spider killer gave an ugly look at those towering flames in the villa, his thoughts evident.

He was in a very bad mood. Miller died so he didn’t have an employer and his mission automatically failed. This meant that he would fall a little in the shadow spider mission system.

This kind of bad mood, he could only vent on that Masked Twin Blades!

Even killing him wouldn’t change anything, but he was in a bad mood.

People alive were unable to relieve this kind unpleasant mood.

The killer suddenly took out a dagger and grinned, "Die!"

But Marvin suddenly had an idea, and waved his wrist.

A light yellow shadow flew out.

The killer suddenly caught that card.

The card was light yellow. A fanged spider was drawn on top of it.

"What? You are also a shadow spider member?"

The killer looked blankly. It was really dark out there so he wasn’t able to check the details of the card.

"[When the sun has yet to rise, we quietly murder]."

Marvin’s left-hand made the motion of cutting someone’s throat, he then turned serious.

His heart was pounding very fast. He didn’t know if he could deceive him.

The killer expression turned white, and he suddenly threw that yellow card on the ground and cursed, "Such great luck! To actually meet one of us."

The shadow spiders had a very strict rule: don’t kill one another.

He scratched his head, swore a few times and then bitterly said, "I guess I’m unlucky, damnit..."

Marvin felt relieved, he calmly turned around and walky with a kind of steady pace toward that alley.

He was nervous. He must be able to act first if the other side even had a hint of killing intent.

He was lucky. Marvin took a turn at the corner and the other guy still hadn’t discovered anything wrong.

When he walked into the alley, Marvin instantly sped up, suddenly crazily running.

If he didn’t escape now, then when?


The flames were still raging and the killer was still extremely angry.

After a while, he retrieved the yellow card. The shadow spider sign shouldn’t be left lying around.

But at that time, under the light of the fire, he suddenly felt that the card was awfully familiar.

"I messed up!" The killer’s face turned green!

"Isn’t that my fucking card?"

There was a small mark on the card, his own seal!

Every shadow spider member had similar cards but they all had a unique mark.

They couldn’t be imitated.

The killer instantly understood that he had been tricked!

That Masked Twin Blades wasn’t a shadow spider hitman!

It’s just that, he still had doubts... How did that guy know the shadow spider precept?

That sentence, [When the sun has yet to rise, we quietly murder] was an oath every shadow spider member would swear upon joining the order.

Every killer would vow to protect it and not leak it to the outside or they would be hunted down!

‘That Masked Twin Blades, how did he learn our internal secret signal?’

‘No matter how, I must find him and then cut him into pieces!’

Under the reflection of the fire, the killer’s face seemed to be twisted.

The sound of hooves could be heard not too far away, it was the patrol hurrying over.


Morning of the next day.

The news of the wealthy district incident couldn’t be suppressed. The death of the merchant Miller and all his family quickly spread through all of River Shore City.

Every bar was spreading a different version of the rumor. Some said that it was the twin snakes cult’s work and others said that it was Masked Twin Blades.

River Shore City had been peaceful for too long and never before had someone dared to look down on the authority of the city hall like that.

Because behind the city hall was River Shore City’s wizard regiment!

Regardless of whether or not the patrols were able to capture the murderer on the scene, the wizards would be able to find him.

This was a very serious offense. Therefore, under City Hall high official Mister Miro’s strong request, a wizard proficient in divination was called to the crime scene.

He could use a 2nd Circle Spell that could go back in time to find the identity of the assassin.

But the outcome made everyone stunned.

Because that Diviner’s spell actually failed!

Even if the divination was magic related and had a certain probability of failing, but surely catching a criminal shouldn’t be hard?

That wizard left the crime scene with an ashen face. Soon after, another wizard took his place.

The outcome was still the same.

As a result, this murder and arson case became the latest top of discussion of River Shore City. Everyone was guessing whose handiwork it was.

But after a day, someone anonymously released an arrest warrant in every major guild for [Masked Twin Blades].

Everyone then understood. The city hall surely knew something but there wasn’t any proof so they could only use this kind of method to settle the problem.

Masked Twin Blades reputation spread far and wide in River Shore City


[Your achievements have been widely discussed – Territory Myth Level +1]

[Territory Myth Level (Masked Twin Blades) (River Shore City)]: With regards to Masked Twin Blades myth spreading far and wide, you are already notorious in River Shore City. Quite a lot of bounty hunters are sharpening their swords. River Shore City and Jewel Bay merchants are also spreading this news. You are already quite infamous in the East Coast.

Marvin looked at his infamy number and couldn’t help but laugh.

Myth Level, this kind of thing, even if it was negative, it could still be useful sometimes.

After killing Miller, Marvin didn’t only succeed in getting revenge, he also completed the quest, obtaining 500 general exp.

After this battle, Marvin battle exp reached 1448 in one breath, with the 600 general exp on top, he could level up again, reaching level 5 advanced rank.

After reaching level 5 of a class, you could advance your class to advanced.

Marvin hesitated before finally putting 2000 exp into his ranger level-up.

Upgrading the player level to 5 would give a free attribute point which he put onto dexterity.

20 dexterity!

He completely got a hold of the special skill [Anti-Gravity Steps]!

"Thud thud thud." Knocks could be heard coming from the door.

Marvin opened the door, it was Anna.

"Is everything ready?" He asked.

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