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Night Ranger

Chapter 26: Desperate Strike

Chapter 26: Desperate Strike

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With regards to what Miller said, Masked Twin Blades was his nightmare ever since he had returned to River Shore City.

He never expected that he would face such an enemy.

He originally thought that he was Diapheis’ enemy and had only killed his son in passing.


After all, this kind of hitman was quite cruel. He already asked a shadow spider member to com take care of this guy, it’s just that...

"That damned hitman! I paid so much and he still told me that he had other business to settle and that he would go and look for Masked Twin Blades in the evening!"

Miller wasn’t only angry, he was also startled.

How did he break in!?

What about those sentries all around? What about those mercenaries?

"Don’t bother thinking, they are already dead." Marvin indifferently said.

Miller shivered and immediately hid behind those two barbarians.

He asked while gnashing his teeth, "Who is the one that hired you in the end?!"

"Are you not aware that I’m very wealthy? If you hadn’t killed both my sons... We might have been able to cooperate.’

His eyes had already turned red.

His two sons died like this! This hitman’s killing methods were too ruthless and vicious!

There was no way back!

"Kill him! Kill him! I want him cut into pieces!" Miller crazily yelled.


Those two barbarians quickly took out big axes from behind their backs, each carrying his in the right hand while keeping the left hand near the waist, where two small hatchets were hanging.

Marvin was paying attention to their movements, and it was quite clear from his battle experience that barbarians throwing hatchets were difficult to deal with.

"Who hired me?"

Marvin calmly moved back half a step, immediately attracting the three men’s attention on his body.

"Who is it!? Say it!"

Miller made a sign, temporarily stopping the barbarians from attacking.

"Who could have?" Marvin said with ridicule, "Could it be that you don’t recognize me with a mask on?"

"Dear Uncle?"

"You didn’t expect this day to happen when you poisoned my father?

"When you collaborated with the Acheron gang to plot against my life, you also didn’t expect Masked Twin Blades to appear?"

Marvin voice returned to normal.

Miller became extremely shocked.

"This is impossible!" He heard the familiar voice and showed an alarmed expression, "How do you know all this? You are obviously a waste! No magical talent and no fighting ability..."

Marvin skillfully played with his curved dagger and coldly said, "This proves that you misjudged me. Just like I misjudged you too. I could hardly believe that you were the kind of person that would murder his own brother."

Miller was breathing heavily, and soon after, he said with a sinister face, "You knew, so what? I had a hard time looking for you. Who could have thought that you would come to my doorstep? As long as I kill you today, White River Valley will be mine, the secret inside the castle..."

He stopped talking, his eyes suddenly moving and revolving.

His laughter became gloomy and cold, "What are two sons. As long as I can get that thing... Haha, perhaps you are not aware, I already received the great [twin snakes of doom]’s blessing! You are destined to die today!"

"Kill him!"

He finally gave the order. The small and hard to notice snakes in his eyes felt especially weird.


Under Miller’s command, the two barbarians, one in front and one in the back, began their assault.

Even though the living room was wide, it was still extremely cramped for a fight between class holders.


The first barbarian’s attack had still not arrived when small hatchets were already approaching!

This type of hatchet was exceptionally sharp. For a ranger like Marvin, as long as he got hit once, if he didn’t die, then he would end up disabled for life.

Miller’s smile was very sinister!

For him, Marvin was as good as dead. ‘Wearing a mask to scare people, hmph, you can only scare those unsuspecting civilians.’

But in fact, Marvin had been focused on observing the barbarians’ hand movements all along, so the second they threw their hatchets, he made a move.


He gently shouted, his whole body suddenly moving in a stance that defied gravity. He stepped on the window ledge and walked over the ceiling.

During that split second, not only Miller, but even the two barbarians just looked at him, blankly staring.

20 dexterity special skill!

[Anti-Gravity Steps]!

Because he was facing multiple enemies, Marvin’s title [Chaotic Battle Expert] was displaying it’s (+1 dexterity) effect.

Marvin’s body was as light as a swallow and he nimbly jumped to the ceiling, and quickly rushed forwards from there like a vampire.

"ROAR!" The barbarians felt humiliated!

Facing a 1st rank ranger, the two were surprisingly not able to put him down. They were unable to accept this!

They were preparing to move toward Marvin.

But suddenly, two shadows flashed through from both sides of the pillar, like two black phantoms.

The two shadows were as fast as lightning and directly impacted the barbarians.

In an instant, Marvin could see the two barbarians in an extremely weak state.

‘Plan successful!’

Marvin was pleased and abruptly adjusted his body to drop down.

Curved daggers in both hands, he easily cut the two barbarians’ heads off.

Plop plop!

Blood madly sprayed and Marvin’s entire sneaking attire was dyed red from blood.

He wiped his curved dagger in passing, and then coldly looked at Miller.

Like a devil king that just came out of a blood pool.


"How could this be?"

It was as if Miller had seen a ghost, looking at those two strong barbarians dying in front him. He couldn’t believe it.

Those were true 2nd rank [Berserkers]!

Why did it seem like Marvin was able to kill them like cutting cabbage?

This must be a hallucination!

Miller took two steps back, stumbled, and fell on the couch.

At that time, he looked at those two faint silhouettes that were crawling up from the barbarians’ bodies with difficulty.

It was two elves.

They appeared to be in a very bad shape, standing unsteadily.

"You worked hard. Look for a safe place and heal yourselves before looking for me."

Marvin indifferently said.

Amber and Agate nodded, and the two disappeared in the shadows while supporting each other.

Miller suddenly realized.

Actually Marvin had just attracted the two barbarians’ attention and let those two elves take care of pinning the barbarians down.

Originally, with the barbarians abnormal constitution, if they used [Ancestral Blessing], they would be as hard to kill as a wizard of the same rank.

But they had underestimated the 1st rank ranger Marvin.

They focused their attention on Marvin’s body instead of the quietly creeping shadows on the sides.

This was Marvin’s plan.

As a legendary player, he never was a reckless person, and his tactics and strategies reached a very high standard.

Phantom Assassin had an overpowered skill, [Desperate Strike]

[Desperate Strike]: Ignore a target’s defenses, forcing the target to enter a near death state.

This certainly was an heaven defying skill. It was very cool in the game and quite a lot of players picked assassins because of this class skill.

But actually, this skill side-effects were very severe.

They would have to stay in a weak state for at least half a month.

This meant that those two elven phantom assassins couldn’t help Marvin deal with more stuff for half a month. Their own lives might be in danger at any time.

On top of that, desperate strike didn’t have a 100% hit rate.

If the barbarians were a bit cautious and used ancestral blessings, they might have been able to barely avoid dropping down from that frightening life gambling skill!

Because of this, Marvin’s plan was quite risky.

But his luck was good and his plan was effective.

The phantom assassins left the battlefield, and he successfully gained two barbarian heads. This won him 480 battle exp.

That kind of godlike last hit felt extremely good..

To have two loyal and devoted subordinates like that, Marvin felt that offering divinity as a sacrifice wasn’t a loss.


"What else do you want to say?"

Marvin stared at Miller.

All the fat on his body shivered.

"You can’t kill me! I am a twin snakes of doom follower! If you kill me Sir King Cobra will find you and turn you into a puppet!"

Miller seemed to hold onto his last hope, desperately struggling.

"Right, you don’t dare to kill me!"

He suddenly became full confidence, and nervously laughed, "I originally advised your father to become a member of the twin snakes of doom but he actually criticized it as an evil cult. It was only natural that I would kill him. He was brazen enough to insult the great twin snakes of doom, serves him right. You also are a little bastard. Sir King Cobra will avenge me."

Marvin was looking at him with some pity in his eyes, "Brainwashed into an evil follower... Do you think I didn’t make any preparations? The twin snakes cult really have a way to follow an enemy’s trail. But I’m sorry, I actually know of a way to restrain it."

Marvin punched Miller and then took out a dagger before ruthlessly stabbing it into the two small snakes in his eyes.

"Ahhh!" A blood-curdling screech echoed in the room.

And outside the window, flames were raging.


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