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Night Ranger

Chapter 25: Murder and Arson

Chapter 25: Murder and Arson

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East Coast, Holy Light Tower.

An old man, seemingly in poor health, was standing on a tall secret platform, as his gown swayed in the wind.

A sun-like eye was floating in the air in front of him.

"I’m dying." The old man had wrinkles across his whole face, and looking at the eye, he said, "It’s already been one hour, I won’t be able to keep suppressing it."

If Marvin was here, he could recognize this legendary iconic item, [Eye of the Bright Sun] on top of the holy light tower.

"Who is it?" A voice inside the bright sun’s eye asked impatiently.

"We are on the way," another voice said.

"It’s too late," said the legendary wizard Anthony. "Don’t mind me, they already made their decision. Doomsday is approaching for all wizards."

The bright sun eye turned silent.

"Even so, we can’t let this group of damned gods easily get away with it." A determined female voice came out of the bright sun eye saying, "The Universe Magic Pool is a gift Lance left us, we cannot let them profane it."

"Chloe, we can’t stop them..." Anthony sighed. "I’m already unable to maintain the Eye of the Bright Sun, and the twin snakes cult is about to become rampant... You..."

His words were cutting off. At that time, a beautiful young person walked behind him.

"Teacher, I found a medicine that might cure you," the young person said.

"What?" Anthony looked at his own disciple walking toward him while showing some slight surprise.

Suddenly, the disciple’s appearance became extremely twisted. Two small twin snakes, one green and one red, began to rotate in his eyes.

"You are..."

The legendary wizard didn’t finish his sentence, a unique dagger was ruthlessly stuck into his lower back.


"What happened?"

From the eye of the bright sun came the startled shouts of many legendary wizards.

The young person laughed, "After the assassination of the [Shadow Prince], the great [Scarlet Patriarch] himself made this cursed dagger!"

"How long can you live? Beloved Teacher?"


River Shore City, Wealthy District, Darkening Night.

"Miller used the twin snakes cult’s secret poison to kill your old lord, so if you wish to avenge him, follow my orders."

Twenty people were gathered outside of villa 31.

Marvin whispered in a low voice, "Miller’s villa is divided in three layers, and there are several hidden sentries in the outer layer waiting for us. I need you to take care of the 2nd layer mercenaries."

He said that and pointed at the faintly visible shadows of the two phantom assassins behind the group.

Even if Andre was quite curious where his lord had found that many experts, since Miss Anna already approved, this shouldn’t be an error.

He calmly nodded.

It was nothing more than a few mercenaries. They were confident in being able to take care of them.

"Don’t be careless," Marvin warned. "There are some fierce 2nd rank guys among the mercenaries. Even if they only have five or six, their lives are in their hands."

"I know." Andre displayed a guard leader’s manner for the first time, replying, "I will take eleven people to deal with them. There are eight men left ready and waiting for your orders."

Marvin nodded, satisfied.

The ability of White River Valley’s young men to carry out a task wasn’t bad.

Next, it was time to take revenge!

Marvin suddenly used stealth, and those two phantom assassins followed with [Strong Stealth].

The group of three moved toward the few sentries near the villa, one in front and two in the back.

There was no moon tonight.

The sky was quite dark; most fitting to kill, and then burn.


The Wealthy District was quite far from River Shore City. Moreover, wealthy people were usually very indifferent and didn’t pay attention to what happened to their neighbours.

There were patrols everywhere.

Unfortunately tonight, the patrols were all focused on the dock area and they wouldn’t come back for a while.

Now was the time when Miller’s place was the least protected. Marvin was definitely not going to miss this chance!

Perhaps the Acheron Gang’s destruction made Miller a bit more vigilant, as Marvin found a lot of extra hidden sentries posted throughout the villa’s surroundings.

And among those was a small six man team patrolling the surroundings irregularly.

‘Oh, he spent a lot of money...’

Marvin knew that for the twin snakes cult, even if they weren’t necessarily all fighters, they still had a few hidden methods. This evening might be a bitter struggle.

But getting rid of those hidden sentries wasn’t an issue.

In less than ten minutes, Marvin and those two phantom assassins easily eliminated all those hidden sentries outside Miller’s house.

Even that small six man team was quickly and efficiently annihilated under the sneak attack of the three.

All those fights happened under the watch of Marvin’s guards hiding in the bushes.

"Too strong..."

"Forget about those two phantom assassins. That guy, Masked Twin Blades is obviously just a ranger, how could he be so skilled in assassination techniques?"

"If we were their target..."

The guard’s whisper made them all tremble with fear.

Meeting this kind of killer’s gaze was definitely a misfortune.

At that time, Andre felt quite glad that the young and vigorous team members didn’t have a conflict with Masked Twin Blades.

He was quite glad that this frightening hitman was on their side.

After clearing the surroundings, Marvin made a sign toward the bushes, hinting that their operation was starting along with his own. He turned around a corner to go toward the back door of the villa.

Seeing Marvin and the other two disappear behind the fence, Andre took out a long sword and displayed a rarely seen sinister face:

"Brothers, follow me! Damn, I already disliked that Miller guy, and then he even went so far as to kill the Old Lord and also colluded with the gnolls. Our Lord invited Masked Twin Blades to kill him, but we also need to kill a few soldiers to relieve our anger!"


Inside a warm room, the plump Miller was sitting on a couch with his eldest son Bob sitting in front of him.

On the side of the living room stood the shadows of two tall men. Whenever Miller and his son had glanced at those two shadows, they felt exceptionally safe.

They were true savage fighters!

It was worth paying for a 2nd rank [Berserker]!

Barbarians had instincts close to an animal’s so they had two super-bodyguard close by. Most people simply couldn’t get close.

Bob withdrew his gaze and calmly said, "Father, it looks like the gnolls over there aren’t able to hold back. Apparently they found something very important in the castle tunnels."

Miller narrowed his eyes, looking just like a snake, "I knew those hired beasts wouldn’t keep their promises. They took White River Valley and definitely thought it was for them."

"What should we do?" Bob worriedly asked.

"Fool! We have the backing of Sir [King Cobra] and you are still afraid of a group of gnolls?" Miller sneered and said, "As long as that Marvin dies, I’ll immediately force the city hall to send troops to suppress those gnolls! I won’t even give them the chance to speak."

Bob was fearfully looking at Miller, "Father, you, when will you recommend me to Sir [King Cobra]?

"It’s not urgent," Miller gently said. "The Twin snakes cult’s rules are quite complex, and only a true believer is able to become a member. Your faith is not resolute enough. If you met Sir King Cobra now, he would swallow you whole."

As he said so, two small snakes, one red and one green, emerged and started rotating in his eyes. "I originally thought that I didn’t have a chance to get my things back in this lifetime. I didn’t expect to coincidentally have the chance to become a member of the great twin snakes of doom cult. Now that Jean is dead, everything else isn’t an issue.."

Bob said, "But since the twin snakes of doom cult is so fierce, why do you dare to walk under the sunlight?"

"You dare to question the twin snakes of doom cult’s prestige?!" Miller suddenly yelled, the two snakes in his eyes almost jumping out.

He seemed like a roaring lion and slapped Bob’s face, sending him under the window from the couch.

Bob was dizzy from the slap, and his face started swelling.

"I was wrong, Father!" He quickly reacted and swiftly kneeled on the ground to beg forgiveness.

"Even if you are my son, I cannot lower your punishment," Miller ruthlessly said. "Crawl over here and then stretch out your left hand."

Bob didn’t dare to resist and was about to comply.

But at that time, a joking voice could be heard:

"I’m sorry for disturbing your family punishment. But I guess you also have a bad opinion of uninvited guests?"


The glass window shattered.

A shadow flew in and then rolled on the floor, his movements incomparably flawless.

Cold light flashed along with two slashing sounds, and the recently kneeling Bob directly lost his head.

"Masked Twin Blades! So it was you!"

Miller was startled and angry!

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