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Night Ranger

Chapter 24: Twin Snakes Cult

Chapter 24: Twin Snakes Cult

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There was some unease in the guard squadron.

These young lads were fearless: For their Lord, they wouldn’t mind even if they had to attack River Shore City’s city gates.

They were White River Valley guards, and they only ever obeyed their Lord’s orders.

But now they had to accept that hitman’s leadership?

It was somewhat hard to accept. Even though they only recently arrived at River Shore City, they had still heard the rumors concerning that hitman.

It was said that this guy single-handedly took care of an entire gang? Wasn’t that too frightening?

"Miss Anna..."

Andre was awkwardly looking at the half-elf butler.

But Anna surprisingly said with a cold face, "This is the Lord’s order!"

Andre blankly nodded and said, "I got it!"

Marvin said in a rough voice, "Done wasting time? It was hard to send the patrol away. Tonight we must be quick. Come with me quickly!"

Then Masked Twin Blades’ shadow disappeared in the alley.

The twenty guards immediately followed.

And Anna stayed there.

She had something more important to take care of.


Marvin skillfully moved through the alley, as he was already well acquainted with this city repartition of power.

The City Lord was the strongest, he was unmatched and on the brink of becoming a legendary wizard. His strongest general was the leader of the Wizard Corps.

After that was the patrol. Every soldier in the patrol was a 2nd rank fighter, incomparably strong.

They were in charge of the public security in River Shore City.

As long as the patrol was sent away, Marvin had nothing to fear.

Even if Miller was very wealthy, his mansion’s defensive courtyard only had five or six mercenaries forming a small team, plus two 2nd rank class holders.

Based on Marvin’s plan, Miller was already dead.

‘Being able to ruthlessly poison his own brother.’

‘I’ll never let that kind of man stay alive in this world.’

He inwardly swore.

After taking a turn, they arrived at a relatively deserted area.

An old goblin wearing a pince-nez was waiting there while smiling. He was called Bane, and while on the surface he was running a pawn shop, he secretly had a lot of ties to many of the local gangs.

As long as you provided enough money, these guys would sell you anything.

After Marvin returned to River Shore City, the first thing he did was to redeem his necklace. After that, he used Masked Twin Blades’ identity and made a deal with the old goblin Bane.

"Sir Masked Twin Blades, this way please."

Bane chuckled and led everyone to a villa in the wealthy district.

The young guards were nervously looking at everything.

The party took advantage of the darkness of the night to go around the villa and then the old goblin took out a key and opened the door.

This was a small warehouse filled with crates.

"A total of twenty leather armors, and the weapons for military training are all inside."

The old goblin laughed, "As long as you have enough money, we, the Black Claw chamber of commerce, can sell you anything you wish."

"Obviously, don’t attack the City Lord’s Mansion with those things... I am not worried about you getting into trouble, but that you wouldn’t come back."

Bane did a badly timed joke.

No one would use these discarded military weapons to attack the City Lord’s mansion.

Now was the wizard era, and a wizard using [Greater Ice Ring] could make half of the guards lose their fighting strength. And to face a wizard in this era was a joke.

The Great Calamity hadn’t happened yet, the Universe Magic Pool was still intact, and the Heavenly Gods hadn’t come to an agreement yet.

But Marvin knew that it would happen soon.

"Go in." Marvin ordered, "Equip the leather armor. I know you received the most basic militia training, but your opponents are professional mercenaries."

"I promised your lord to not let any of you fall tonight."

"As such, rookies, tightly fasten your leather armor for me!"

Marvin gave directions as someone with a lot of experience, making Andre somewhat dissatisfied yet unable to get angry.

In fact, when he was playing, Marvin, as a pro scout, once took part in the underground human city expedition battling against dark elves. He underwent a pretty decent army training; a lot stronger than these few militia, at the very least.

The underground humans themselves were stronger than their surface counterparts, and Marvin didn’t even need to say anything about dark elves. From Marvin’s point of view, pointing out a few faults wasn’t that easy.

The fighting had yet to start but he immediately did a display of strength to these young men.

To completely convince them. They had to obey his orders in this kind of battle.

These young lads were still well-trained, and they didn’t take long to put on the leather armor.

Protection was very important in battles because the human body was quite weak. Before the 3rd rank [Heavenly Enlightenment], all class holders couldn’t prevent injuries without protective equipments. But of course, wizards were an exception. Wizards’ magic completely crushed the skills of the other classes. This was the reason why wizards were ruling this world.

Therefore people always said that even the greatest god had a favorite. The number one old god Lance created Feinan and favored all races, but still treasured the wizards.

But this would change very soon.


"I heard the whole patrol is at the dock area?" The old goblin on the side watched the guards finish equipping themselves, and couldn’t help but narrow his eyes with something in mind as he tentatively asked.

Marvin coldly replied, "Businessmen shouldn’t ask too much."

Bane laughed, "Of course, of course. But patrols might not be your biggest issue." The old goblin roguishly smiled. "Sir Masked Twin Blades, I know your target. Wealthy District 31, that fatty called Miller. I have a very valuable piece of information to sell you."

Marvin frowned.

Speaking of dealing information at that time, the old goblin’s goal was quite obvious.

He was taking the opportunity to raise the price.

Andre and the others were ready and waiting, They saw the two people discussing and were somewhat astonished. They were only soldiers, and their brains weren’t that quick to keep up.

Marvin whispered, "How much?"

"5 gold."


A cold light ray flashed, the curved dagger was already on the old goblin’s neck.

"Couldn’t it be cheaper?" Marvin said.

The old goblin kept his composure, "This is a piece of information that could save your life."


Marvin took back his curved dagger and threw out 5 golds from the void conch.

The faint golden color flashed past in the candle lighted warehouse, almost blinding Andre and the others’ eyes.

They were all poor children from the White River Valley; where could they see that much money!

"Boss, could it be that a hitman earns so much?"

One member whispered, "That was 5000 silvers!!!"

Andre bitterly smiled, also confused.

Surely even their lord wasn’t that wealthy? Where did he find such a great expert?

Andre’s temper was quite straightforward: if he was unable to understand then he didn’t want to.

In any case, if it was the Lord’s order, follow it.


The old goblin’s expression immediately turned quite grave after getting the coins, "I know you got paid to eliminate Miller’s family. However, the strength behind that old guy is more powerful than you think."

"You obviously can exterminate them tonight, but I fear that there will be a lot of troubles."

Marvin coldly said, "I kill, I don’t fear troubles."

Bane snorted, "The Twin Snakes Cult, have you heard of it?"

Marvin pupils immediately shrinked.

Twin Snakes Cult!

He had definitely heard of that name!

Far more than heard, he and those disgusting demonic followers fought no less than a dozen times in his previous life.

He remembered his first death in the game was during a fight with a twin snakes cult follower; he had died in the explosion of that self-detonating fanatic!

That was a humiliation in Marvin’s game career.

How could he not remember?

"Miller belongs to the Twin Snakes Cult?"

Marvin also became solemn.

‘No wonder there had been no news of this guy for so many years until he suddenly became rich and returned to River Shore City. If he is a Twin Snakes Cult member then everything makes sense!’

"Hold on!"

Suddenly, Marvin had an insight!

The Twin Snakes members had always been operating secretly.

Because East Coast Holy Light Tower’s legendary wizard Anthony used [Eyes of the Bright Sun] everyday to keep a close watch on them. This legendary wizard’s daughter died under a Twin Snakes’ conspiracy, and as long as he was alive, Twin Snakes Cult wouldn’t dare to operate.

But now, Twin Snakes Cult members were actually showing up in River Shore City!

If Marvin guessed right, this meant that the legendary wizard Anthony was already close to dying.

Anthony’s death wasn’t natural.

It was due to a god called [Shadow Prince].

This was the gods’ first step toward the destruction of the Universe Magic Pool.

‘I have to hurry up!’ Marvin fearfully thought. ‘The Great Calamity is coming faster than I thought!’

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