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Night Ranger

Chapter 23: The plan

Chapter 23: The plan

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A hand covered his mouth just as he started speaking.

The official immediately began to struggle.

An ice cold voice whispered in his ear, "I would remain calm and have a chat with me if I were you."

"If I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead right now. Do not count on those guards, as their reaction would be extremely slow. I can kill you before you finish calling for them... a hundred times."

"Can I let go of your mouth now?"

Marvin jokingly asked.

The fat official continuously nodded in cold sweat.


Marvin easily struck down a pure white gem he stealthily fished from his pouch. The gem fell on the ground making a clinking sound.

"Don’t try to be smart." Marvin warned him, "This is your last chance."

"Sit down!"

The official’s legs went soft and he sat on a chair.

Marvin picked up the gem and put it in his pouch. This was a protection gem made by the Silver Church. It could increase inner divine light to protect the user. The official wasn’t a fool, but it was a pity that Marvin’s mind was faster.

"Masked Twin Blades... Is that you?!"

The official got a clear view of Marvin’s disguise and immediately became frightened, "What do you want?"

"Discussing a business with you."

Marvin sat, firm as a mountain, and not worried that the other side still had tricks.

In fact, he had already checked the official’s body when he shortly came in contact with him, and apart from this gem, there wasn’t any other special item.

"What business?"The official was livid.


A small bag containing more than a dozen gems fell on the table. The official calmly took a look and weakly said, "This amount is below me."

Marvin nodded, "Mister Miro is a high ranked official of the city hall, this small amount naturally doesn’t enter your eyes."

"But what about this?"

He then gently placed a cute doll next to the gem pouch.

Miro’s face immediately became gloomy.

"What did you do to Jenny!"

"You bastard! I’ll kill you!"

He seemed to have gone mad.

That doll was a gift for his most loved daughter’s birthday, but it now appeared in the hand of the Masked Twin Blades!

The other side’s approach was very clear, this was a kidnapping!

His own daughter was in their hands!

"Damnit, are all those guards eating shit?"

"And there was still that private bodyguard who swore to have the strength of a peak 2nd rank and that he would definitely be able to protect Jenny!"

Miro’s heart was filled with rage, if he didn’t have a bit a reason left to suppress himself, he would have put his life on the line to deal with that masked guy.


It was silent after a minute.

"Calmed down now?" Marvin indifferently said, "So can we go on with our business discussion?"

"You are kidnapping, this is a threat, we aren’t having a business discussion." Miro coldly said.

"It doesn’t matter, as in any case, Mister Miro isn’t less capable of similar business."

Marvin watched the other side’s eyes, and sure enough, the official felt uneasy.

Being in that position for so many years, how could he not have his hand in a bit of unclean business? He had shares in one third of River Shore City’s slavery business! As for kidnapping and murder, those were simply common.

But he didn’t anticipate that someone would have ideas on him.

In fact, it wasn’t that his 2nd rank helper was useless. Rather, Marvin’s two phantom assassins were actually extremely hard to deal with. They directly beat down that guy and then took away the little girl.

Marvin didn’t plan to do anything to the little girl, he simply used her as a bargaining chip, nothing more.

And it seems that this little girl was quite important to Miro.

"Say, how much do you want?"

"I heard you are a hired hitman? How much did the other side pay? I’ll double it. Give me Jenny back quickly."

Miro quickly said.

"Miss Jenny can safely come home."

"On the premise that you can accomplish this thing."

Marvin gently handed an envelope to the Miro.

"I don’t want any more trouble tonight, if there is no issue, Miss Jenny can go home tomorrow."

"Oh right... Since you don’t want that pouch of jewelry, so be it."

Marvin then took that bag of jewelry back and turned around to leave.

A servant entered from the outside and asked, stunned, "Master, that person..."

Miro suppressed his anger, "He is my friend."

He then sent the servant away, opened the letter and read it. Afterwards, his face kept changing.


Before sunset, wealthy public square, a few scattered people were pacing back and forth in the shadows.

"All unfamiliar faces."

A tall knight said in a low voice, "Pay attention, there cannot be any problem in the wealthy district."

The rest of the followers continuously nodded.

The knight wore a [Silver Light], this was a special 2nd rank class [Silver Knight]’s proof of identity. As the patrol leader, his sense of smell was quite sharp.

Those ten plus ordinary civilians gathered here. There certainly was something amiss.

The wealthy district was his jurisdiction, and he wouldn’t allow any problems to occur.

But at that time, the sound of horses approaching from a distant location could be heard.

"Sir Fred! This is Sir Miro’s warrant!

That was a light cavalry knight, bringing the city hall’s most important person’s warrant.

Fred took the warrant and his face changed, "Is this serious?"

The light cavalry knight didn’t answer, only harshly said, "This is Sir Miro assessment."

Fred clenched his teeth and began to gather all his subordinates before rushing toward the dock area.

Fred’s warrant said that they found traces of demon god worshippers activities in the dock area.

He personally ordered to transfer all patrols to search the dock area.

He must catch the demon god worshippers tonight or the consequences might be horrible.

Compared with the demon god worshippers, those rough gang members were basically nothing. Anyways, even if something bad happened, there was still Sir Miro.

The patrol whistled past.

A few young men in the edge of the wealthy public square suddenly wore a shocked expression.

"Andre, they left the patrol ground."

"What is going on?"

They were in a circle around a tall man, somewhat curious.

They were very young but their aptitudes were impressive. Anna had personally selected good seedlings from White River Valley farmer families.

There were a total of twenty young guards taking care of White River Valley’s daily patrol tasks. But they were still unable to withstand facing a few hundreds gnolls, and could only cover the territory’s inhabitants while retreating, on Anna’s orders.

"I don’t know, it might be Miss Anna’s plan." Andre scratched his head, "We just have to follow Miss Anna."

"I heard that Sir Lord was attacked... Who are we up against?" A thin and small boy butted in. "It’s the first time I came to River Shore City, it’s really huge, if not for Sanders leading, we might have all gotten lost."

"Whoever is behind the scenes and put his hand on our Sir Lord, I’ll definitely pay him back in full."

At this time, a pleasant voice echoed behind them.

"What about you?"

Half-elf Anna came out of the shadows, showing a sharp gaze.

The twenty guards immediately stood at attention and whispered, "We are ready to follow behind Sir Lord and Miss Anna!"

Anna nodded in satisfaction. There was no need to doubt those young men’s loyalty. They were raised in the territory and had an extremely high sense of belonging toward White River Valley.

"Sir Lord already planned everything, and he has the means to take back the territory," Anna calmly said. "But before that, we have to take revenge first. I investigated during my time in River Shore City, and found that the Old Lord’s unexpected death was instigated!"


Andre almost jumped out!

They, the guards, and the Old Lord had an extremely good relationship. And Andre himself was an orphan adopted by the Old Lord and considered to be an adopted son.

They couldn’t believe that the kind Old Lord was murdered!

"Who was it?" The young guards impatiently asked.

At that time, a rough voice came out from an alley not to far away.

"Wealthy District’s Miller."

Everyone looked for the voice’s owner, only to see a shadow standing in the alley.

"Masked Twin Blades!?" Andre shockingly said.

"Tonight, follow me to kill that guy that killed his own elder brother." Marvin said while feigning to be cold under the mask.

"Rest assured that your Lord has paid me more than enough. I am standing on your side."

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