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Night Ranger

Chapter 13: Chaotic Battlefield Expert

Chapter 13: Chaotic Battlefield Expert

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The Thief started to panic when he saw Marvin rushing toward him. He waved his dagger, surprisingly trying to use Stealth to hide in the mass of people.

"Retard, using Stealth in the middle of a battle..."

Marvin sneered and did slashed viciously with his curved dagger toward the slow moving shadow’s back.

A shriek could be heard as the shadow became clearly visible. Marvin slashed the back of the Thief who then stumbled before falling to the floor.

These gangsters’ abilities were too low. Apparently they were only good at bullying ordinary people.

Stealth needed a long preparation time, so using Stealth in the middle of a fight was definitely courting death. Furthermore, it would not be a strong invisibility, requiring you to cover your tracks.

Marvin kicked away his dagger while finishing him off by nailing his throat, using his hands and feet at the same time.

The remaining four were panicking. They unexpectedly wanted to escape.

Marvin’s actions were way too sharp! Only an expert super-Ranger could display that kind of ability.

The audience immediately burst into an uproar. They hadn’t thought that this dual wielding masked man would be this powerful. To face six enemies and eliminate two in an instant while being unharmed was quite inconceivable, unless he was some kind of army elite.

"Could it be an elite mercenary?" Someone thought of this kind of possibility.

In the end, those four guys still needed to brace themselves and face him.

But this time, they were quite careful and covered for each other, while the audience cautiously retreated to the corner, afraid of getting caught in the crossfire.

Marvin jumped straight up high onto a beam, stuck his twin daggers into it, and then very nimbly grabbed something from the two pouches on his belt with both hands.


He threw something from his right hand!


"Careful! It’s sand!" They subconsciously used their hands and weapons to shield their eyes.

Those guys were even more annoyed because that kind of scum tactic was theirs to begin with! They weren’t expecting this dual wielding ranger to use it.

Marvin threw another big thing from his left hand as they looked down to avoid the sand.

A white drizzle!

It was lime powder this time!

The audience couldn’t help but quiver.

This time the timing was quite frightening.

The four men just had lowered their weapons and arms down after avoiding the sand and were ready to go on the offensive, but would would have imagined that right at that time, a white drizzle of lime powder would enter their eyes.

"Ah! My eyes!"

"Help me!"

"It hurts!"

They began to panic and one of them even started waving his sword in confusion, slashing at the Thief on his side.

Marvin grinned and quickly jumped from the beam while grabbing the two daggers, silently moving. Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! He slashed a few times, as skillfully as if he was carving meat.

The four men turned into corpses one after the other.

The Acheron Gang’s fifth elite team was no more.

The audience felt their scalps grow numb. Even the elite team had been killed, and the ordinary members were hiding in the corner, too frightened to say a word.

A clever one quickly took a small path toward the cellar to report.

"What is he doing? Don’t tell me that he wants to single-handedly get rid of the Acheron Gang today?! No way!"

While everyone was looking at Marvin in shock, he directly found the secret door with Isabelle’s guidance.


He kicked open the door, revealing a vast empty garden to Marvin and the guests.

"They are hiding in the cellar," Isabelle said. "There is at least one elite team, and there is still Diapheis. He is very strong."

The spectators were now looking at Marvin with eyes full of worship and reverence.

With his own power, he made the Acheron gangsters hole up underground. This kind of strength was no worse than any strong 2nd rank adventurer.

"Diapheis surprisingly hid himself, but he is a 2nd rank adventurer... How could he be scared of a level 3 or 4 Ranger?" Someone muttered.

At this time, a trap door on the floor opened, both sides dropping to the floor.

A fighter carrying an axe on his shoulder came out of the just-opened tunnel. He was followed by six adventurers. That was the fourth elite team of the Acheron Gang.

"The Pyroxene Bar is not open for business today. Sirs, I invite you to leave."

Diapheis’ deep voice echoed out, and everyone decided to heed his words and.

This exciting stuff was indeed entertaining, but staying alive was more important. Soon, all non-Acheron members had left.

Apart from Marvin and Isabelle, there were seven people remaining in the rear garden including Diapheis, and all of them were class holders. Even the ordinary workers were all hiding in the distance.

They didn’t dare participate in this kind of high level fight. Marvin had just displayed his killing ability so much that it frightened them.

If Marvin could leave this place alive today, the story of Masked Twin Blades would spread through River Shore City.


"Who sent you?" Diapheis coldly asked while gauging his axe weight.

His heart was burning with anger.

The Acheron Gang had not suffered such a serious blow for a long time. The first and fifth teams had been completely eliminated, and even the warehouse and casino had been affected. Needless to say, this was the strategy of luring the tiger away from his mountain.

"Some people hire you to kill, so naturally there would be people who would pay me to kill."

Marvin said in a low voice, "Diapheis, you have underestimated the strength of the aristocracy. Someone paid me a large amount to find out who wanted to kill Baron Marvin of the White River Valley. I have traced it back to here. Don’t use that kind of look on me, I’m only the first, the fastest. There are countless mercenaries looking to have a chat with you, all stronger than me."

A blue vein popped on Diapheis forehead, "How could it be?! How could that small waste afford such a high price tag to hire you guys!?"

"I don’t know that." Marvin chuckled, feigning coldness, "I just want to finish my job. Tell me who your employer is and I’ll leave."

"Leave? After killing so many of my men?" Diapheis sinisterly said, "You still think you can leave alive?"

"What? You would speak to others sooner or later anyway." Marvin chuckled, "Could it be that you still want your subordinates to sustain many more losses and sacrifice their lives for nothing?"

Having said that, his eyes glanced maliciously at all the gang members.

The six members of the fourth elite team looked at each other, all somewhat shivering.

They clearly saw all the corpses from earlier. Killed so proficiently, so effortlessly.

If they really kept fighting Marvin, some of them would definitely die here.

They were only gangsters, not soldiers who would fight to the death. They could bully ordinary people, but in front of Marvin, this kind of ruthless monster, they cherished their life quite a lot.

"Boss, it would be better to tell him..."

A Thief among them courageously took a step forward, but Diapheis’ big axe abruptly split him in two just as he started speaking.

Blood flew everywhere!

The eyes of the remaining five were wide open, all of them retreating a few steps.

"All trashes!" Diapheis, red-eyed, brandished his axe toward Marvin, shouting, "I can crush him alone!"

Those five people looked at each other and surprisingly chose to watch with folded arms.

Marvin smiled.

Sure enough, he guessed correctly. These gangsters who took advantage of the weak and feared the strong wouldn’t take any risks.

If Diapheis won, they would only get some punishments and nothing more. Because of the loss of two teams Diapheis would not dare to cause the kind of setback that would lead to the collapse of the Acheron Gang. If Diapheis lost, they could just give their employer’s information to this killer, saving their own life.

They wouldn’t do something desperate.

This was the best news for Marvin.

If they had helped Diapheis surround Marvin, even if Marvin’s experience was plentiful he would still have little choice but to temporarily retreat, using indirect tactics.

But in a one on one...

He definitely wasn’t scared of Diapheis!

Diapheis’ hands firmly held the huge axe, his two eyes seething with fury and tightly locked on Marvin.

He was tall with well shaped muscle all over his body and a flame tattoo on his neck.


Marvin flourished his twin daggers beautifully while secretly using Inspect.

His luck was good. Diapheis’ attributes were revealed in front of Marvin and as expected, he was a Barbarian.

[Diapheis]: Lvl5 Commoner – Lvl6 Fighter – Lvl2 Barbarian – HP 179

Marvin had to go all-out when facing Diapheis. This guy was a real fighter or he wouldn’t have been able to establish his power in River Shore City, and in only a short six months, or so it was said. Due to his methods of creating small teams, Marvin even suspected that this guy was formerly from the military.

A true soldier and a town guard were quite different, especially on the battlefield where they were cleanly tempered under the blood and fire, their willpower quite resolute.

This was very helpful for fighting.

Furthermore, being from the military meant knowing quite a lot of military-use martial skills. His axe was quite sharp, and if one were to get hit by it they would most likely die.

‘His strength is at least at 19, which could totally suppress me. I need to dodge as much as possible and avoid blocking with my weapons."

Marvin quietly moved while displaying an awfully calm expression on his face, but he was already on guard inside.

This was the most powerful enemy he’d encountered since his transmigration.

While the two sides were locked in a stalemate, Marvin suddenly looked at his battle log:

[Because you fought six enemies alone and scored a victory in a chaotic battlefield, you obtained the title, Chaotic Battlefield Expert.]

[Chaotic Battlefield Expert]: When you fight multiple enemies, your dexterity temporarily increases by 1.]

‘Multiple enemies? Does it count now?’

Marvin thought happily, immediately switching titles from [Newborn Ranger] to the new [Chaotic Battlefield Expert].

That was one whole point of dexterity! He needed two levels to get an attribute point!

Sure enough, after wearing this title his dexterity became 18(+1)!

Apparently, even if the fourth team wasn’t attacking they also had some enmity and were considered enemies.

19 dexterity! One more point and he would enter the ranks of the super-nimble.

But Diapheis was extremely good at taking advantage of the opportunity, suddenly roaring in that split second when Marvin wasn’t paying attention.

2nd rank Barbarian skill, [Intimidating Presence]!

Marvin’s body immediately went stiff where he stood.

[You experienced Intimidating Presence!]

[Willpower check...]

[Willpower check finished! Your body will continue to be stiff for 0.5 seconds!]

"Shit!" Marvin gloomily let out. Diapheis laughed nastily while waving his gigantic axe toward him.

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