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Chapter 23 - The legendary creature

Chapter 23: The legendary creature

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‘Whew… I hope I can keep fooling her.’ Seiji sighed after commenting inwardly.

He should have known that running off right after the performance would arouse the suspicion of netizens. He should’ve thought of an excuse beforehand, but he could only ad-lib as he didn’t think to prepare one.

He hoped that Flying Fish would accept his excuse. If she didn’t accept it, feeling that his story was too ridiculous, then it couldn’t be helped.

Should he give up on the [sing] and [dance] actions?

It seemed like such a pity, though… He was sorely lacking in points, and he felt a burning desire to buy an [item] and use it.

‘Well, let’s observe the situation for a little longer.’

Because Seigo Harano had successfully obtained the confectionery store’s cooperation and had even acquired copyright permission from the author, Year 1 Class 5’s program was assured. This meant that everyone could go about their preparations with peace of mind.

Koji praised Seiji’s ability to complete tasks in front of everyone, which slightly improved Seiji’s prestige in class.

Only Mika and Chiaki knew the real price that Seiji had to pay for everything.

"Well, it wasn’t actually a price—in fact, you could say that it’s a rare opportunity. After all, there are countless fans who would be willing to pay money to spend a day with Peach-sensei at the school festival!"

During lunch, Seiji ate his prepared lunchbox as he chatted with the two girls.

Kazufuru Ooike had hastily fled to God-knows-where. Tsk, Seiji really needed to train… no, convince him.

"But…" Mika wanted to say something but paused abruptly.

"She wants to say that this means you won’t be able to go with her for the school festival, and that she’s disappointed." As usual, Chiaki had seen right through her friend.

"T… that’s not it at all! It’s just… the school festival is a once-a-year event, and… it should be more relaxed and enjoyed together with friends!" Mika’s face turned beet red.

"What’s the difference? The only friends that would go together with Seiji are us two, right? And in addition to helping out with the confectionery store for our class, I also have to prepare for the drama club program, so I probably won’t have any spare time." Chiaki grinned at Mika.

"Er…" Mika couldn’t think of a suitable retort.

"I never said that I wouldn’t be with you guys." Seiji blinked, "You guys can come with me and Sensei, and we can check out the school festival together—how about it?"

Mika and Chiaki were both speechless.

"Well, I suppose that’s true. Mika, can I get an interview about how you’re feeling right now?"

"Don’t ask me!"

The haughty kitten was angered.

As usual, Seiji ignored this situation. He had a delicate relationship with Mika currently, and as long as Mika hadn’t confessed seriously to him yet, he preferred to keep pretending to be ignorant. He was simply friends with Chiaki.

In order to change the topic, Seiji suddenly remembered something.

"By the way, Chiaki, that day when we visited drama club, what was the ‘legendary creature’ that we heard about? I was curious but forgot to ask."

"Oh, that?" Chiaki blinked, "actually that’s one of the legends of our school—a mysterious middle school girl who pops up occasionally. Apparently, she’s ultra cute, has heterochromia, and likes wearing cat ears."

"Oh?" Seiji was surprised for an instant.

That description sounded familiar.

"The strange thing is that there are no girls in the entire middle school section that have heterochromia, not to mention anyone that typically wears cat ears. Even if she wears contact lenses and cat ears only when she’s out having fun. Although people who have personally seen her have searched the entire middle school section, they still weren’t able to discover her identity!" Chiaki described it as if it was an urban legend. "That’s why this girl has become a legend at our school known as ‘the wandering heterochromia cat-eared middle-schooler,’ although it’s a little lacking to become one of the seven wonders of our school."

"I’ve heard about this legend as well… according to my upperclassman in tennis club, it started only this year, with the recent batch of new students." Mika added.

"That’s right. Our drama club president was very interested in this legend and wanted to capture the real creature after hearing the story, but just as you saw before, she’s failed every time."

‘They’re really treating this girl like a legendary Pokemon!?’ Seiji was rendered speechless.

"This legendary creature… er, girl, I think I saw her once before." Seiji said hesitantly.

"Really!? When?" Mika and Chiaki were astounded.

"On the first day I transferred here, I coincidentally saw her after lunch during the time when you were taking me around to tour the school grounds." Seiji recalled the previous incident. "Just like you described, I saw a very cute girl with heterochromia that was wearing cat ears… She was wearing the middle school uniform and was short and petite, like a first-year middle school student… She scurried off so quickly that she disappeared instantly."

"Why didn’t you tell us at that time!?"

"She disappeared before I could tell you; I thought that she was just an ordinary girl who enjoyed cosplaying."

"It’s already out of the ordinary for a middle school girl to enjoy cosplaying!" Chiaki forcefully commented. "Darn it, I didn’t even get to see her—I also want to see that legendary creature!" She lifted her head to the sky with an expression filled with regret.

"Chiaki loves cats…" Mika explained.

"I see." Seiji nodded sagely.

The two of them calmly observed the tomboy in male clothes who was wallowing in a sea of regret.

After classes were over, in the afternoon.

Seiji was just about to go home together with Mika, when he received a call from Natsuya Yoruhana.

"Harano-kun, can you swing by the student council room? There’s something important I need to say to you."

After some momentary confusion, Seiji agreed.

"What’s the matter, Seigo?" Mika and Chiaki came over.

"The student president wants me to go to the student council room… by the way, where is that?"

Mika and Chiaki looked at each other awkwardly.

"Oh right, student council…" Before they were able to say anything, Seiji thought of someone.

"Secretary Ooike!"

Kazufuru Ooike felt a sudden chill run down his spine just as he was leaving class, and he instinctively increased his pace, but a large hand clasped firmly down on his shoulder.

"No need to walk so quickly, brother!"

‘I’m no brother of yours!’ Ooike’s mouth was twitching violently.

"Is… something the matter, Harano-kun?"

"Actually, I just received a phone call from Miss President—she wants me to go to the student council room. I was wondering if you could take me there…" Seiji was all smiles.

"But I’m going home now…"

"Oh? You always need to go to the student council room for work, but right when I need someone to show me the way, you’re going home? Are you deliberately trying to make things difficult for me, hm!?" Seiji maintained his smile and grinned with his eyes narrowed: "I’m so disappointed in my friend… Perhaps I’ll even complain about it when I see the president…

Kazufuru Ooike’s expression changed upon hearing this.

"Okay, I’ll take you…"

"That’s more like it… Oh, my bad, if you have something you need to go home and do, go ahead. I can find the way myself, and I won’t complain to the president."

"…No, I didn’t have anything important." Ooike could only helplessly adjust his spectacles.

Seiji then bade farewell to Mika and Chiaki before he followed Kazufuru Ooike, who led him away from the classrooms.

On the way, Seiji tried making conversation, but Kazufuru ignored all his attempts.

The student council room was in another building that had a respectable thick wooden door, giving it an aura of authority.

"This is it."

"Oh, thanks. Feel free to go home now." Seiji waved friendlily.

Kazufuru furrowed his eyebrows, and he abruptly halted after taking two steps.

"Why did the president want to see you?" He turned around and asked.

"Ah, so you finally asked—I thought you actually didn’t care." Seiji smiled, "Honestly, I don’t know either, but it’s probably not something you need to be jealous about, so relax, Secretary."

Kazufuru Ooike remained silent for a while before he walked away.

Seiji rang the doorbell.

The door opened automatically after a moment.

"So this was an automatic door…" He walked into the room, observing his surroundings.

The room was filled with items which were fitting for the atmosphere of an office.

Various file drawers and storage cabinets lined the wall, and a huge desk stood in the center of the room. Upon the desk were several computers, along with what seemed to be a printer and a scanner, while a few authentic leather chairs were placed around the table.

There was another large desk beside the window. A computer monitor, a stack of well-organized documents, a tea set, and a kodachi rested on it… And the student council president Natsuya Yoruhana was sitting on the swivel chair behind the table.

"Welcome to the student council room, Harano-kun." Natsuya stood up and asked,

"Would you like tea or coffee?"

"Oh… it’s not necessary, I’d be scared of having the president personally pour tea or coffee for me." Seiji half-joked.

Natsuya smiled faintly.

"You don’t seem to actually be scared… tea is fine then?" She picked up an electric tea kettle on a smaller round table and poured a cup of hot tea.

With her looks, even the sight of her pouring tea was one that people would appreciate.

‘Being able to see a beauty like her would be one of the special benefits of joining the student council,’ Seiji thought as he watched the scene.


"Thank you."

Seiji received the tea and had a sip, finding that the temperature was just perfect, and the tea’s flavor was quite strong. Even an ordinary person like him that didn’t understand anything whatsoever about tea could detect that this tea was of high quality.

"I’m sorry for asking you to come here on such short notice, but it’s for a truly important matter…"

"Does it have something to do with our previous matters?"

"Yes… and no…" Natsuya’s face was serious as she looked directly at Seiji.

"Takao Yamamoto has vanished."

"…Who’s that!?"

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