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NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System

Chapter 15 - Today was a black lace day?

Chapter 15: Today was a black lace day?

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On his way to the drama club, Seiji secretly checked his system.

In his new [actions] menu, there were several options which included [write a diary], [play basketball], [sing], [dance], [draw], and [work]. Each category required a certain amount of stats as a prerequisite. For example, the [write a diary] option required him to have an academics stat of 15 or higher.

And according to his system’s explanation, if he chose options from here, he would obtain action points.

His action points could be utilized in the new [items] menu, where he could exchange them for useful items. For example, there was a [favorability rating increase card], which could be used on a girl. As the name suggested, it would double the rate of increase for favorability rating, and it lasted for one day.

Another choice was the [physical ability—track and field activation card], which had the ability to open up some more specific options available to him in the [physical ability] category as well as giving him a bonus to any track and field activities…

After briefly browsing through his system, Seiji felt rather excited inside. He felt like his system’s functions had greatly improved!

Although he could barely restrain his desire to try out the leveled-up system, he still had to visit the drama club.

The drama club had a huge classroom as its clubroom.

"I thought that you would use the auditorium for your club activities."

"The auditorium isn’t allowed to be used for just anything, and besides, we don’t only perform there."

"Where else do you perform then?"

"Outside, of course. We perform for elementary school kids and kindergarteners as well as performing for the elderly in our community. Sometimes, we also have exchange visits with other schools."

"I see…"

As they chatted, the three of them entered the drama clubroom.

*Wakaba!* A thick book came flying towards Chiaki.

In the blink of an eye, Seiji had moved in front of Chiaki and reached out, catching the book with a loud "thud" sound.



When he returned to his senses, Seiji was briefly surprised at his own superhuman reactions. Even Chiaki, whom he had protected, the girl that threw the book, and all the other students that witnessed this scene were all momentarily stunned.

After several seconds of silence, the clubroom burst out into uproar.

"Wow!" Someone exclaimed in amazement.

"That was so cool! Who is he?"

"That was the first time that the drama club vice-president’s book toss attack has been blocked!"

"Amazing! That was just like a scene from a movie!"

One person even started clapping.

Seiji felt really awkward and looked back at Wakaba for assistance, but he discovered that the tomboy in male clothes was blushing slightly.

"I now understand why Mika fell for you…" Chiaki said in a tiny voice.

"What?" Seiji didn’t hear her clearly.

"Nothing. Your reactions are quite something."

Chiaki took the book from Seiji’s hand with a joyful expression and walked towards the still-stunned brown-haired ponytailed girl with willowy eyebrows and light yellow eyes.

"Vice Prez, your ultimate attack has been countered—how do you feel?"

"What the hell! Did you just call that an ultimate attack!?" The ponytailed girl unconsciously retorted as she took the book back, "Why are you returning so late, Chiaki Wakaba? We already said that we were going to discuss the program for the school festival today!"

"You can just discuss it among yourselves. It doesn’t matter what program or what character—I, Prince Wakaba, shall perform it for you all." Chiaki smiled seductively as she walked up to the ponytailed girl and lightly raised the girl’s chin.

The ponytailed girl’s face reddened, but then her expression immediately turned strict, and she slapped away Chiaki’s hand angrily.

"Don’t get cocky, first-year! I admit that you’re pretty good at acting, but you still have a long way to go!"

No matter how you analyzed it, those words seemed quite haughty.

Chiaki shrugged nonchalantly.

"Haven’t you guys come to a conclusion yet? Where’s the club president?"

The ponytail girl’s expression darkened.

"I bet that chick went ‘hunting’ again, right? I mean, last week she said it wasn’t necessary to rush and prepare for the school festival. She wanted to capture something called the ‘legendary creature’ first. I figured she might not even come to the clubroom today." Chiaki smiled with a knowing expression

"Ahhh!! That freaking president! What is she treating this important once-a-year activity as!?" The ponytailed girl seemed to be angered past her boiling point, and she shouted with all her might—it seemed as if she was about to undergo a transformation.

Seiji and Mika that had been observing this could only have ambiguous expressions.

"Don’t mind her—she’s always like this." Chiaki waved her hand casually at her two companions.

"By the way, who are these two?" The ponytailed girl returned to her senses and instantly calmed down.

"This is my good friend Mika Uehara, and this is Seigo Harano, her boyfriend that just transferred to our school. This couple’s here to observe us!"

"He… he’s not my boyfriend! Chiaki, stop talking nonsense!" Mika’s face reddened again.

"This is the Vice President of the drama club, Shiina Shiho." Chiaki ignored the vice president’s haughtiness: "People also call her ‘Demon Face’ Shiina…"

"What the hell’s with demon face!?" She was ruthlessly attacked by the book once again!

"Haha, you… get along really well with each other." Seiji could only smile faintly.

"You’re welcome to observe us if you like. My apologies for this idiot member’s unbecoming behavior, but our drama club consists of mostly normal people—please don’t misunderstand." Vice president Shiho had a serious expression on her face as she explained.

‘Wasn’t this equal to admitting that some of the members weren’t normal?’ Seiji thought to himself.

"Harano-san, you’re a transfer student? What sports club were you in at your previous school?" Shiina’s eyes were shining with curiosity.

"Oh… I’ve never been in any clubs before."

"How is that possible? Your body is in great shape, and your reactions are excellent—I’d believe it even if you said you were the ace of some sports club."

"I just do some daily exercising…" Seiji scratched his face and began to feel awkward.

Shiina Shiho obviously didn’t believe him, but she didn’t press him further.

"You seem excellent—you’re more than welcome to join our drama club at any time. You’re also welcome as well, Mika Uehara. I’ve heard about you from Wakaba before."

"Y… yes."

"If you want to observe, as long as you don’t bother our members, you can do whatever you want. Right now I need to take this idiot with me for a few minutes—is that fine?"

"No! I don’t want to get lectured; save me, Mika—"

"Shut your mouth!"

After using the book to stop Chiaki in her tracks once more, Shiina dragged Chiaki towards one side of the classroom, while Seiji and Mika could only watch on wordlessly.

"She’s… such a strong-willed upperclassman."

"I’ve heard about her from Chiaki before; even though she’s a bit strict, she’s a nice upperclassman, and she’s a great actress herself. She also takes good care of her underclassmen, and the entire drama club is mostly run by her."

"A strict, yet gentle vice president… then the president…"

Before he finished talking, the clubroom’s door was violently opened.

"Everyone! Your President has returned victorious… Oh my!"

Before the girl who suddenly opened the door was able to finish her words, a book flew towards her at lightning speed and accurately smashed against her head!

After the book bounced off its target, Seiji just happened to catch it again.

And with everyone watching, the tall girl that got hit wore a dazed expression as she slowly collapsed to the floor.

"Demon Face’s ultimate attack… increased in power again…"

"Pre - si - dent -"

Shiina Shiho’s entire body seemed to be infused with anger, as she took one step at a time towards the tall girl, and her words seemed to contain an unspeakable amount of complaints.

"Before I pass judgement on you, do you have anything else to say?"

The president let out a small whimper before saying, "Shiina, for you to… transform into a demon… It’s all my fault, so even… even if I lose my life at your hands, I still… love you!"

The tall girl who seemed to hold the prestigious position of the drama club president lay motionlessly on the floor and looked upwards with tears in her eyes as she sighed affectionately.

Even though she was tall, she had a body shape that was comparable to a supermodel’s. Her short orange hair was naturally curly, and she had thick eyelashes, a high nose bridge, and slightly deep-set eyes that were blue. She had the beauty of someone that seemed like a mixed-blood.

Her pose and her lines… Even though the scenario seemed a bit comical her full-hearted performance made it quite moving.

Unfortunately, her next words completely ruined the atmosphere.

"Eh, today you’re wearing black lace?"

The scene instantly froze over.

Everyone quickly came to the realization that the president’s head just positioned under Vice President Shiho’s skirt…

Shiina Shiho slowly revealed a smile that contained a vast amount of killing intent.

"I pass a death sentence upon you."

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