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Chapter 10 - It seems like he’s become more handsome again

Chapter 10: It seems like he’s become more handsome again

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"I believe in you as well."

How stunning!

Natsuya Yoruhana’s smile was more than enough to cause any young man to have endless fantasies, and Seiji’s heart jumped as well. If it wasn’t for his self-awareness and experience from his previous thirty years of life, then he might have made the mistake of thinking she was trying to flirt with him.

In reality, however, it was probably nothing more than small unconscious movements by her.

Mika Uehara panicked slightly as she saw that the President-sama was unknowingly releasing that bewitching charm of hers again. Countless boys and girls had lost themselves to Lady Natsuya Yoruhana’s unintentional movements and had become enraptured.

That included herself.

There was no helping it; the president was just too beautiful!

Her looks were cheat-like, and her figure was even more ridiculous. Although her family background was illustrious, she wasn’t arrogant and haughty—beauty, coolness, righteousness were all combined in her, and she was the epitome of perfection!

Mika nervously watched Seiji’s face and noticed that although his eyes seemed to admire her, there was no trace of love, which caused her to sigh in relief.

At that moment, another suspicion arose in her mind: if he wasn’t moved by even the likes of the president, then just who could move his heart…

A girl in love’s heart was indecisive and confused, like Mika Uehara’s current state.

At that moment, a melodious piano sound rung out.

"Excuse me." Natsuya took a cell phone out of her school uniform pocket and received a call.

"Okay… Got it."

After such a short phone call, Natsuya showed an apologetic expression to Mika and Seiji.

"I’m very sorry, something’s suddenly come up, so I need to leave. Haruta-kun, do you have anything else to say about transferring schools?"

Seiji shook his head.

"Then I’ll start the process for you tomorrow. You should give me your phone number now, so I can contact you if I need anything."


Seiji and Natsuya then exchanged phone numbers.

After that, Natsuya took her leave and bade farewell.

Seiji and Mika remained seated as they watched her leave and noticed a luxurious black car coming to pick her up the moment she exited the store.

He didn’t have a chance to ask her what that sword was about…

Seiji was actually quite curious about that kodachi that Natsuya Yoruhana carried around with her, but there wasn’t an appropriate moment to broach the subject during the entire conversation.

"President Yoruhana… seems like an amazing girl in every aspect." Seiji sighed with emotion.

"Yeah, the president is so great… If you absolutely must find a flaw with her, the only one is that she’s so outstanding some people don’t even dare to talk to her." Mika laughed, "Such as my previous self. If it wasn’t for this incident, I think… I wouldn’t have talked to her on my own even until graduation."

Seiji nodded sagely. He could understand the feeling; for someone who was too outstanding, there were those that chose to silently avoid them.

Nobody spoke for a while.

"Anyway, no matter what she was thinking, I’m very grateful to her for giving me this opportunity to return to school." Seiji smiled, "And… we’ll be classmates in the future, Mika, so please take good care of me."

"Oh… Mm! Please… please take good care of me as well!" Mika’s face flushed red as she lowered her head.

Meanwhile, in the luxurious car.

"Milady, did the one from the Haruta family… agree?" Sitting across from Natsuya Yoruhana was a girl with bright red hair and a sharp glint in her scarlet eyes. She was wearing the same school uniform.

"Yep, he seemed quite delighted to be able to return to school and was happy to change his name." Natsuya gazed outside the window as she spoke.

"Doesn’t he have any resolve to protect his own family name?"

"Currently, he probably doesn’t even know the true meaning of the ‘Haruta’ family name, even though I had hinted at it right from the beginning. It seemed like he had no idea, nor did he show any curiosity or desire to inquire more about it."

"Hmph, what a shallow man."

"Maybe not. His eyes were sincere, his actions resolute, and everything he said and decided upon seemed like it had some degree of forethought; he’s definitely not an ordinary person. I think that… maybe it’s not that he didn’t think about it, he just didn’t want to think too deeply about it. And as for the mistakes he committed before, which were severe enough for his sister, Yuiyume Haruta, to force him to leave home, unless he manages to receive Lady Haruta’s forgiveness, nothing related to the ‘Haruta’ name will have any meaning to him. As it’s meaningless, there’s no need to think about it. He only needs to take the chances that lie before him. Although he may not be thinking far ahead for the future, it could be said that he’s quite decisive at taking the correct action."

The interior of the car remained silent for a while.

"Then what does Milady think he was thinking?"

"Ha, Hitaka—what you really want to ask is whether or not this character known as ‘Seiji Haruta’ is of any use to us, right?"

The red-haired girl fell silent upon hearing this.

Natsuya Yoruhana did not speak as well, as she thought about how to express her thoughts.

"The current him is completely different from the previous him, in both looks and personality. If it wasn’t for the fact that evidence says they’re the same person, I… no, anyone would think that these are two completely different people." Lady Yoruhana slowly stated.

"But after seeing him personally, I saw just a slight glimpse of the elegant demeanor of a young master from the Haruta family, just like when he was little. So, I’m also quite curious just what it was that he encountered… Let’s leave the past alone for now, as I’m beginning to suspect that the fall into depravity of this young master from the Haruta family may have been caused by external factors. And now, his enormous change may be due to the fact that he’s finally free from the ‘external factors,’ and he has rediscovered his earliest, truest self."

Natsuya had just given her an abundant amount of information; the girl named Hitaka needed some time to digest it all.

"Then, does Milady believe that Seiji Haruta will be very useful to us?"

"He has the potential to be enormously useful to us, but it hasn’t been that long since he changed, so it’s not that easy to say yet." Natsuya chuckled lightly, "If he remains in his current state, or if what I believe is correct, then this young master Haruta will create a terrifying whirlwind in society. Just this possibility alone was worth me personally inviting him to our school. Not only that, he truly did save Mika Uehara and prevented the school from having a huge scandal, so it was only proper that I aided him."

The car quietened down again. The luxurious black car soundlessly drove off into the dark night.

The next day, Seiji received a call from Natsuya, who asked him about his personal information.

On the subsequent day, when Seiji was taking Mika to school, they had almost reached the school when they saw a girl with short auburn hair and scarlet eyes with a sharp glint in them. This girl, who exuded a heroic aura, came to take his documents containing personal information.

"My name is Hitaka Shuho, and I am the vice president of the student council. I’ve received your personal information documents, so please go back home and wait for the news."

She seemed to have a cold attitude, but according to Mika, this vice president treated everyone this way.

Another week passed.

Natsuya Yoruhana called him again, saying everything was completed successfully, and that he would be able to go to school as a transfer student from next Monday.

That night, Mika Uehara brought a male high school uniform for him.

While it was within his expectations, Seiji still felt that the lady president was truly capable in getting things done. From start to finish, she had only called him twice; he only had to give them some of his personal information, and she managed to take care of everything else!

He didn’t need his guardian, he didn’t need to return to his old school to say goodbye, and he didn’t even need to go meet with Genhana High School’s principals… This was far from what any normal student council president would be able to pull off; it was evident that she had used some of her personal connections.

There must be a motive behind her trying her utmost to help him transfer schools.

Seiji had considered this already, so naturally he had thought about what could be going on. It was just that there was no use in paying attention to her ulterior motives for now.

The next week, Monday.

After coming back from his morning jog, Seiji washed up and put on the Genhana High School uniform. He stood in front of his mirror to comb his hair.

Mm, not bad.

Maybe it was a bit narcissistic, but in Seiji’s eyes, didn’t the boy in the mirror seem a bit too handsome?

He wasn’t the type to often look in the mirror, so every time he looked in the mirror, after "cultivating" all this time with his system, he would always feel like his appearance had improved.

At first, he thought he was mistaken, but his constantly increasing charisma stat proved that this was all real. And the strongest evidence of all was that everyone’s attitudes towards him were gradually changing, and the number of girls that came to the confectionary store just to see him was increasing daily as well…

Would it be a problem if he kept getting handsomer?

Maybe he deserved a beating for worrying about this, but Seiji was seriously frustrated.

While it was nice to be quite handsome, if he was overly handsome, then strange things would begin to disturb his daily life.

But there was no helping it—even though he was only concentrating on increasing his physical ability stat, his charisma stat kept improving alongside it, to the extent where it surpassed even his physical ability stat!

Well, this must be attributed to the fact that his body had already inherited excellent genes beforehand. According to the original Seiji’s memories, his younger and older sisters were both S-class beauties, and he should have been a hunk as well to match the rules of genetic inheritance.

The way that fat otaku looked in the past was truly unnatural. Once again, Seiji sighed at how truly self-deserving the original Seiji was; he had even wasted his own handsome genes.

After the self-reflection, Seiji finished his preparations and left his room.

Mika Uehara sat on the couch in her home and waited in nervous silence.

Even though walking to school together with him had already become a daily occurrence, she found it difficult to slow down her racing heart every time.

Because… because Seiji Haruta was becoming increasingly handsome!

Mother’s premonition had been true; Seiji had continued exercising every day even after he gotten skinnier. His body shape was getting stronger and sturdier, and his entire person seemed healthier and brighter. Every inch of his body seemed like it was subtly evolving.

If the Seiji who had just become skinnier was at the level of a normal handsome guy, then the current Seiji had already evolved to become idol level.

It was no joke!

Mika Uehara truly believed that the current Seiji could land a job as a television star without even needing to put on makeup!

Ahhhh—why did he become so handsome? And why was he still getting handsomer by the day!? It put too much pressure on her!

The little girl within Mika’s heart was screaming in frustration.

Today was the first day that Seiji would go back to school.

At first, she was delighted that he would be able to attend school together with her, but currently, that joy was now tainted by frustration.

The current Seiji was definitely a ticking time bomb for the female students at Genhana High School.

Although her crush was now going to school together with her, he had become far too handsome. The other girls at school would definitely have their eyes on him.

Mika felt unsure what to do! She was waiting for immediate advice on this topic.

Her countless frustrations were vented by a melancholy sigh of depression.

Nozomi Uehara watched her daughter silently.

Well, she could understand how her daughter was feeling because… even her heart beat faster at Seiji’s appearance lately!

That handsome boy’s gentle smile was turning him into a lady-killer.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

Mika suddenly lifted her head up, jumped off the sofa and almost tripped on the floor.

"C… coming!"

"Mika, your bookbag! Lunchbox!"

"Oh… oh…"

Mika hurriedly rushed to open the door as she gathered her things.

Outside the door was a boy who had sunlight shining down on his shoulders, which added an even gentler aura to that well-chiseled face of his, giving his faint smile the beauty of a picture drawn by a master artist.

"Let’s go."

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