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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 99 Shisuis Genjutsu

Chapter 99 Shisui's Genjutsu

Ao tries to dodge, but he was still hit by the Flame wave, and his sleeve burned instantly.

When Ao sees his sleeves burned, he sigh a relief as his arms are okay.

'What a terrifying speed!

What a terrifying sword technique!'

Shisui's sword technique is almost the same as Kakashi's Hatake clan sword technique. They belong to Taijutsu. So they only need to use little chakra and didn't need hand seals.

As for the attack power, it is also quite formidable.

Shisui attack just now is almost as strong as a B-Rank Ninjutsu.

When Ao reacts, he already lost a sleeve.

If his reaction is slower, maybe his entire arms will gone.

Ao couldn't help but feels some cold sweats as this kid is really terrifying.

The three tomoe in Shisui's eyes are looking coldly at Ao, making him feel a little discomfort.

'That's right, that's three tomoe Sharingan!

No wonder he is so strong. At such a young age, he already practices Sharingan to such high level.

Ao realized that he might have underestimate Shisui, as he knows that Shisui is still too young.

But this strength is enough to make Ao not underestimate him anymore.

Konoha is really the cradle of genius, before it was Hatake Kakashi, and at this time another Uchiha young genius is in front of his own eyes.

Ao is really envious of Konoha.

In contrast, Kirigakure right now is under the iron rule of Yondaime Mizukage.

As for the original Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, four is already dead, the genius Momochi Zabuza has rebel, and Yuki clan, Kaguya clan and some other Kekkei Genkai clan are already extinct.

Kirigakure right now can be said is the hell of the genius.

Such an idea flashed through Ao's mind, and it was because of this that he must make sure that nothing happens to Terumi Mei. 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom


At this time, Ao's determination increases as he is representing the future of the Kirigakure.

In this battle, Ao can only win! He can't lose!

Seeing Ao's determination, Shisui was a little surprised, 'This Uncle is really energetic.

In this case, I will get serious too.

I don't know Kakashi-Senpai's condition right now, so I got no time to spend it here.

Byakugan? Even if the Main Family member of the Hyuga clan is in front of me, I will not lose, let alone an outsider.

"Little devil, I admit that you are strong, but that is still not enough. It's just that I am not careful before. Now, you won't be so lucky anymore."

Ao then forms hand seals!

"Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!"

Shisui is too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and his chakra is slowly flowing inside his body.

A water dragon roared out from the small river, but Shisui didn't care. This slow Ninjutsu couldn't hit him.

Before the water dragon arrives, Shisui uses Shunshin in time and left the place.


The water dragon landed, but even Shisui's clothes did not get wet from that attack.

"Damn, he is too fast, and the water dragon can't keep up with his speed."

Ao snorted as he also knew about Shisui's Ability.

Understanding is one thing. But to take care of it is another thing.

Ao is originally a sensor Shinobi, so he won't be able to keep up with Shisui's speed.

Shisui then starts to move again towards Ao's location!


Shisui's tanto is slashes toward Ao's neck, but it was blocked by Ao.

"Useless, your movements are under this Byakugan, there is no way you can hit me, even if I can't keep up with your speed, but I can predict your attack pattern."

"So what?"

Shisui slashes again, hitting the kunai that Ao's held.

Seeing that he can't hit Ao, Shisui retreats and stops on the side of a tree.

Ao forms hand seals again.

"Water Release: Water Clone technique!"

Shisui then saw more than a dozen waters starts to condense at Ao's side, slowly turning into Ao.

"I can't match you in speed, so I will use quantity to defeat you instead."

Shisui chuckles, 'Naive. Does he think that this trick will be able to fool my Sharingan?'

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!"

Flame ball spurted out from Shisui's mouth and directly shattered seven or eight water clones.

Then at an instant, Shisui slashes one of the Ao with a sword.

'How can he discover my real body?'


The tanto and the kunai then clash again.

"How come you discover my real body?"

"Compared to Konoha's Shadow Clone Technique, your clones is still worse."


"It is the end!"


The tomoe at Shisui's eyes start to turn very fast!

"Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique."

"What is this?"

Ao cry out in surprise, he only feel that his limbs are nailed to a wooden frame, and he can't move his body at all.

The pain from being nailed makes Ao screams in pain!


"Don't bother, just enjoy my Genjutsu now."

"Damn! When is it?"

Ao shows an unwilling look at Shisui.

Even if he uses Sharingan to use the Genjutsu, he still needs to condense Chakra in his Sharingan.

But just now, Ao did not find that Shisui had condensed any chakra in his Sharingan.

It is impossible that Byakugan won't be able to see it.

"Hahaha, you don't know when I use my Genjutsu?"

Shisui sneered, but did not explain anything.

Shisui's Talent in Genjutsu is very good, even if it is someone from the Uchiha clan, no one can compare with him.

Including Uchiha Itachi!

Of course, part of the reason is because Itachi hasn't grown up yet.

Shisui's Genjutsu is activated when Ao looks at his Sharingan.

Therefore, after Ao looks at the Sharingan, Shisui's Genjutsu has been successfully applied when Ao's Byakugan is still not activated.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. Tell me now, the kunoichi named Terumi Mei. Do you know where she is?"

After he is under Shisui's Genjutsu, Ao's consciousness has gradually become blurred, and he answers Shisui's question truthfully.

But his answer can't satisfy Shisui.

Shisui frowns and secretly thought: 'This guy really doesn't know the whereabouts of that Terumi Mei.'

"What are you doing with Terumi Mei on this island?"

"We are looking for Hatake Kakashi."

Shisui was surprised. 'Why are they looking for Kakashi-Senpai?'

"Tell me the reason."

"Hatake Kakashi had killed a lot of Anbu in Kirigakure before, and Mei-dono wanted to find him. We then heard that he comes here, so we go to this island too."

Shisui hearing this secretly thought 'Damn, if Terumi Mei is really looking for Kakashi-Senpai to settle accounts, then Kakashi-Senpai is in a really dangerous situation right now.'

Just then, a dark crow flew in the sky and landed on Shisui's shoulder.

"Well? Have you found Kakashi-Senpai's whereabouts? Great."

Shisui got Kakashi's location from the crow. He was overjoyed and wanted to set off at once. He then looks at Ao, still thinking wheter to leave him or brought him along.

If Kakashi-Senpai is really caught by that Terumi Mei, maybe Kakashi-Senpai can be exchanged with this guy.

With that idea in mind, Shisui hit Ao to make him faint directly and put him on his shoulders, letting the crow lead the way as he moves toward Kakashi's location.

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