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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 95 Getting Along

Chapter 95 Getting Along


"Needle Jizō"

Kakashi can't use Kamui, so he can only resist the pain from the Cursed Seal and forcibly used Shunpo, at the same time, he also used the Needle Jizō to cover his back.

Terumi Mei looks at the Flame who is getting close, the fear in her eyes is gradually increased. She knows that if she is hitted by this, she won't be able to survive!

Just as the Flame was about to hit Terumi Mei, a shadow appeared in front of Terumi Mei.

'It is him again!'

Terumi Mei saw Kakashi pick her up as his back was protecting her from the terrifying flame!

'Hatake Kakashi!

Why is he saving me?'

This thought just emerged in the mind of Terumi Mei. She felt like she was held in his arms.

'He hugged me?'

It is clear that at the moment of life and death, Terumi Mei does not know why he helps her like this. 𝓲𝚗𝑛r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

But the idea didn't last long, and the hot Flame finally hit them.


Shisui was shocked!

The Flame slammed into Kakashi's back that is covered with Needle Jizō, and the formidable impact hit Kakashi and Terumi Mei together!

The sticky liquid did not stop the two people from being flown away.

Even with the protection of the Needle Jizō, Kakashi spurted out blood.

Kakashi's Needle Jizō's defensive power is not very strong, so Kakashi was still damaged by the Flame.

As for the spurted blood, except for being blocked by the mask, the rest is at Terumi Mei's face.

Terumi Mei is shocked!

She shows an incredible look at the man who is holding her body.

'Why is he desperately trying to save me?'

The strong impact makes two people fell to the cliff not far away from there!

At this moment, Terumi Mei starts to react. Her body regained its mobility, and seeing they were about to fall to the bottom of the cliff, Terumi Mei forms hand seals.

"Water Release: Water Pillar!"

A pillar of water emerged from the bottom of the ground, holding the two people, and stops their fall.

Terumi Mei turned around and hugged Kakashi, who was already in a coma, as she stopped on a large rock.

Looking at Kakashi who has faint, Terumi Mei's heart feels strange, and her mood is a bit complicated.

On the other hand, Shisui looks at Kakashi and Terumi Mei who are directly hitted by the Flame. He can't help but think about this, but the three headed dog is obviously won't stay silent.

"Human, you are the only one left. Die!"

The three headed dog said as he slams his sharp claws directly into Shisui.

'Damn! Now there is no time to fight with this Monster. I need to hurry to find Kakashi-Senpai. With that strong attack, Kakashi-Senpai must be seriously injured, and if he is with the Kirigakure's Shinobi, he is in danger!'

Shisui secretly thought, but he still moves his hand to form hand seals.

"Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique!"

The three headed dog is stunned and woke up after a while, but Shisui was already gone when he wakes up.

"Damn! You damn human, don't let me see you again!"

Although the three headed dog can quickly solve the Genjutsu, it is enough time for Shisui to run.

Shunshin no Shisui, it is his future nickname, and right now he already had this style.

Under the cliff, next to the river, a beautiful girl gently put a handsome boy aside, took off the bloodied mask, and gently wiped the blood on his face.

When the girl wipes it, she looks at the delicate face in front of her eyes and can't help but enchanted.

'His face is really handsome.'

"I don't know that this Hatake Kakashi is pretty handsome. Why did he wear a mask?"

Thinking about this, the girl's face couldn't help but blush a little.

She places the mask in water stream and cleans it. The girl then put the mask aside and began to clean the blood on her face.

For a girl, this mess is always unbearable.

Kakashi lay on the side, but the injury at his back was not serious. The reason why he was unconscious was because of the impact of the Flame, and because of using a lot of chakra to protect them, so his body is a little weak right now.

Just as Terumi Mei cleaned up the blood on her face, Kakashi frowns as he woke up.


Terumi Mei was surprised and rushed over toward Kakashi.

"You're awake?"

Terumi Mei asked with concern.

Kakashi slowly opened his eyes and saw the beautiful girl in front of her. "Terumi Mei?"

Kakashi whispered.

"It's me."

Terumi Mei joyfully said, she didn't expect Kakashi to wake up so fast.

Kakashi looks around and said, "Where is this?"

"We just got hit by the Flame of the three headed dog and fell to the bottom of this cliff."

"So it's like that." Kakashi said, suddenly he thought of something and then his expression changed. He then roars: "Dammit!"

Seeing this, Terumi Mei asked, "What's wrong?"

"Blink! He is facing the three headed dog alone, it is dangerous!"

Kakashi said as he tries get up, but his body was sore so he couldn't get up.

Terumi Mei quickly helped Kakashi and said, "Your condition right now is not good, you won't be able to help at all. And I recall that your companion is an Uchiha clan member, I know that he won't so easy to be killed by the three headed dog."

Kakashi hearing this is stunned 'It seems to be right. With Shisui's trick, he will be able to run away with no problem.'

After thinking about this, Kakashi starts to relax.

Because of the situation, he forgot about this matter.

Seeing that Kakashi didn't plan to get up anymore, Terumi Mei was relieved. After all, he is in a bad condition.

"Hey, Hatake Kakashi."


Kakashi looking curiously at Terumi Mei, he doesn't know why she called him.

"You… why did you save me?"

Terumi Mei is looking at Kakashi and asking for an answer that she wants.

Kakashi was silent, he then said with a smile: "I will not let my companion die in front of me."

"But I am not your companion. I am a Kirigakure's Shinobi."

Terumi Mei pouted, apparently very dissatisfied with his answer.

"Ah, we're the companion who fights together. Isn't that right?"

Kakashi's eye turn crescent as he smiles, and that look make somewhere in Terumi Mei's heart seems to be touched.

It's a warm feeling.

In Kamui Space, Obito looked at his bare, red and swollen buttocks. And there are black lines at his forehead that is covered by the mask.

'I am sleeping well in the afternoon, why is it a Flame suddenly appears here?'

If it weren't for Obito's quick response, it is estimated that he will be half-dead now.

However, even so, Obito's ass was hitted by the Flame, and turned into what it looks like right now.

"Kakashi! Look at the good things you do to me!"

Obito whispered and silently starts to put ointment at his burned ass.

In the Kamui Space, the sound of Obito's scream start to rang…

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