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Chapter 9

Shortly after Nadare Roga left, a person came out of the snow. It was Kakashi.

Just when Kakashi unleashed his Ninjutsu, he uses the shadow clone first, and then used the Earth Style dig under the ground, completely hiding himself.

After the smoke and the dust are dissipated. The clone then runs away to escapes like a real body. Nadare Roga did not think much about it and immediately chased it up, and then Kakashi came out from the ground after Nadare Roga left.

Kakashi looks at the direction of Nadare Roga and mutter: "That clone won"t be able to fool this guy for long, I need to get away first."

Kakashi then looks at the ground that full of snow, if he runs he would leave footprints.

After thinking about it, Kakashi makes two more shadow clone with only a few Chakras left, and move towards different directions. This time, there"s a not a lot of Chakras in the clone so it is estimated that they will disappear automatically after five minutes.

Kakashi no longer hesitated after this and then he got up and left.

Soon after, there was a message from Kakashi"s mind that the clone that was used to lure Nadare Roga had been killed. Kakashi sees this memory and then run faster.

When Nadare Roga returned to its original place, it had already been ten minutes. At the same time, he sees three exactly same footprints but it"s running in different direction.

"Damn, I got fooled by that little devil! Damn, how should I tell Goto-sama about this!"

Nadare Roga feels really angry but there is nothing he can do. He doesn"t have shadow clone technique, so he can"t chases after the three directions.

"Don"t let me see you again little devil, or I will destroy you!"

After Nadare Roga thinks about it, he could only returns to the land of Snow"s capital, ready to accept the scolding from Doto Kazahana. Nadare Roga is not worried about if Doto Kazahana will try to kill him. After all, Doto Kazahana still needs his help.

After escaping, Kakashi soon found Koyuki, and the previous clone had already disappeared because of the exhaustion of Chakra. Before the clone disappeared, he arranges Koyuki in a cave.

This cave is well hidden, so he doesn"t have to worry about being discovered. After Kakashi came, there was already a fire that started by his clone. The weather was so cold. If there was no fire, he afraid that Koyuki will be frozen by the weather.

Kakashi sees Koyuki asleep and he did not intend to wake up her. So he sits down and tries to recover his almost empty Chakra reserve. He uses four shadows and a lot of other Ninjutsu, although the amount of Chakra is not much, but the accumulated consumption is still very large.

Fortunately, the integration of the original Kakashi"s soul has been better than first time he came to this world. So now he got more chakra.

Four shadow clones, one chidori, one Earth Style, and one Sharingan copied Ninjutsu almost cost all of Kakashi"s Chakra reserve. Kakashi couldn"t help but smile, his Chakra reserve is really not much.

After half an hour, Kakashi finally recovers a little. At this time, it was already two or three in the morning, and Kakashi did not plan to go out any more. He took out the dry food he carried with him and ate it.

Although there is such a thing as nutrition, it is not good for his body to eat too much of it. If it is not necessary, Kakashi will not eat this kind of thing. His body is his most important asset, not to mention his body right now is in golden time for development.

After eating, Kakashi took a nap for a while.

Three days later, a silver-haired teenager in black clothes appeared in the land of craftsmen with a seven-year-old girl in pink kimono.

These two people are Kakashi and Koyuki Kazahana.

"Kakashi nii-san, are we looking for Mifune-san here?" Koyuki asked curiously.

On the road, Kakashi relied on his previous life experience to deal with Koyuki because of that now she temporarily forgot the sadness of losing father, otherwise, facing the crying Koyuki, Kakashi doesn"t know what to do.

"Yes, Koyuki, Mifune-san should be here, let"s go eat something first and then we can go to ask people about his location." Kakashi said.

"Okay, Kakashi nii-san." Koyuki said very obediently.

Kakashi doesn"t know who is Mifune that Koyuki"s father talking about, but as long as they ask people, they will be able to find him in this place.

Looking for a restaurant, Kakashi sat down with Koyuki, ordered some food, and then he asked the store owner.

"Owner-san, do you know where Mifune-san"s house is?"

The man was obviously stunned and then looked at Kakashi for a few times.

At this time, Kakashi did not wear his headband, but he still put white sword on his back.

The store seems to know who is he talking about then said: "Are you looking for the samurai? You are also carrying a sword, so you must come to learn about the sword? Mifune-san"s house is at the end of this street, just turn left after that. It"s easy to recognize it, because Mifune-san"s doorway has a lot of samurai sword drawings."

"Thank you then." Kakashi thanked him. As for the misunderstanding of the store owner, Kakashi didn"t want to clarify it. Maybe it would be safer to misunderstand. No one would think that he is shinobi who is doing mission.

"You"re welcome, Mifune-san is very good person, so good luck." The store owner said happily.

Kakashi nodded, thank you.

The store owner did not continue to talk with him, after all, the staff in the store was insufficient and it was time when the store is busy.

Kakashi said to Koyuki: "Koyuki, after we have finished eating, we will go to Mifune-san."

Koyuki looks sad but still agreed with him.

Kakashi did not care.

Then they go to Mifune"s house.

"Excuse me, is Mifune-san at home?" Kakashi knocked on the door full of samurai sword drawings and asked softly.

Soon, the door opened by a middle-aged man. He didn"t look burly, but both of his hands seemed very powerful. He is obviously a sword expert. Kakashi feels the dangerous aura from that man.

But at this time Kakashi is shocked, his face seemed familiar. Mifune?

Yes, he is Mifune who is the leader of samurai at the land of Iron. Why is he in the land of craftsmen?

Kakashi right now is full of question, but he doesn"t say anything.

The man looks at Kakashi with some doubts and said: "Are you looking for me?"

Kakashi said: "Yes, I was asked by land of Snow"s Daimyo to bring you his daughter Koyuki."

"Sosetsu? What happened to him? How could he let you bring Koyuki to me?"

Mifune is obviously shocked. At the same time he also recognized the little girl around Kakashi is the daughter of Sosetsu Kazahana. A few years ago, when Mifune went to the country of snow to Sosetsu Kazahana, he also saw Koyuki.

"I am sorry to tell you that the younger brother of the Daimyo tries to rebel. I am afraid that the Daimyo is already…" Kakashi said but he did not continue. Obviously Mifune have understood what Kakashi is trying to say.

"Damn!" Mifune said angrily.

Koyuki is afraid so she held Kakashi"s hand because she feels a sense of security from doing this.

When Mifune saw Koyuki, he calmed down his anger and said, "You can come in."

Kakashi was also welcomed, so with Koyuki he follows Mifune into the house.

With the character of Mifune, he should not try to hurt him or Koyuki.

Kakashi thought this way.

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