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Chapter 8

"Oh? It turned out to be a little kid. It is really interesting. I didn"t know that Konoha Village has fallen to this point?" Nadare Rōga appeared in front of Kakashi while saying this.

"Damn, looks like he really underestimated me." Kakashi secretly thought, but on the surface, he said nothing. After all, he is not Naruto. It is useless to say anything.

In addition, without plot armor, more talking will make him killed.

Seeing Kakashi stay silent, Nadare Rōga continued: "Little devil, just quickly handed over the little girl. I will respect Konoha village and let you go. Otherwise, I am afraid you will die here."

Nadare Rōga seems to look down on the village of Konoha on the surface, but knows that no matter how low Konoha Village falls, if he wants to kill Kakashi, it is still a not simple matter. If it is not necessary, Nadare Rōga does not want to fight against Konoha"s shinobi.

"The most important thing for shinobi is to complete his mission!"

This is the first sentence that Kakashi said when he was against the enemy. He doesn"t know why this sentence suddenly popped up, but it just felt so natural.

At the same time, Kakashi start to attack Nadare Rōga.

Roga is obviously a experienced veteran. In the face of Kakashi"s assault, he is not panicking at all when dodging and blocking.

Kakashi feels cold. From the action that has just now, Kakashi knows that Nadare Roga"s taijutsu is above himself!

This is not a good sign.

"Since you are courting death, then I won"t hold back."

Seeing that Kakashi attack him, Nadare Roga is not a person who is willing to just stay silent, so he make some hand seals!

"Hyōton (Ice Release)! One Horned White Whale!"

Kakashi then saw a huge white whale suddenly flashing from the ground, broke through the soil, and rushed directly under his feet. Kakashi was shocked. He didn"t expect it to be so huge!

Despite the chaos, the original Kakashi combat experience came to his mind at this moment, and his body jumped up, inserting the broken sword back into the scabbard, and then he make hand seals.


The blue arc is very noticeable on this dark night, and lighting Chakra appears to be terrifying.

At this time, Kakashi seems to be holding the power of lighting, and with an imposing manner he"s going down from the air with gravity!

The blue arc crossed the beautiful trajectory in midair and collided with the huge white whale.

The huge collision made the white whale broken into countless pieces, and Nadare Roga feel the blast of the explosion.

Under the terrifying power of the Chidori, the One Horned White Whale became a piece of ice.

Nadare Roga was a little shocked looking at the scene in front him. At this moment, he understood why Kakashi was sent out to perform this mission.

"Little devil, you are very capable. But with that kind of Attack, your young body won"t be able to use it continuously, I am afraid that the limit can be used twice right?"

Kakashi gasped slightly, and the chidori did make Kakashi lose a lot of Chakra. Plus Kakashi has used a shadow clone. Right now he is almost out of chakra.

In the face of such experienced Jōnin, Kakashi did not intend to defeat him from the beginning, as long as he delayed enough time to retreat, it is his win.

With the clone away, plus the time he just delayed, it should have almost escaped from the capital of the land of the snow, in this case, he do not have to worry about Nadare Roga to catch up.

At this time, Kakashi is ready to retreat. After all, he"s almost out of chakra. Kakashi doesn"t think he can do it. Because whether it is combat experience or Chakra"s reserve, Nadare Roga exceed him.

However, if he going straight, Kakashi can be sure that Nadare Roga will definitely catch up with him, and then it will turn into the infinite loop of cat and mouse game.

And with his own situation at this time, he must run away from Nadare Roga.

Therefore, Kakashi must create a gap, so that Nadare Roga does not know where the direction he has escape, and only then, Kakashi can successfully retreat.

In the ninth article of the shinobi code, when you meet your opponent you can"t defeat, you can choose to retreat.

With this thought then Kakashi said: "You can give it a try, how many times can I use this trick?"

Since he wants to retreat, it is natural to first bluff againts the opponent.

"It seems there"s only one way to find out." Nadare Roga said.

Kakashi then make hand seals and use Katon Great Fireball!

"You are so stupid, to actually use Katon in the snow!"

Nadare Roga sneer, at the same time making some hand seals he shouted: "Stupid guy, go to hell! Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Technique!"

The snow wolf, which was directly formed by a dozen white snows, appeared instantly, and swallows the fireball that Kakashi make, and the remaining snow wolf rushed to Kakashi.

Looking at Kakashi, he already opens his forehead protector, revealing the scarlet Sharingan, making some hand seals the same that Nadare Roga!

"Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Technique"

The same words are spoken by two different people, but the feelings are completely different.

"This is? Sharingan!" Nadare Roga was shocked.

The exact snow wolf appeared, but Kakashi"s snow wolf is obviously weaker, but Fireball technique offsets this, so the two are almost same in power now.

For a time, the two Ninjutsu clashing set off a large piece of snow, and Nadare Roga could not see where Kakashi was gone to.

Nadare Roga did not dare to rush into the snow, and was deeply afraid of the calculation of Kakashi.

After all, his snow release just gets copied by Sharingan.

But after a while, the snow dissipated, the snow wolf is destroyed, and Kakashi has already escaped!

Nadare Roga coldly snorted and said: "Do you think you can run away?"

With Chakra under his feet, Nadare Roga start running, the target is Kakashi who just left!

Kakashi"s speed is very fast, and Nadare Roga wasn"t slow too, but there"s always a certain distance between them. It will take five minutes before Nadare Roga catches up with Kakashi.

Suddenly, Nadare Roga felt something"s wrong. In an instant he accelerated, and after arriving near Kakashi, he attack Kakashi"s head!

With a bang, Kakashi turned into a smoke and disappeared!

Nadare Roga stopped, and said hatefully: "Damn, it is just a clone!"

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