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Chapter 7

Kakashi returned to his home, packed up his thing and then leave Konoha.

Not far from outside of Konoha, Kakashi took the mission scroll out and looked at its content. Kakashi couldn"t help but frowned. "The land of snow? It is troublesome, that place is not safe."

Kakashi puts aside the Scroll and use a small Katon to burn it.

After reading mission scroll, it"s important to destroy it. This is shinobi"s secret style and one of the basic rules.

The mission at the land of snow is not difficult. The daimyo there found out that some people had tried to rebel, so he asked Konoha for help, but he did not ask to fight against these rebel, but to send his daughter from his country.

But this Mission is defined as A-rank Mission, which is naturally not as simple as that.

When missions anticipated involving combat with other shinobi, it will be defined as a B-rank Mission. But now, an A-rank mission will be a lot harder.

Although the land of snow does not have a strong shinobi village, but there are some snow shinobi, they can be called strong too.

The three people in the original Naruto movie are the best snow country shinobi.

Although their Chakra is not very good, their strength is still very strong.

Especially their leader, Nadare Rōga.

In the original work, according to the description of the Nadare Rōga, Kakashi was defeated by them, and fled with the princess to escape from land of snow.

It can be seen that original Kakashi is not their opponent at that time.

"What to do, if this Mission can"t be completed, I am afraid that Sandaime and Konoha"s image will become even worse." Kakashi was helpless at the moment, he just reborn for a week now and he has experience this kind of fierce battle? This mission is really hard.

Now even if you want to find someone to practice with, it is too late. This Mission has time limit. The land of snow is not close, and he will need to take four days to arrive there.

"Forget it, I can only think about it as I go. The original Kakashi can go back alive, I don"t believe that I can"t."

Four days later, Kakashi finally reached the border of the land of snow.

The land of snow is a small country, and it is snowing all year round, so it is called the land of snow.

People here can"t see sunlight for almost a year, and some places are just plain white.

Kakashi wrapped thin clothes, after all, it was only in October, so Kakashi didn"t wear much.

Kakashi was wearing his Anbu clothes before but now he need to change it so no one can identify him.

After he wear ordinary person clothing, Kakashi walked into the land of snow.

According to intelligence, the daimyo of the land of snow have found out his younger brother intentions, and a coup will be launched in the near future.

The land of snow right now is still calm, and there is no sign of coup.

So it seems that I still have a chance.

Kakashi then go to an Inn.

Late at night, Kakashi wore a black clothed and secretly sneaked into the daimyo"s mansion.

The daimyo"s mansion is very large, and Kakashi has spent a lot of effort to finally find the daimyo.

Kakashi took out the portrait and confirmed that the person in front of him was this country"s daimyo.

Kakashi appeared in front of the daimyo.

Daimyo seeing Kakashi then asked cautiously, "Who are you?"

"It"s okay, I am Shinobi of Konoha."At this time, Kakashi is wearing his anbu mask, answered with his cold tone without any emotions.

The daimyo sighed in relief, it"s a good thing for the shinobi of Konoha to arrive now.

"You are finally here, take my daughter with you. I hope that you can take her away from the land of snow and send it to a man named Mifune in the land of craftsmen. Please."

Kakashi nodded then said: "Where is your daughter?"

"Please follow me."

Passing through some corridor, Kakashi is being led to the room of Koyuki Kazahana.

"Koyuki, have you slept?"

"Ah Father, I hasn"t slept yet, is there anything you need?" Koyuki looks very happy, maybe because her father is coming over.

"Haha, so you haven"t. Father is a bit busy recently, so I may not be able to take care of you. So I sent someone to send you to Mifune-san in the land of the craftsmen to play. How about it?" The daimyo said with a smile.

Koyuki frown and said: "Father, I don"t want to go to the land of craftsmen, I want to be with you. I will try to not disturb you from your work."

"This…" The daimyo are feeling helpless. If it is not because of the coup, he does not want his daughter to leave.

But this time, he didn"t have any other choice. His younger brother left the land of snow for several years. But now he suddenly came back and learned a strange Ninjutsu. After that he seems to try to rebel.

The only thing that can be done is sending her daughter away from here.

As for why not look for shinobi to fight against the rebel?

The reason is very simple. Shinobi has regulations that must not participate in political struggles in other countries.

Right now it looks like political struggles between brothers.

Konoha can"t intervene either, or it will cause opposition from other ninja villages.

If it was the former strong Konoha, these are naturally minor problems, but today Konoha is not as strong as before, especially since dead of Yondaime Hokage, Konoha right now is in weak period.

"Koyuki, you need to listen to me. When you come back, father will accompany you to have fun?"

"Can I play anything?" Koyuki look with her big round eyes.

"Yeah, as long as you listen to me. I remembered you saying you want to be an actor right? Father will support you." Daimyo said with a smile.

"Really? Father is the best."

"Not good!" Kakashi suddenly felt alert, someone came over, and it was an Expert.

"What"s wrong?" Fenghua said.

"Daimyo-sama, someone came over, and it is an Expert with killing intent!"

Daimyo complexion changed and said: "You need to go with Koyuki now."

Turning his head and taking out a necklace from his pocket, he hung it on the neck of Koyuki and said: "Koyuki, this is hexagonal crystal, you need to wear it everytime."

Although Koyuki is young, but she also noticed something wrong at this time: "Father, what happened? What happened?"

"Don"t ask, go."

Daimyo said that as he looks at Kakashi.

Kakashi understood his intent, and then he grabs Koyuki, and flies away from the room.

Daimyo then a sigh of relief and revealed a smile. He said: "Koyuki is fine. Now let"s see what you want to do, my younger brother, Haha."

Daimyo then slowly walked out of the door, when Dotō Kazahana comes over.

"Oh Doto? Why are you here so late? Still not sleeping, what are you going to do?" Daimyo seem to know nothing, laughing and said to Doto.

"Haha, big brother, what am I going to do, you still don"t know?" Doto smirk as if everything was in control.

"Well, big brother, you are the daimyo for a long time, your acting skills are getting more and more exquisite. I really admire you."

"Haha… It"s okay. If there is nothing else, I need to go."

"Big brother, you don"t need to fool me. Just give me the land of snow"s treasure and I can assure you to be safe. If not, even your daughter is in danger."

Daimyo frown and said: "Doto, I told you earlier, there is no treasure in the land of snow, why don"t you believe that Koyuki is innocent, why should you involve her."

"Hahaha, why? From when we are small, you can get whatever you want, and I can only take what you have left. Why? Why? Because you were born a few years earlier than me? I am not willing! I leave the land of snow, learning Ninjutsu, suffering from hardships, just to come back and to get back what I deserve!"

"Doto, you!"

"Big brother, my dear big brother, you have no allies now. All these ministers have been loyal to me these days. You have nothing now."

"Oh, so I really am a failure. No one"s loyal to me now."

"In the face of death, they don"t have too many choices."

"Haha, okay then, are you here to take my life?" The daimyo said with a sad smile.

"Hand over the hexagonal crystal!"

The daimyo, said: "Hexagonal crystal? What do you want to do with hexagonal crystal?"

"Of course it is the treasure of the land of snow."

"I do not understand what you are saying."

"Hey, it seems that you are playing dumb now. I should go now to find Koyuki" Doto said with anger.

"What do you want to do with Koyuki?"

"Nothing, you can die now. For that Konoha"s shinobi. I have already let Nadare Rōga to go to him. Do you think he can escape? Hahaha."

"You!" Before he can say anything else, he felt blood from his neck.

"Goodbye big brother." Doto said as he killed his own brother.

At this moment, Kakashi ran wildly within the snow, and didn"t stop even for a moment because Kakashi felt that someone was following him, and that his Strength was extremely strong. He afraid that he won"t be able to defeat the one that following him".

"Damn, this is not good. Right I am carrying a person, my speed is slowed down and sooner or later I will be caught up. It seems there"s only one way left."

"Kage bunshin no jutsu!"

In an instant, another identical Kakashi appeared aside.

Kakashi gave instruction to the clone and then the clone left him by bringing Koyuki away.

The clone then vanished after moving a little far away.

Kakashi right now is thinking about the countermeasures in his mind.

As for why not let the clone stay, because Kakashi is not good at this kind of Ninjutsu. The clone doesn"t have much power, and it is only good for confusing the enemy. For a fight, it is just a waste of Chakra.

After a while, Nadare Rōga has appeared in front of Kakashi.

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