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Chapter 6

At night, Kakashi, who had eaten dinner with Guy, returned to his house.

Looking at the empty courtyard, Kakashi is feeling a little bit sad at the moment, the feeling of being alone was really not good.

Kakashi picked up the short white sword and keep waving it under the moonlight.

Sword technique is composed mainly with slashing, and other basic moves such as stabbing, cutting, blocking, etc.

His Hatake clan sword technique is also inseparable from these basic moves.

The bright moonlight shines on the white sword, the light flashes, and Kakashi still waving without stopping.

What is the danger of this world?

In another part of Konoha, in the dim light room, Sandaime are listening to Anbu"s report.

"Oh? Kakashi is fainting today because of practicing with Guy?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama."

"Okay, I understand."

Anbu hearing this, instantly disappeared from this place.

Sandaime then puff his cigarette and said with emotion: "Kakashi, it looks like the death of Yondaime really getting into you."

Sandaime then looks outside the window, he feel that the pressure on his shoulders was much bigger now.

Sandaime are very optimistic about Kakashi"s future. In Kakashi"s generation, only Kakashi has this kind of mind and temperament to support Konoha. At first, Sandaime doesn"t need to hurry things up. He doesn"t bother thinking about it, but because of the death of Yondaime he feels the burden again even if he is old now. He needs to start looking for a new Hokage candidate.

Kakashi is Yondaime"s disciple. Whether it is Strength, wisdom or temperament, he is the best choice to become the new Hokage. In the younger generation, no one can beat him.

It"s just that Kakashi"s mentality has always been a big problem.

The death of white fang made Kakashi indifferent to his teammates. Later, because of Obito"s reasons, this has been solved, but then the death of Obito and Rin made Kakashi depressed again.

The darkness of Kakashi"s heart is also growing, especially the death of white fang!

This has always been a thorn in Kakashi"s heart.

Yondaime had arranged for Kakashi to secretly protect the pregnant Kushina in order to let Kakashi witness the birth of a new life, thus changing the darkness of his heart.

But, it seems after the death of Yondaime it is failed too.

Sandaime sighed and thought: "Kakashi, don"t let me down."

Kakashi who is practicing with his sword in his house, did not know the thoughts of Sandaime.

Right now Kakashi has a sense of urgency to increase Strength! In this World, strength is something really important.

He don"t know how many times he have swung his sword, Kakashi is feeling numb and actually doing the slash subconscious.

Silver-haired teenager, both eyes, red and black, the left eye is even scarred, with a black mask on his face, and under the mask, he is constantly breathing heavily.

"Not enough! Not enough!" Kakashi roared.

Suddenly, there was a rush of heat in the left eye and Kakashi screamed and drop on the floor.


Kakashi did not expect that this Sharingan would react when practicing.

"It seems I need to seal the Sharingan as soon as possible." Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief. After the pain in his left eye disappeared, Kakashi stood up and put the white sword back into the scabbard and walked back to his room.

Kakashi sat quietly on the bed, constantly studying the four symbols seal in his mind. The complex and profound techniques are also unveiled under Kakashi constant research.

In the following week, Kakashi follow Guy"s Taijutsu training during the day, practiced with his sword at night and studied the four symbols seal.

Not only he now completely adapted to his new body, but his sword skill has also grown a lot. More importantly, he almost completely understands the four symbols seal.

He understood it because of original Kakashi"s Talent is really high.

Today Kakashi went out as usual, but at the moment of opening the door, an uninvited guest came.

"Hatake Kakashi, Hokage-sama has called you." The man wearing an animal mask said coldly.


After the anbu hearing this, with a flash he disappeared.

Kakashi sighed and knew that today there is no chance to a practice.

These days, practice has made Kakashi gradually fascinated by the feeling of increasing strength, especially the feeling of growing up stronger every day. That feeling is really fascinating.

Nowadays, it is the golden time of body growth. If he trains harder, he will get stronger.

Original Kakashi is doing too many missions, which makes him got no time to practice. Although he got a lot of experience about fighting and stealth, his strength has not made much progress.

Now Kakashi is naturally taking the time to improve his Strength.

Because of Sandaime calling for him, even if there is no problem, he is afraid that after meeting Sandaime Guy"s practice time will be over.

Konoha experienced Kyuubi"s attack, not only Yondaime is dead, even a lot of ordinary shinobi also died, the injured shinobi is even more numerous.

So, there must be a lot of mission pilling up.

Because Sandaime has only called him now, Kakashi felt a little surprised.

It stands to reason that the day after the funeral, he should be sent out to execute mission, but he did not expect it to drag for a week.

However, although Kakashi could not understand this, he was glad.

If he was sent out to execute mission at the time, he is afraid that he will have trouble completing it.

Now with Guy"s help, Kakashi has mastered all the original body Ability. Even if he needs to complete the mission, he won"t have any trouble.

After a few moments, Kakashi appeared in the office of the Hokage.

"Hokage-sama." Kakashi said respectfully.

"Oh Kakashi, you have arrived." Sandaime said kindly.

"Okay Kakashi, although I know that you are busy practicing recently, but the village is in need of manpower, so I can only trouble you to do a mission." Sandaime said with a slight apology.

"It"s okay Hokage-sama, this is the duty of Shinobi. Can you let me know what kind of mission?" Kakashi asked with a hint of curiosity.

After all, this is his first mission after coming to this World, and he still has some small expectations.

Sandaime handed a Scroll to Kakashi and said, "This is A-rank mission. The content is written on the Scroll. When you are ready, you should go today."

"I understand." Kakashi said and took Scroll.

Sandaime looks at Kakashi"s back, no one know what he is thinking about.

Kakashi took the Scroll and didn"t go home immediately. Instead, he goes to Guy"s home. At this time, Guy was still at the door. Seeing Kakashi came, he greeted enthusiastically. "Kakashi, today you are late, you are slacking even in this youth."

"Sorry Guy, but just now Hokage-sama gave me a mission so we can"t practice together during this time." Kakashi said with apologetic face.

Guy is a bit disappointed. After all, it"s better to practice with Kakashi than to practice alone. Practicing together is making them stronger faster.

Even so, Guy said with enthusiasm: "Ah, its okay Kakashi, the mission that Hokage-sama has personally gave you must be a difficult mission. I have to work hard too, now I need to first run 100 times around Konoha."

Kakashi faintly smile when sees Guy running to train harder. The friendship between men, sometimes he does not need to say too much.

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