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Chapter 5

It was just dawn, but Kakashi had already got up.

With black clothes, the headband covers the left eye, and the black mask covers his handsome face.

Looking at the white sword at the bedside, Kakashi thought about it.

The white fang sword broke in the battle of the Kannabi Bridge, but Kakashi never fix it. The reborn Kakashi is not used to using short sword. He needs the sword to be a long sword, because Hatake Clan Sword Technique can also be used with a long sword.

"In the future, I need to go to the land of craftsmen to fix or re-create the white sword."

The white short sword is also made of metal that can conduct Chakra.

Kakashi got up and walked towards Guy"s home.

When Kakashi walked to Guy"s door, the door just opened.

Guy saw Kakashi, obviously stunned. Usually Kakashi are hiding from him, but today he actually took the initiative to go to his home?

Although I don"t know why, Guy is still very enthusiastic. "Hey, Kakashi, you got up so early, sure enough its youth! I have to get up at five o"clock tomorrow."

Said Guy as he clenched the fist, his eyes filled with passionate Flame.

Kakashi speechless after seeing this, although he has seen it from anime before, it still makes him speechless.

"Guy, let"s practice practice today."

"Hey, Kakashi, you actually took the initiative to find me practice, this is the enthusiasm of youth, come on, let"s first try to run the 200 circle around the village!"

After Guy finished, he didn"t wait for Kakashi to answer and he started running by himself.

Kakashi is helpless, but since it is to practice with Guy, there is no reason to refuse it.

Guy run very fast, but Kakashi did not go slow either. The two started the morning run around the outskirts of Konoha village.

"Hey, Kakashi, why are you so slow, if it is like this, I will win."

"Ah, I won"t lose to you, Guy." Kakashi said, and he quickly followed Guy"s footsteps, and the two went hand in hand.

"Is this Kakashi"s Strength? I can"t lose, this is youth." Say Guy as he speeded up again.

Kakashi is not willing to lose, so he started going faster too.

After two hours, Kakashi and Guy stopped at the seventh training ground. Kakashi was sweating all over, and he felt really tired.

Although Guy is also sweating, he can still stand up.

"Ha… Ha… You are really my rival Kakashi, even at the morning training, we are tie, then let"s do 1000 push-ups together."

Guy gasped and finished, and did not stop for a moment, then he start push-up on the ground.

Kakashi"s couldn"t help but smiled wryly and thought. "Guy"s energy is really terrifying. I am afraid that this kind of training is the thing that can make Guy open the eighth gate and be able to fight against Madara with six path power. Eighth gate at the expense of life, that kind of power, is kind of scary."

Even with such thought Kakashi didn"t stop, although his body was already felt very heavy, he still kept pressing his own Stamina.

At this time, Kakashi has already been surpassed by Guy in Taijutsu. The two years of ruin have made Kakashi"s Strength progress slowly. At this time, it is necessary to make up for it.

Formidable"s body quality can make a huge Chakra reserve, so no matter how tired he is, Kakashi must stick to it, otherwise, he will never get stronger.

"Since I came to this World, how could I not do something?"

With sweat continually ran down his cheeks, Kakashi"s breathing became more and more haggard, and his body felt like it would explode.

In order to achieve the best practice, Kakashi does not use Chakra, but the simplest Stamina exercise.

"Hey, Kakashi, you are so amazing, now I have to do 1000 kicks." Guy snarled.

Kakashi did not respond, and the Kakashi consciousness is gradually blurred because he tries to transcend the physical limit, but his body keeps doing push-ups at the same frequency.

At this point, Kakashi seems to be in the feel that the Chakra with his body constantly rushes into the muscle tissue, supplementing the consumption of Stamina.

After a long time, Kakashi finally exhausted and drop down to the ground.

"Kakashi, Kakashi, what"s wrong with you?" Guy hurried forward and asked.

At this point Kakashi has faint because his Stamina is running out.

Kakashi, who was just possessed the body has not yet fully adapted to it and his soul has not been fully integrated. He still can"t stand this kind of high-strength training, so after a while he faints.

Guy saw that Kakashi still hasn"t wake up. So he was in a hurry and had to carry Kakashi back to the hospital in Konoha.

"You guys are crazy. Even Training needs to be regulated. Now you bring him to hospital after that training?"

Konoha Hospital, a old guy wearing doctor clothes is facing Guy.

"Let Kakashi take a break at the hospital. I will check to see if there are any other problems." The old man said to Guy, and told his assistant to bring Kakashi into the treatment room.

Guy had to stay outside and wait for Kakashi to come out. At this time, Guy naturally has no mood to practice again.

"Hmm?" Kakashi groaned, finally woke up, looking at the strange ceiling in front of him, Kakashi couldn"t help but feel a little unresponsive, turned to look at all around, white sheets, half-open windows.

Is this a hospital?

Kakashi reacted and knew that he had fainted while practicing.

With a bitter smile he thought: "It"s really bad, the first time practicing and I had to go to the hospital, it seems that I have not adapted to this body."

At this time, the door opened.

"Hey, Kakashi, are you awake? How do you feel?" Guy asked with concern.

"There is no problem, I just feels a little tired."

"Kakashi, what"s wrong with you? How can you faint?"

"I haven"t moved for too long."

"Kakashi, I know that the death of the Yondaime Hokage-sama is a big blow to you, but you can"t do this to yourself. You need to feel the youth" Guy held the fist and said excitedly.

"Hey, hey, I know." Kakashi knows what the problem is, but he can"t explain it to him. After all, he is because of the fusion of soul still not completed and that make him still not adapted to his new body.

"Kakashi, my eternal rival, next time we should train together again, training with you make me feel excited. I will beat you!" Guy"s eyes exude youthful fight intent.

"I know, Guy." In the face of energetic Guy, Kakashi was helpless and felt that the body had recovered. Kakashi got out of bed and decided to go home.

"Kakashi, where are you going?" Guy wondered.

"Of course going back home, the sky is already dark, I don"t need to stay at the hospital."

"Well, if so let"s go eat together." Guy said, his stomach sounded at the right time.

Kakashi hearing this feel moved, he knows that Guy has waiting all this time for him to wake up without eating anything.

"Well, let"s get some ramen then."

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