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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 432 Chiyo and Ebizo

Chapter 432 Chiyo and Ebizō

Kakashi and ten people from Anbu, a total of eleven people, formed a team and went to Sunagakure.

The succession ceremony of the Godaime Kazekage is three days for now, so everyone has to move faster.

Fortunately, the weakest member here has the strength of a Jōnin, so there is no need to worry they would be late.

"Commander, will a fight break out when we go to Sunagakure this time?" Hyuga Taiga whispered as he followed Kakashi from behind.

"Don"t worry, Sunagakure doesn"t have the guts to do that. Sunagakure right now can be said to be short in talents. A fifteen-year-old boy, no matter how good he is, will never be able to sit in Kazekage"s position. But now this happened, the only possibility is that they don"t have a better choice. It can be seen how weak Sunagakure is now. Therefore, the alliance with Konoha is very important to them. They will not be that stupid to do that. However, if they are really so irrational, I will make them regret it."

At the end of the sentence, there was a hint of killing intent in Kakashi"s tone.

Hearing this, Hyuga Taiga nodded.

Kakashi"s words were indeed enough to convince him.

"Taiga, how is your eyes?" Kakashi suddenly asked.

"Thanks to your help, the Caged Bird Cursed Seal has been completely removed, and I also have broken through that barrier." Hyuga Taiga said calmly.

It"s as if it wasn"t him who broke through.

"That"s good. By the way, does the mutation of your Byakugan still exist?"

Hyuga Taiga directly used his Byakugan when he heard this, and Kakashi saw that the faint golden light still existed.

"It seems that this change is not something that can be eliminated by time. Taiga, do you feel any discomfort?"

Hyuga Taiga shook his head and said, "No, I even feel that it"s better than before."

"Is that so? If you feel any discomfort, you need to tell me as soon as possible."

"Yes, commander!"

Kakashi has always been very concerned about Hyuga Taiga"s Byakugan mutation. He faintly felt that there might be something hidden in it.

It only took two days for Kakashi and the others to enter the territory of the Land of Wind.

Now, they only need to get to Sunagakure.

However, at this time, at the border of the Land of Wind, there is a small group of Sunagakure"s Shinobi waiting for Kakashi and the others.

Kakashi suddenly stopped at the border and shouted: "Stop!"

With his order, the ten Anbu stopped in an instant.

The timing is perfect as they"re just like one person.

The Sunagakure"s Shinobi not far away were all taken aback when they saw this.

Although this scene is not much to say, but the Sunagakure"s Shinobi can feel that the aura of these eleven people is very powerful. If there is really a battle, with the fighting power of these eleven people, it is absolutely terrifying.

"Is this the strength of Konoha"s Anbu?"

"Sure enough, it is terrifying."

Most of these people have not participated in the Konoha Crush Plan two years ago, so they don"t know much about Konoha.

This is also an arrangement from Gaara. After all, Sunagakure"s Shinobi who participated in Konoha Crush Plan back then will inevitably have some hatred with Konoha"s Shinobi.

When a conflict breaks out, it will be troublesome.

That"s why Gaara sent these Sunagakure"s Shinobi.

And the person who took the lead was also a Shinobi Kakashi knew.


"Kakashi-dono, Welcome to the Land of Wind." Kankuro greeted him.

Kakashi smiled when he saw it: "It turned out to be you, Kankuro. I didn"t expect you would come here to pick us up. We are troubling you."

"Kakashi-dono is too polite. Please come with me from Konoha"s envoys, we will lead you to Sunagakure."


Kakashi did not refuse, and then set off with Kankuro and the rest Sunagakure"s Shinobi.

Somewhere in Sunagakure, above the high mountain, in a hut.

"Nee-san, the succession ceremony of the Godaime Kazekage is tomorrow. Is it okay for us to not go there?" Ebizō said softly.

Chiyo closed her eyes as she is still fishing. Without opening her eyes, she said: "It"s okay, we are old now. We have worked for Sunagakure for our whole life. So now, we should have good rest and just leave Sunagakure to the next generation."

"Nee-san"s thought sure is different." Ebizō said with a smile.

"Huh, when I am at this age, there is almost nothing I want. If there is one, I probably want to see that Sasori brat again. After leaving the village for so many years, I don"t know where that brat is right now." Chiyo opened her eyes and sighed.

"Sasori? Don"t worry, with that kid"s ability, he won"t get die easily." Ebizō said.

"Yeah, Sasori is a genius. With his skill in Puppet Technique, he will definitely exert unprecedented power. Unfortunately, I don"t know if I have a chance to see it." Chiyo sighed.

"Well, nee-san, it will be fate whether it will happen or not."

"Yeah." Chiyo said, closing her eyes again, and fishing with peace of mind.

"By the way, nee-san, I heard that Konoha also sent someone to congratulate the new Kazekage." Ebizō suddenly said.

"Really? That hypocritical village sent someone over? That old woman who played with slugs would not come here in person, right?" Chiyo said quite uncomfortably.

Obviously, she was very upset with the so-called slug-playing woman in her own words.

However, it is no wonder that Chiyo hated her, after all, she lost in Tsunade"s hands during the Shinobi World War.

The Puppet Technique and poison that Chiyo is proud of is a joke in front of Tsunade.

It is no wonder that Chiyo hated her very much.

"Haha, it seems that nee-san is still so obsessed with Tsunade." Ebizō said with a smile.

"Well, that woman is too annoying. Let"s just talk about who is the one coming this time." Chiyo said softly.

Ebizō opened his squinted eyes, and gently said a name that made Chiyo"s expression changed wildly.


"What!" Chiyo suddenly opened her eyes, and unconsciously used force in her hand and destroyed the fishing rod in her hand.

"Nee-san, calm down." Ebizō seemed to have expected Chiyo"s reaction a long time ago, so he"s not surprised.

"You mean, White Fang"s son?"

"Yeah, it"s him. Sister, calm down, White Fang is dead."

"I know! But this Hatake Kakashi…"

Chiyo said, there is a hint of unclear light in her eyes.

Upon seeing this, Ebizō said: "Nee-san, Hatake Kakashi has a very important position in Konoha now. You shouldn"t mess around. I tell you this to put you in peace, not to make you take revenge."

"Haha, don"t worry, I know."

Chiyo laughed twice, and fell into the silence while fishing again.

It"s just that her slightly trembling hands showed that she is not at peace at this time.

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