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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 431 Gaara and Shukaku

Chapter 431 Gaara and Shukaku

The news that Sunagakure"s Godaime Kazekage took office was spread everywhere, and almost the entire Shinobi World has received this news.

However, except Konoha who has a good relationship with Sunagakure and sent messengers to congratulate the new Kazekage, the other three Great Shinobi Villages did not move at all.

The appointment of a new Kage was originally an internal matter of the village, and the other Shinobi Villages naturally did not need to send someone to congratulate the new Kage.

Although Kirigakure has established a good relationship with Konoha, its relationship with Sunagakure is very ordinary.

Sunagakure, Kazekage Building.

Gaara is wearing a Kazekage robe, looking at the constant wind and sand outside the window. It is unknown what he was thinking.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Please come in." Gaara recovered and answered softly.

There was no longer the indifference of the past in his voice, and there was also a hint of tenderness.

If someone who once knew Gaara saw this scene, he would probably be very surprised.

After all, Gaara seems to have become a different person.

The original bloodthirsty madman would actually speak in this tone.

The door opened, and a middle-aged Shinobi came in. A long white cloth blocked the left eye and his face is firm.

This person is one of top Shinobi in Sunagakure, and also Gaara"s former teacher, Baki.

"Kazekage-sama." Baki shouted respectfully.

"Baki-sensei, you don"t have to be so polite. Even if I have become Kazekage, you are still my teacher."

Baki couldn"t help but felt a little emotional when he saw Gaara"s appearance now.

Who could have imagined that the cold-blooded Gaara would show such a warm expression now.

This may be the only gain that Sunagakure has gained in participating in the Konoha Crush Plan.

If it wasn"t for Gaara becoming what he is right now, Baki would never recommend Gaara, and support him to become the Godaime Kazekage.

Of course, the change in personality is only one of the reasons. Gaara"s rapid advancement in strength makes Baki very optimistic about him.

In two years, Gaara has completely surpassed Baki and has reached Kage-level strength.

Now in Sunagakure, apart from Chiyo and Ebizō who were living in seclusion, no one is Gaara"s opponent.

"Kazekage-sama, the courtesy can"t be abandoned."

Seeing Baki"s insistence, Gaara didn"t know what to say and can only give up.

"Well, Baki-sensei, do you know what"s going on?"

"Well, Konoha has congratulated you on your appointment as the Godaime Kazekage and sent the current Anbu Commander, Hatake Kakashi, to congratulate you in person. What do you think should be done?" said Baki.

Gaara was slightly surprised when he heard this, and said: "Hatake Kakashi? I didn"t expect him to come. Since Konoha"s envoys are coming, they naturally must be treated with the highest standards. I will hand over this matter to you, Baki-sensei."

"Kazekage-sama, I am worried that Konoha will take the opportunity to investigate the situation of our village." Baki said worriedly.

Gaara was silent for a moment, and then thought of the silver-white haired man who was talking to him under the moonlight.

Touching his stomach, Gaara said: "Don"t worry, Konoha"s Hokage has always loved peace and will not cause trouble for no reason. And if Hatake Kakashi really comes here to investigate our village"s situation, I am afraid we won"t be able to prevent it. So it"s better to believe in them and treat them well."

"This…" Baki still hesitated.

"Baki-sensei, rest assured, I"m here. If Konoha really wants to attack Sunagakure, they must pass through me first!"

Gaara said decisively, and the firmness in his tone did not allow any doubt.

Maki was slightly moved when he heard this, and when he looked at Gaara"s young face, he felt relieved.

Although Gaara was young at this time, he gave Baki the feeling that he was more reliable than the late Yondaime Kazekage.

In time, Gaara will surely become the greatest Kazekage.

Baki believes so firmly.

"Yes, Kazekage-sama." Baki nodded.

"Sorry to trouble you, Baki-sensei." Gaara said, showing a slight smile.

"It"s fine. It is my work after all."

After Baki left Kazekage office, Gaara sat in his chair and closed his eyes.

Gaara then appeared in the darkness.

In front of him is a giant beast with golden pupils and dark blue marks on his body.

The giant beast opened his mouth and said, "Gaara, why are you here?"

"Shukaku, Baki said that Hatake Kakashi is coming to Sunagakure."

"Oh? Really? That interesting brat," Shukaku said, revealing a hint of meaningful smile.

"Shukaku, was he the one who asked you to communicate with me?" Gaara asked curiously.

"You can say that, and I also just want to try it, but I didn"t expect that you brat would be so interesting." Shukaku chuckled lightly, and looked at Gaara with satisfaction.

Back then, Kakashi entered the sealing space with the power of Mangekyō Sharingan and communicated with Shukaku.

Of course, Kakashi couldn"t order him anything, and it was impossible to make Shukaku accept Gaara directly.

It"s just that Kakashi"s words have successfully aroused Shukaku"s interest in Gaara, and make him tried to communicate with Gaara.

During that time, Gaara"s temperament has changed drastically under the influence of Naruto.

There was no rejection of Shukaku who suddenly spoke to him.

Under such circumstance, the relationship between the two is pretty good now.

Although it did not reach the tacit understanding like the Hachibi and Killer B, it is much better than the other Jinchūriki.

"Really? He really is an interesting person." Gaara once again remembered that lazy smile.

Hidden under the mask, no one knows his true reasons.

It"s just that Gaara knew that Hatake Kakashi really helped him.

Although he doesn"t know why.

"Gaara, you should be friendly to him." Shukaku said.

"I know, thank you, Shukaku." Gaara looks at the huge sand beast.

One person and one beast seemed to have reached an unexpected harmony.

"Hatake Kakashi, you are right. Gaara did not disappoint me. He is different from ordinary Shinobi. He reminds me of the time I used to get along with Monk Bunpuku." Shukaku looks at Gaara and secretly thought in his heart.

Kakashi didn"t know that what he has done unintentionally at that time would cause a great harmony between Gaara and Shukaku.

If he knows about, he would be very surprised.

At this time, Kakashi is in Anbu Base and has chosen the people who will go with him.

The ten people in front of him are the good Anbu"s members selected by Kakashi.

"This time, we have only one purpose for going to Sunagakure. That is to congratulate them for getting new Kazekage. No unauthorized action is allowed. Do you understand?" Kakashi coldly shouted.

"We understand, Commander!" Everyone responded in unison.

"Very good, let"s go!"

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