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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 430 - Godaime Kazekage

Chapter 430 - Godaime Kazekage

Kakashi stood there, pondering for a while, and then left.

His mission this time is to investigate the truth of the destruction of Yugakure, but not to catch the real culprit, so chasing after them is unnecessary.

What"s more, Kakashi has no chance of winning as he is alone against three opponents.

If he is at his full strength, it is possible, but right now, it is impossible.

In addition, Itachi is also among them, there is no need to make a big conflict for now.

"However, since Hidan has been taken away, he will definitely become a member of Akatsuki. That means, the last member of Akatsuki in the original book has finally joined." Kakashi muttered.

On the other hand, after Hidan woke up, Konan talked with him for a while and let Hidan join Akatsuki.

Akatsuki, who is engaged in terrorist actions, is obviously very appetizing to Hidan, and Akatsuki also would not forbid Hidan to promote his so-called Jashinism.

So the two sides agreed, and then Pain handed over the ownerless ring "Three" to Hidan.

At this moment, all members of the legendary Akatsuki in the original work have finally completed.

The prelude to horror is also about to be opened.

Konoha, Hokage Towe.

"Oh? Yugakure was destroyed by one of its villagers? That person is Jashin"s believer?" Tsunade murmured.

"Yes, does Tsunade-sama know about Jashin?" Kakashi asked curiously.

"Jashin?" Tsunade showed a thoughtful look. Kakashi was a little surprised when he saw this as he didn"t expect Tsunade to really know something.

"When I was young, I seemed to have heard my grandfather say something about it, but my memory is a little fuzzy," Tsunade murmured.

Kakashi listened carefully.

"The so-called Jashin is actually a Shinobi, but he studies all forbidden techniques, which is somewhat similar to Orochimaru right now. He seems to have caused a lot of troubles at that time, but he was suppressed by my grandfather. I do not know about the specific situation as the data about those matters apparently have been destroyed."


"Well, I recall that it seems that my grandfather didn"t want this thing to spread out, so all of the records were destroyed at that time. But I was young and hid from my grandfather when I overheard about this," Tsunade recalled.

"So Jashin was actually a Shinobi. For him to make Shodaime-sama attach so much importance to him, he must be a terrifying figure." Kakashi said softly.

"Yeah, I didn"t expect that a believer of that Jashin actually appeared now. According to your statement, that person has an immortal body, and a kind of inexplicable curse Ninjutsu. It seems that he will be very troublesome." Tsunade muttered.

"Well, that person"s strength is only ordinary Jōnin-level. It"s just that the curse and his undead body make him troublesome. If we fight against him, there are only two ways, one is not to fight in close combat and use long-range attacks. The second is to suppress his Taijutsu completely," Kakashi said.

"You are right. Akatsuki"s movements are also really getting more and more recently."

"I guess they are about to do something."

"They"re really a troublesome organization. I can"t even find out where his leader is now."

"It will be hard. Their leader is very low-key, and… It"s not the time to provoke them. Let"s see what happens for now. Once they start to act, we can finally start suppressing them."

"Yeah, we can only do that now. By the way, although I know that you have just returned from the mission, there is still something I need you to do."

Kakashi was taken aback, and said, "What"s the matter?"

Tsunade took out a scroll and handed it to Kakashi.

Seeing this, Kakashi took the scroll. "This scroll seems to be from Sunagakure. Could it be that there was a problem in Sunagakure?"

Kakashi was puzzled and opened the scroll.

"This is… Gaara wants to inherit the position of Godaime Kazekage?" Kakashi was surprised.

"Yes, since the death of the Yondaime Kazekage last time, Sunagakure has been in a state of not having a leader. It is under the management of that old woman Chiyo, Ebizō and Baki. Recently, the election of Godaime Kazekage was put on the agenda. Baki recommended Gaara to be the new Kazekage. Although many people opposed it, with the support of Baki and the tacit approval of Chiyo and Ebizō, Gaara was successfully elected. And now, the Daimyo of the Land of Wind also agreed. So, it is already a matter of fact that Gaara has become the Godaime Kazekage."

"If that"s the case, Gaara has become the youngest Kage in history," Kakashi said with emotion.

Originally, the youngest Kage is the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato. But now, this record has been broken. After all, Gaara is only fifteen years old at this time.

"Yeah, it is a major event for a new Kazekage to take the office. As Sunagakure"s ally, we need to send someone to congratulate him. As Hokage, it is inconvenient for me to leave Konoha. And the Old Man is really old now, so it"s not good to send him there."

"So I"m the only one left?" Kakashi said helplessly.

"Yes, regardless of status or strength, you are the most suitable one. And I heard that you and Gaara also have some relationship."

"Well, it can"t be help. There is no way I can refuse this."

"That"s true. You should leave tomorrow. This time it"s in the form of a mission, so you need to bring a small team of Anbu with you. You can decide on your own choice. Then you can give me the list of the entourages." Tsunade ordered.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama."

After finished discussing this matter, Kakashi left the Hokage Tower.

He didn"t expect that he would get another mission just after finishing one. Fortunately, the mission this time shouldn"t be too troublesome.

It"s just that it is going a long travel, and some troubles may occur on the way.

"Hah, I really miss the day when I was leading Team 7, and live so leisurely." Kakashi sighed in his heart.

But that time has passed, so he can only complain in his heart.

When Kakashi returned home, he has just changed his Anbu"s uniform when he saw a black crow with scarlet eyes is standing by the window.


Kakashi frowned slightly, and then disappeared from his home.

Ochagakure, laboratory.

"Shisui, why did you call me here?"

In the laboratory, the scarlet-eyed Shisui smiled while holding a bottle of green solution: "Kakashi, look, this is Hashirama"s cells solution that was extracted by me and the other researchers."

"It"s successful?" Kakashi was overjoyed.

Shisui nodded and said: "Yeah, we"re successful, but in the course of the experiment, I discovered that Hashirama"s cell is very domineering. I don"t think it will be easy to integrate it to someone"s body. I don"t know what method was used when Orochimaru transplanted my left hand."

"Can you find it out?" Kakashi asked.

"Not a big problem, just takes a little time. After all, we can research my body for that."

"That"s good. I have seen Itachi just a few days ago. His situation is getting worse and worse, so we should hurry up and finish this research as I don"t think he can hold it for long."

"Yeah, I understand." Shisui nodded solemnly when he heard this.

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