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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 425 - Yugakure

Chapter 425 - Yugakure

The Land of Hot Water, Yugakure, is famous for its numerous hot springs.

This is a rich Shinobi Village, and also a peace-loving Shinobi Village.

People in this village love peace so much that this village is called "the village that forgets war."

With the end of the Third Shinobi World War, Yugakure's combat power dropped sharply, and everyone in the village lived a peaceful life.

Rumor has it that the origin of Yugakure comes from a couple.

They accidentally got a secret scroll and learned a unique kind of Ninjutsu based on this, and established Yugakure with this.

But now, this village has been destroyed.

Hundreds of villagers, whether old or young, women and children, and weak or strong, all died.

No one knows who did it, only that when someone arrived there, there was already a mountain of corpses.

The Daimyo of the Land of Hot Water was shocked when he learned about it. After all, it was the Shinobi Village in his own country that has actually destroyed overnight. It is impossible to say that he is not afraid.

After comparing the registered population list of the village, they came to a conclusion that Yugakure was completely destroyed!

However, there is a registered Shinobi who no one sees his body yet.

The Daimyo of the Land of Hot Water felt that this Shinobi, in all likelihood, is the culprit.

But, so what if he knows it?

Now that the Land of Hot Water has lost their Shinobi Village, the first thing the Daimyo needed to do is to rebuild the village, not to investigate who the murderer is.

Even if the Daimyo knew who the murderer was, he couldn't get revenge by relying on the power of the Land of Hot Water.

Therefore, the Daimyo of the Land of Hot Water can only give up on it temporarily.

But soon, the Daimyo of the Land of Hot Water regained his interest.

Because that Shinobi is still doing evil in the Land of Hot Water.

Also because he heard about an organization.


Only few people knew about this organization, but, it is said that they are extremely powerful.

They can do very well in what they were entrusted with, and they will not leak any news.

It was decided that he would hired this organization!

The Daimyo sent someone to contact the Akatsuki in a special way, and Akatsuki's representative is also quick to arrive at the Mansion of the Land of Hot Water's Daimyo.

The representative a woman.

And it's also a beauty.

She wears a black robe with red clouds printed on it, a light blue-purple hair, orange pupils, and a paper flower on the right side of her head.

She looks extremely beautiful.

It's just that her cold face would make people stop thinking about doing anything bad to her.

Her ice-cold's eyes tell them that she is definitely not a woman who they can offend.

"Daimyo-sama, I heard that you have a mission to entrust us, Akatsuki?"

Her ice-cold voice made the Daimyo shiver involuntarily.

The Daimyo dares to say that he has never seen such a terrifying woman in his life.

"Yes… I have a mission for your organization."

"Oh? What is it?" Konan said lightly, as if nothing could arouse her interest.

"It is like this. The Shinobi Village in the Land of Hot Water, Yugakure was destroyed. I suspect that it was done by a missing-nin from Yugakure called Hidan. I hope you can eliminate him. At the very least, I want him to never appear again in the Land of Hot Water."

After Konan heard this, she glanced at the Land of Hot Water's Daimyo, and said faintly: "Okay, it will be thirty million ryō."

"What? So expensive!" The Daimyo was shocked.

"It's absolutely worth the price as that Shinobi has destroyed a small Shinobi Village by himself," Konan said coldly.

The Daimyo gritted his teeth and was silent for a moment, and then said: "Okay, no problem."

"Then, happy cooperation."

When Konan finished speaking, pieces of papers suddenly appeared on her face, and her whole body turned into countless papers and disappeared from the Daimyo Mansion.

The Daimyo was shocked and he muttered to himself: "What a weird Ninjutsu, she really is a terrifying woman. Akatsuki? What kind of organization is this?"

The reason why the Land of Hot Water's Daimyo was looking for Akatsuki instead of looking for the help of the Five Great Shinobi Village, is in fact because he's afraid that the Five Great Shinobi Village will take the opportunity to invade and occupy the territory of the Land of Hot Water.

After all, the Land of Hot Water has just lost their Shinobi Village at this time. So their combat power has greatly reduced.

If the Five Great Shinobi Village really had that kind of mindset, he is afraid that the Land of Hot Water would have no way to resist.

Therefore, employing help from this kind of organization to do this is the best choice.

It is a pity that what the Land of Hot Water's Daimyo does not know is that the Five Great Shinobi Village simply look down on such a small country like the Land of Hot Water.

For the Five Great Shinobi Village, a small country like the Land of Hot Water is like a chicken rib. It is worthless to occupy and it is better to let it go. So when it is time to war, they can be used as a battlefield.

In this way, the impact on their own country can be reduced.

The Land of Rain, the tallest building.

"Pain, the Land of Hot Water's Daimyo has submitted a mission."

Konan looked at the cold man who looked exactly like Yahiko in front of her, not knowing what he was thinking.

"Oh? What mission." Pain said faintly, without any trace of emotion.

"He asked us to hunt down a Shinobi named Hidan. After I looked into it, I found that this Shinobi is very interesting. It seems that he has an ability to make his body immortal."

"Oh? Interesting ability. It happened that we are having a shortage of manpower again. That Kakuzu always kills his partner at every turn. Take Kakuzu with you. If that Hidan is a usable person, let him join Akatsuki."

"Yes, Pain, I'll contact Kakuzu." Konan said.

As Konan was just about to leave, Pain suddenly said: "Wait a minute."

"What's wrong?" Konan asked in confusion.

"Call Itachi to go too. It happened that he has nothing to do during this time."

"Itachi?" Konan was even more puzzled. She didn't believe that she and Kakuzu can't take care of that Shinobi called Hidan. So she didn't understand why Pain asked to get Itachi too.

"Well, just take him with you. Itachi's ability and observation will help you finish that mission quickly," Pain explained.

Konan then said, "I understand, I will leave now."

Konan's body once again turned into countless of papers, and then flew away from that place.

Payne looked outside and saw that the sky became gloomy again, and the rain was dropping.

"What a disgusting rain, always reminding me of a lot of unpleasant things," Tendō Pain murmured.

The Land of Hot Water, Yugakure.

At this moment, a silver-white haired Konoha's Shinobi was looking at something.

This Shinobi is Kakashi who came here after handing Tetsuken's letter to Mifune.

Before going to duel Tetsuken, Tsunade handed over the task of investigating the destruction of Yugakure to Kakashi.

Now that the duel is over, Kakashi naturally came to complete his mission.

As for Mifune, after reading the letter, he just sighed and said nothing.

Kakashi frowned when he looked at the village in front of him that looked like a cemetery.

The corpses here have long been cleaned up by the people of the Land of Hot Water, and now there are only very few useful clues left.

"Let's go and see the corpse of the deceased, otherwise, I won't find anything."

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