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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 422 - Life Is Like A Play

Chapter 422 - Life Is Like A Play

The second elder was horrified and exclaimed: "Why are you still fine? Impossible, once that poison entered your body, you shouldn't have any chance to survive!"

Kakashi chuckled lightly and said with a smile: "Why? It's very simple. I didn't drink that cup of tea at all."

"What! How is this possible!" The second elder's face was full of disbelief.

"As a Shinobi, and the Anbu Commander, it will be a huge joke if I was poisoned like that." Kakashi said with a sneer.

Back to the time in the morning.

Kakashi got up early and stretched his body.

"Ahh, what a comfortable sleep." Kakashi lazily scratched his silver hair and got up from the bed.

He habitually touched the mask on his face, but found out that he is a Samurai at this time, so he didn't wear the mask on his face.

After wearing it in Konoha for a long time, he felt a little weird after not wearing it.

Kakashi left his room and came to the inn's dining place.

"Boss, a bowl of rice, a grilled saury, and a cup of strong tea, thank you."

"Okay, please wait a moment sir."

Kakashi sat in the dining place and waited for the breakfast.

After a while, a waiter came over with the breakfast and said: "Sir, this is your breakfast."

"Thank you."

"No need, please take your time."

The waiter left after speaking.

Kakashi picked up the chopsticks and was preparing to enjoy his breakfast. But suddenly, his nose moved and he smelled an unusual scent.

"This scent…"

Kakashi was surprised in his heart. But on the surface, his expression didn't change. He picked up the teacup with his right hand and moved it in a gesture like he drank it. In fact, he just gets it near his nose and sniffed it lightly.

'This faint scent, it is poisonous.'

Kakashi secretly thought in his heart, but there is no change in his face.

'It seems that my visit this time is really not peaceful. Maybe my plan can go smoother.'

Kakashi thought of this in his heart, and drank the poisonous tea without any scruples. Of course, it didn't enter Kakashi's stomach at all.

"What? You discovered it? Damn, I really underestimate you." The second elder said angrily.

Kakashi chuckled and said nothing.

And Kakashi's behind is Mifune and Osuke.

Just when the exploding tag was about to explode, Kakashi grabbed Mifune, and Osuke and then used Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique), to teleport to the mark he had put on Tetsuken, and fled from the explosion radius.

Osuke looked a little shocked, but Mifune didn't seem to have any shocked expressions at all.

"Kakashi, you really are good at waiting. You didn't do anything until the last second. I almost thought it was real." Mifune said with a smile.

Kakashi is also smiled and said: "Well, I need to act well. After all, if you want to fool your opponents, you must first fool your allies."

"Haha, good words." Mifune praised.

At this time, except for Kakashi and Mifune, the rest of the people were all confused.

'What are these two people talking about?'

Seeing that Kakashi and the others were all right, Tetsuken was first overjoyed, and then, after listening to the conversation between the two, he fell into even more doubt.

"What do you mean Gintoki?" asked Tetsuken.

Kakashi looked at Tetsuken then looked at the angry second elder again, and said, "It's very simple. All of what happened today is just to bring out the fox tail of the second elder."

"What?" The second elder was surprised again. 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

"To explain it, we should go back to eight years ago. After the Samurai Conference ended, Mifune-san told me the grudge between my father and the Hokubu Clan. At that time, I actually had a question in my heart. My father was not a soft-hearted person. If Tetsuken's father's character is really as what Mifune-san told me, then Tetsuken's father would definitely be killed by my father, and even the Hokubu Clan will surely suffer heavy casualties."

"But it turned out that my father let them go. Not only Hokubu Clan, as even Tetsuken's father escaped was spared by my father. This made me feel very confused. I thought that either Mifune-san lied to me, or there was something more about it. But when I talked to Tetsuken, what he told me is also the same as what Mifune-san told. So, I know that Mifune-san didn't lie to me, and there must something more about this thing."

"In the past few years, I have always sent people to investigate this matter. Perhaps it has been too long, and even I have forgotten a bit. But before I am about to leave this time, I asked again about the investigation of this matter. The person responsible for this matter finally found the truth and told me about it."

Kakashi said, looking at the second elder who was shocked, and then continued.

"That person told me that after the duel between my father and Tetsuken's father, their relationship was quite good and there was actually no contradiction between them. However, the second elder of Hokubu Clan was ashamed because of this loss and not only used Tetsuken's father to trap and kill my father, but also forced him to participate in his plan. However, Tetsuken's father refused, so their plan also failed. Instead, my father countered by going to the headquarters of the Hokubu Clan. In the end, Tetsuken's father was the one who pleaded my father to let the Hokubu Clan go. It's just that they have to stay secluded for twenty-five years."

"Later, Tetsuken's father was punished by the second elder of Hokubu Clan, and finally died with unknown reason. The second elder claimed that he died in depression, but the person I sent to investigate said that the person who handled his corpse at that time saw that the corpse was obviously yellowish and thin, with no flesh, and starved to death!"

Tetsuken's face became even bleaker when he heard Kakashi's explanation.

"Gintoki, why didn't you tell me about it?"

"I haven't figured out how to tell you, and, as soon as I came to the Land of Iron, I went to Mifune-san, and Mifune-san invited me to participate in a plan, so I can't tell you about it. After listening to Mifune-san's plan, I decided to tell you in this way, and maybe, I can make you believe it more."

Tetsuken frowned and asked: "What plan?"

"Let me explain." Mifune stepped forward and said: "These days, I found Hokubu Tetsujin, that is, your grandfather, the second elder in front of us, made small moves in the Land of Iron very frequently. According to my information, I know that he seems to have a plan and secretly nurtured some people. It seems that he was aiming at Kakashi."

"However, under my careful investigation, I found out that it is not that simple. Tetsujin was sending people to infiltrate all aspects of the Land of Iron. At that time, I knew how big the Tetsujin's ambition was. I knew that if Kakashi and I were to appear outside of the Land of Iron at the same time, Tetsujin will definitely be unable to hold back and went to kill me and Kakashi together. This will not only for revenge, but also to seize the Land of Iron. So, after I met Kakashi, I told him about it."

Kakashi then added: "Yeah, I also told Mifune-san about the information I got, so we both made this plan."

After Kakashi finished speaking, he looked at the second elder whose face was already extremely ugly, and smiled: "You must feel that something is very strange. Why did you say all of the secrets easily? It is because I have been using subtle Genjutsu to you all the time to make you confess about all of that matter."

"Damn guy! How dare you do that to me!" The second elder was furious. He was still wondering just now about why he suddenly said everything.

As for why Kakashi can use subtle Genjutsu without using Sharingan, this is all thanks to Shisui's teaching.

As the strongest Genjutsu user, he didn't only rely on Sharingan to use Genjutsu.

Tetsuken didn't say a word when he heard all of this, and stood still on the spot.

Kakashi patted Tetsuken's shoulder and said, "I know it's cruel to you, but when it's time to face it, you still have to face it."

"Gintoki…" Tetsuken muttered. For more than 20 years, he has never been as helpless as he is now.

At this moment, he felt that his original beliefs have collapsed in an instant.

The world has changed, becoming completely different from what he knew.

Seeing Tetsuken's expression, Kakashi knew that he has fallen into confusion.

Kakashi sighed and said softly: "Since you can't make a decision, let me help you. It doesn't matter even if you hate me later."

Kakashi said, pushing the iron sword aside and looked at the second elder.

"Now, the story is over… Let's now settle the accounts between us."

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