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Chapter 30

At this time, Kakashi did not wear his Konoha"s headband in order to not reveal his identity. So that these ambush shinobi did not recognize Kakashi"s identity.

"Kenji! You bastard actually dare to appear now!"

Ryuga looked at the man who had just spoken with a very angry look. It was the anger that burned inside his eyes!

"Hey Ryuga, are you angry? Is there anything that makes you so angry? When I killed your wife and children, they were not angry. They welcome me happily when I come to your house. And then I happily sent them to hell."

Kenji is laughing loudly while saying that, it seems that what he says just now is something extremely funny.

Ryuga is clenching his fist and gritting his teeth. He is obviously very angry right now.

And Kakashi coldly look at this guy. This kind of scum shouldn"t have been allowed to live!

Kakashi has already decides to kill this Jonin called Kenji.

"Well Kenji, stop talking with him and let"s finish this quickly."

One person who is standing next to Kenji also spoke at this time.

"Yamazaki, what are you worried about? Now that Ryuga is alone, what are you afraid of? With you and me working together, we will be able to kill him easily?"

Yamazaki hearing this just shrugged and said: "You are right."

"Ryuga, now that you are going to die. You can say a few words if you want. After all, there will be no chance in the future."

Kenji said as he looked at the angry Ryuga.

"Ryuga, do you think if you hide by using some caravan, we won"t know your trace? Hahaha, you"re really naive."

Kenji then said while laughing loudly, he is very happy and excited after seeing Ryuga"s angry look.

"Kenji, Yamazaki! We grew up together in Ochagakure, and even form a team. Why do you want to kill me?" Ryuga screamed asking something he never understands.

The relationship between the three of them can be said to be very good, their talent is also very similar, and the time when they become Jonin is not that different. They have been supporting each other, and their friendship is very good, but what he did not expect is that a month ago, the two suddenly started to attack Ryuga.

Under the shock of the betrayal, he could only rush to escape. When he got home, he found out that his wife and children had been poisoned to death. For a time, even Ryuga who had always had a good temper became really angry.

However, Ryuga who has always been calm still understood his situation. He did not immediately seek revenge for the two men. Instead, he left Ochagakure and start to plans for his revenge.

Yamazaki thought that Ryuga was afraid that he starts to escape to land of wind. They didn"t know that it is all Ryuga plans to have revenge against them.

The Chunin brought today is also the confidant of Kenji and Yamazaki. Of course, the two will not think that one of them is actually the confidant of Ryuga.

After all, Ryuga"s previous relationship with this Chunin was not very friendly, and at most they just nod when they met. Its only Ryuga had saved this Chunin life, so this Chunin chose to be loyal to Ryuga.

However, at that time, Ryuga did not think about robbing his friends of his confidant so he chose not to accept him. But this Chunin is still very loyal to Ryuga. When Ryuga contacted him at that time, he agreed without saying anything.

One of the reasons is because he doesn"t like how Kenji and Yamazaki do things. He believes it is better to choose gentler master like Ryuga.

This also made Ryuga very moved.

Sure enough, there are a lot of types of people. Some people are eyeing even their closed friends. And there are some people who understand gratitude.

Seeing that Ryuga does not understand what happened, the two men laughed heartily.

"Hahaha, Ryuga, you are really stupid and cute. From beginning to end, we have not regarded you as a friend. Didn"t you find that every time there is any dangerous mission, you"re the one who always take the lead?"

Ryuga instantly understand, and the bits and pieces of the past were all connected at this moment.

No wonder that every time they come back from a mission, his injury is always worse than the two of them. No wonder his mission rewards is always the least. No wonder that every time they gather, they both come together.

He finally understood the doubt in his past.

"Why! Why didn"t you continue to lie to me?" Ryusaki asked angrily.

Yes, as long as they continue to lie to him, maybe his wife and children will not die.

"Why? It"s very simple, because you got a scroll of secret, but you don"t want to tell us about it, so we have to kill you and grab it."

"Scroll of secret?" Ryuga showed a confused expression.

"Don"t try to fool us. It is when we went to the ancient ruins last time, you got the Scroll from it right?"

"The Scroll is blank, you already saw it, didn"t you?" Ryuga said inexplicably.

"We saw it, but how could the Scroll in the ancient ruins is blank? You must remember it yourself, and then erase the real content, so that we won"t know right?"

Kenji indignantly said that as it was obvious that he is very dissatisfied with Ryuga"s action.

"What do you mean I hide the content? You just kill my family for this boring guess?" Ryuga said incredulously.

He can"t believe how these two who he regards as his best friends would kill him because of this kind of thing.

"Haha, you don"t need pretend anymore, just give us the Scroll, and hand over the secrets. If you do that, we will give you a whole body. Otherwise, I am afraid you will die without a burial site."

Kenji then seems to start feeling bored and tell Ryuga to give them the secrets.

Ryuga hearing this is not angry or sad, he just laughed heartily, so that the people present are somewhat confused.

"Hahaha, well, I finally understand it today. I, Ryuga am really a fool. I have been cheated for so many years without knowing. If this is the case, there is nothing more to say. Today, it"s either all of you or me who will die here!"

After Ryuga finished talking, he then prepares to fight against them.

Kakashi jumped to the side of Ryuga and whispered, "Ryuga, you are responsible for dealing with those Chunin. I will be dealing with those two Jonin. After you have finished dealing those Chunins, come over and help me."

"Kakashi-san, won"t you have some trouble then? Those two guys are not weak."

Ryuga asked with some worries. As a teammate of Kenji and Yamazaki, Ryuga still knows very well about their Strength, but he still doesn"t know anything about Kakashi"s Strength, so he doesn"t know if Kakashi can block the two of them at once.

"Don"t worry, it is no problem. You should be prepared to fight."

Seeing Kakashi"s self-confidence, Ryuga did not say anything, and made up his mind to finish dealing those Chunin faster so that he can help Kakashi.

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