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Chapter 3

Kakashi then go to backyard and after that go to his father room.

This place is his father study room, at the same time is also the secret room of Hatake clan home.

He got to the underground room of his Hatake clan home.

Under the dim light, there are four four tiles with name on it, and the last one is Kakashi"s father, Sakumo, known as Konoha white fang, that is called stronger than even the Legendary Sannin.

Next to that is the place where all of Ninjutsu that Hatake clan collected stored.

Kakashi bowed respectfully to the tile, and then he walked to the side wall next to him, kneeling down, Kakashi use a hand seal and said: "Kai!"

There is a big hole in the originally flattened area, with ladder to go inside.

Kakashi not surprised by this. In the memory of the original, this is the storage room of his Hatake clan.

Kakashi without the slightest hesitation then start go there.

After he got inside, he light one of the lamp, and what he see is a row of bookcases with thousands of Scrolls.

"It"s really a lot. The Hatake Clan really has some background. It"s a shame there is no other clansmen, otherwise the clan will be a Great clan of Konoha."

But still, when his father still alive the people of other clan respect the Hatake Clan.

However after the death of his father, even after Kakashi become a Jōnin, he still not old enough and his clan reputation become smaller.

Looking at it, most of them are five elements, among which Lightning Style Ninjutsu is the most.

After all, all of Hatake Clan member have affinity with Lighting.

In a small corner, a few Scrolls were placed alone, and Kakashi see it, and then take it. The side of the Scroll was written with the Hatake sword technique.

Sword technique! This is the famous technique of his father. Kakashi then open the scroll to look at it.

The Hatake sword technique is not just a simple taijutsu, but actually a taijutsu with lighting release.

Kakashi flipped through Scroll, but the original body had also read it many times. After getting the Sharingan, the original gave up the sword technique and didn"t continue to practice it.

The reason is very simple. Hatake sword technique if trained to later stage will require huge Chakra consumption to make it strong. It is also a easy to break the mountain if trained.

But because of Sharingan, Kakashi"s Chakra reserve was not only restricted, but even the growing speed became extremely slow. Right now actually is the best time for Kakashi to develop and his Chakra reserve should be growing fast too, but because of Sharingan, the speed of this growth have become very slow.

Kakashi looked through the Scroll carefully. After that he smile and said: "How can I not learn this formidable taijutsu."

Kakashi clenched his fist and his mind was more determined to find the seal of Sharingan.

Kakashi wants to seal his Sharingan, but he does not to completely seal it, but to lift its restrictions of using chakra anytime.

It is almost two years after he get Sharingan. Kakashi has been very skilled in using his three tomoe"s Sharingan. Only his Mangekyō Sharingan left, although Kakashi has opened his eyes at the same time as Obito, but Kakashi"s Spiritual energy is still not strong enough to use it. He has already knows about it when his memory merged with the original.

The fusion of the two souls is not yet complete. When it is truly fully integrated, Kakashi"s Spiritual energy will grow at least twice, at the same time, he would be able to use Mangekyō, but the side effects of this still make Kakashi somewhat discouraged.

All in all, Sharingan can be used as a trump card, but he can"t be too dependent on it. The first thing to do is to seal the Sharingan, so that his Strength will be able to grow by a large margin. At that time, maybe he can perfectly control the Sharingan.

In fact, in Kakashi"s mind, there is still the idea of Evolution of ??Sharingan.

Mangekyō Sharingan is still not enough, it will also affect his vision, and can only be used sparingly.

The next step of Mangekyō is the eternal Mangekyō, but it needs the brother"s eye, or a close relative to succeed, at least in the original work.

In this regard, Kakashi does not think so. Eternal Mangekyō using brother"s eye or close relative is one of the ways, but it doesn"t mean the only way.

In Kakashi"s view, a Sharingan can"t complete its Evolution because Spiritual energy of the user is not enough. When the using brother"s eye, their Spiritual energy merges so their power increase. It is the reason why its Evolution is completed.

This is why it is necessary to have between brothers or close relatives, because only the Spiritual energy between close relatives can be merged.

Kakashi doesn"t need it because now with the fusion of the two souls, Kakashi will have a huge amount of Spiritual energy. Also right now, Kakashi only needs to train his Sharingan, which is much less demanding in consuming Spiritual energy.

Therefore, as long as Kakashi"s Spiritual Force is strong enough, the eternal Mangekyō may not be impossible.

Of course, it is just his hypoteshis and it still needs to be explored slowly to uncover the truth.

As for the last Evolution, Rinnegan, Kakashi can only hope to use Senjutsu to create it.

As a member of Konoha, Kakashi is naturally unable to steal the Hashirama"s cell. But if he got caught stealing it, he will be labeled as traitor. There"s no way he wanted that.

At least, it is too dangerous right now because he does not have absolute strength.

Rinnegan is the eye of Sage (Sennin), a combination of Sharingan and Sage (Sennin), which means that it is possible to have Sharingan and Senjutsu.

As long as he develop senjutsu to a certain extent maybe it"s possible.

Kakashi doesn"t know if this will succeed or not, but it"s really worth a try.

Even if you don"t succeed, learning Senjutsu is a good improvement for his own Strength.

As for where to learn, maybe he should to go to the Three Great Holy Land.

Whether it is Senjutsu or Sharingan, he need a huge chakra reserve, so the most important thing now is increasing his chakra reserve.

For the moment, Kakashi thought so much. For the current Kakashi, his Sharingan still does more harm than good. By the time Kakashi has grown to a certain extent, Sharingan"s Ability will really come in handy.

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