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Chapter 29

Sure enough, this Ryuga is smart.

Kakashi thought that the mission Rank was high, and now it seems that it is actually low.

"What about the information from your spy? How many people have come over this time?" Kakashi asked.

"Two Jonin and five Chunin."

Kakashi is actually startled hearing this, but his expression is not changing.

When he saw the expression of Kakashi, Ryuga couldn"t help but be a little surprised. He didn"t expect Kakashi to have such composure at this age. He doesn"t know if it is because Kakashi have confidence to deal with these people or not.

Two Jonin and five Chunin, it is clear that Ochagakure has dispatched more than half of their combat power.

It seems that this Ochagakure is not coming here for just the Rare Metal, but they obviously also know the existence of Ryuga.

"Your spy is a Chunin?"

"Yes, it"s one of the five Chunins. He is a confidant that I secretly cultivated. I didn"t expect it to come in handy now."

"You are shinobi from Ochagakure?" Kakashi asked again seems convinced in his analysis.

Ryusakiyama looks shocked and said: "How do you know?"

"If shinobi village gets shinobi from the outside of the village, those shinobi will be subjected to a very strict assessment. Even if they pass the assessment, they won"t be sent to do important or secret mission. Now it is extremely important mission to have two Jonin doing it. So this Chunin can"t be a shinobi from the outside of the village, and he must be someone born from there."

"And to cultivate such person into a confidant, it can only be done from inside Ochagakure. Therefore, you must be a shinobi from Ochagakure."

"Looking at your current situation, there are some hatreds with Ochagakure, presumably you should rebel from Ochagakure. It seems that you are internal problems before? And I have observed your Strength, you should have Jonin level strenght. So you must be one of the pillars of Ochagakure."

"If you, who are a pillar of Ochagakure were rebeling. There must be some kind of clashing ideology. It seems that other Jonin oppresses you. If it is not the ideology, with your temper, you should not cause hatred. It seems that the other Jonin is united to persecute you, even tries to chase you out! Even then, you won"t be trying to take revenge against them. Sure enough, did your important people killed by them?"

Hearing all of Kakashi"s analysis, Ryuga can"t help but feel some cold sweat.

At this time, Ryuga is so shocked while looking at Kakashi. With just a word and a little clue, he was guessed by Kakashi. That was really terrifying!

"Looking at your expression, I should have guessed it right. In this kind of wolrd, there is always this kind of hatred."

Kakashi sighed and got a deeper understanding of this World.

Ryuga one took a deep breath and then said: "Kakashi-san, you really deserve to be called a genius. Yes, you are correct. I was once one of the Ochagakure"s Jonin, not long ago, the other two Jonin united to try killing me because of something, but fortunately I found out about that in time and escaped .But my wife and children were killed by these two people."

"This kind of hatred, I can"t let it go! I must get revenge against them. But their Strength is similar to me. I can"t beat the two of them at the same time, so I made the decision to create a mission to ask for help from Konoha"s shinobi."

"I understand, this is your grudge, and it is also the grudge of your Ochagakure. I will not get involved."

If the Kakashi does not help, then Ryuga knows that he won"t succeed!

"Kakashi-san, please, if I successfully take my revenge, I will help you in the future!"

Ryuga throws out his final chips. After all, except for this, there is nothing else Ryuga can do.

Kakashi looked at the eyes of Ryuga, and finally said faintly: "My mission is to protect the owners of the caravan and the goods. If there is shinobi coming to kill them, I will stop it."

Kakashi finished, and after that he jumps into another cart.

Ryusakiyama then shows happy expression after hearing Kakashi seems to be agreeing about this!

With the excitement of the heart, Ryuga then leave and did the final preparation.

"I have used my Sharingan to see that his Chakra has no abnormal changes, to make sure he doesn"t lie. I really don"t want to help, but a Jonin"s allegiance is a good condition. And if both of the enemy Jonin is dead, then Ochagakure will still have a lot of Genin to cultivate. Maybe a few years later, the village strength will be stronger."

Kakashi muttered to himself, his voice is very small, except Kakashi himself, no one else could hear it, and Kakashi finalizes his plan.

This is a world of shinobi. In addition to its own strength, it is also necessary to have a formidable force. In Konoha, he can only start a friendship, and it is not appropriate to make his own force.

At least for now, Kakashi does not have the Strength to do this.

Therefore, Kakashi can only do this kind of thing outside Konoha.

Original Kakashi didn"t want to find some force this so early, but now that someone is actually finding Kakashi himself, naturally Kakashi will accept this.

After all, this time, Kakashi is the one who is at advantage. Otherwise, Kakashi can choose to leave when he knows the truth.

After all, the client has falsely reports the mission content, so they can invalidate this mission. Kakashi will not be blamed if he abandons this mission. But on the one hand, Kakashi didn"t want to give up the opportunity to train. Kakashi also had a good impression of Ryuga, so he was happy to help him.

"So, the next thing to do is to prepare for the battle."

Kakashi sat silently on the cart, moving his chakra around his body and restore his state to the most peak moment.

The caravan slowly entered the woods, and it is quite right now. There are only sound from the bird and the insect.

Kakashi widen his eye and shouted: "Everyone stop! Be careful, there is an ambush!"

The caravan"s people hearing this immediately stopped, the atmosphere is heavy. They understand they are now in dangerous situation.

Such an obvious killing intent, even if it is a Genin who is here, they would be able to detect this. Let alone a genius like Kakashi.

However, the opposite side did not seem to try to hide their figure, and came out directly from a big tree. Two Jonin and five Chunin formed an encirclement to surround the caravan.

"Who is that little devil? His perception is very sharp. Ryuga, where did you find this helper of yours?"

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