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Chapter 27

"Well, shinobi-sama, I presume that you are tired coming here, let"s first come back to my Inn and rest. We can start leaving tomorrow."

Ryuga drank the last cup of his sake and then stood up. At the same time, he also called Kakashi to leave with him.

Kakashi naturally doesn"t mind it. Although he is a little hungry, it is more important to do the right thing first.

Walking behind Ryuga, Kakashi soon found out that something was wrong. This Ryuga is really not an ordinary person, he is a shinobi!

Although he tried to hide his Chakra movement, Kakashi could still see that he was a shinobi through the movement of Ryuga, and his strength is not low.

It looks like he is a Jonin!

However, Kakashi did not say anything, because no one has specified that shinobi can not hire shinobi to perform mission. Even if he says that Ryuga is a shinobi, it won"t change anything.

Now he will try to pretend not aware about this and wait to see what this man wants to do!

After walking for a while with Ryuga, they soon arrive at a small inn. It seems that they were booked by Ryuga. There are two people guarding the door of the inn.

"Ryuga-san, you are back."

The guard at the door is obviously a person from Ryuga"s caravan. When they see Ryuga, they immediately greet him.

"Good job you two. This is the shinobi-sama who will join and start protecting us tomorrow."

Ryuga pointed to Kakashi as he introduces Kakashi to them.

The two guards looked at Kakashi and they obviously look skeptical.

"Ryuga-san, isn"t this shinobi too young?"

"Don"t worry, Konoha choose to sent him to execute this mission. Naturally he is good enough to complete this mission."

Ryuga explained with a smile and seems full of confidence in Kakashi.

Kakashi can"t understand why Ryuga has this kind of confidence in him. Did this guy know Kakashi? Otherwise why Ryuga is so confident in him?

Seeing Ryuga saying that, the two guards did not speak anything and then they respectfully moved sideways to let Kakashi and Ryuga inside.

"Shinobi-sama, please come in then."


Seeing this happens, Kakashi didn"t said anything and just nod.

Walking into the hotel, the two then sit down on a chair.

"Ryuga-san, although I have seen the mission contents from the scroll before, there are still some things I want ask you."

"Please ask away, Shinobi-sama."

"This mission is to protect the caravan in its way to a village in the land of wind right?"

"That"s right."

"For this kind of mission, it should only have B-rank. Why did Ryuga-san commission this as A-rank mission? Did you know that there will be shinobi coming over to rob your goods?"

Kakashi said as his right eye showed a cold light, looking directly at Ryuga.

However, Ryuga did not seem to see the deep meaning of Kakashi"s eyes. He said with a smile: "What do you think shinobi-sama?"

"Ryuga-san, if you want to employ Konoha"s shinobi for a mission, you should make mission clear, otherwise me as Konoha"s Shinobi can just reject this mission."

Kakashi seriously looks at Ryuga to see if there is some kind of movement from him.

Ryuga then sighed and said: "As expected from Kakashi of the Sharingan, your observation and analysis ability is really good."

Kakashi pupils shrank, and his body start to tense then he said: "Do you know me?"

"Of course, silver-white hair, wearing a mask, and still in his teenager. In the whole Konoha, there is only Hatake Kakashi that looks like this."

Ryuga then said plainly as it was a matter of fact.

"It seems that you really are a shinobi."

"Oh? So you discovered it."

Ryuga was a little surprised. After all, he was quite confident about his hiding technique. He did not expect to be seen by Kakashi this fast.

"Can you tell me your purpose now?"

"Kakashi-san, in fact, my purpose is really to send this caravan to a village in the land of the wind. I used to be a shinobi, but now I"m not a shinobi anymore. My goods are some Rare Metal. The goods are not that good so only small shinobi village is eyeing it."


Ryugasaki didn"t expect Kakashi to know about this village.

"Yes, it is Ochagakure. Before this, I once help a seriously injured Ochagakure"s shinobi, not only he did not have gratitude, but he also tries to passed the news that I wanted to transport Rare Metal to Ochagakure and let Ochagakure"s other shinobi rob my goods. But I discovered him on the spot. I was angered and killed him directly, but the news was already spread."

Kakashi hearing this stay silence, it seems some of these are true when he looks at Ryuga, but there are also some that are false.

"Kakashi-san, I know that if Ochagakure"s shinobi comes over, they will come with great power. I ask Konoha"s help just in case."

After listening to the explanation of Ryuga, Kakashi choose to believe him.

After all, Ryuga is also a Jonin. If he didn"t apply for A-rank mission and asking for another Jonin, then it is meaningless to make such request.

"Thank you for your explanation Ryuga-san. I probably understand. I will try my best to complete this mission."

"That"s okay Kakashi-san."

When Ryuga see Kakashi"s expression, he shows a satisfied smile.

"If there is nothing else, I will go first. You can call me when you"re ready to leave tomorrow."

"No problem, I will take you to your room."


Kakashi looks at the room arranged by Ryuga for him. He left the inn and went out to eat something. After a day"s journey, although he still got some energy, Kakashi was indeed hungry at this time.

Sitting in his room, Ryuga closed his eyes and muttered to himself: "I didn"t expect that the person who came this time is Hatake Kakashi. Although he is still a teenager, he should not be underestimated. After all, he is the son of White Fang, his strength will also be formidable enough. I don"t know if this mission will go well."

Ryuga stood up, opens the window and looked at the distant night sky.

"Ochagakure, it"s been a long time since I saw it. The grudge between you and me has finally comes to an end."

Ryuga said with a tone that has a bit of remembrance, but also with a bit of hatred.

It can be seen how complicated the mood of Ryuga is right now.

Kakashi who had eaten his dinner returned to his room.

Today Kakashi didn"t try to practice. After all, he will start to execute mission tomorrow. Kakashi must ensure that he is in the best condition at all times.

The fatigue caused by practice will likely to affect the mission and may even take his life. This is something Kakashi understands.

The first purpose of doing mission is to make money, and the second is to accumulate experience. The experience accumulated in actual combat is applied to practice, which will result in twice the results for only half the effort.

If there is also a terrifying life and death situation, he will more likely to get a Great Breakthrough.

He knows that it is like walking on a thin line, with just a slightest mistake, he can lose his life.

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