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Chapter 26

"Kakashi, how"s your rest?"

In the Hokage office, Sandaime asked with a smile, obviously in a good mood.

"It"s good, is there a mission today?"

"Yes, you know that right now the village is very lacking in manpower, so you need to complete a lot of mission."

"I understand."

Sandaime of nodded, at the same time, threw a Scroll to Kakashi and said: "This mission is a protection Mission. The object of protection is a businessman. He wants to send a batch of goods from the land of fire to the land of the wind."

"The Land of Wind?" Kakashi stunned, he did not expect it to be this place.

"Yes, it is the Land of Wind, although we have friendly relations with the Land of Wind, right now there is some problem at the land of the wind, it is insecure." Sandaime answered.

"What happened?" Kakashi asked curiously.

"The one-tailed Jinchūriki, Bunpuku is about to pass away. It is estimated that Sunagakure is having a headache to find the next Jinchūriki. So they strengthen their guards."

"So it is like that."

Kakashi finally understand and thought: "So, it is almost December now. I remember that Gaara was born in January, that is, more than one month before Shukaku will be sealed on the newly born Gaara."

"So, this time you go to the land of the wind cautiously, and try to not do anything unnecessary in the land of the wind, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble."

"I understand!"

"Well, the mission"s content is in the Scroll, you should be careful, and try to come back as soon as possible, the village needs your Strength." Sandaime said gently, his words are full of concern.

"Of course Hokage-sama."

Kakashi finished then finally disappeared from there.

Sandaime looked down and continued to review the piled up documents. There really is too much work for the Hokage. In the original work, if not because of there no one else suitable to becomes Hokage. With original Kakashi"s lazy temper, he will never want to become Hokage.

Kakashi went back to his home and looked through the contents of the Scroll carefully.

Kakashi touched his chin and seemed to be thinking about something.

"The content of this Mission is to protect a businessman named Ryuga and his caravans, from a town in the land of fire to a town in the land of the wind. The distance is quite far, and with the speed of the caravan. It will take one month to finish this."

"This Mission is A-rank, meaning there is some shinobi who is eyeing the goods. According to the description of the goods, it is some expensive Metal. It seems to be some Rare Metal. And in this journey, the nearest one should be a small land called the Land of Tea, there is also a small shinobi village called Ochagakure."

"So, is it the shinobi of Ochagakure that is eyeing this shipment? That village is very poor. It is not impossible for them to eye this shipment. But how does this businessman know? Usually, the mission of protecting a caravan is at most B-rank. But this businessman actually paid compensation for A-rank mission, apparently not in line with the character of a businessman."

"How can a businessman spend extra money, unless he knows that it is necessary to spend money. Then, this businessman called Ryuga is not simple man."

Kakashi made a brief analysis and immediately stood up and felt that this Mission was not simple. However, he has just practiced the Eight Gates Technique so there has been a small increase in his Strength. Plus now, his Mangekyō has been opened and Kamui can be used.

As long as there is no Kage level shinobi, Kakashi feels that he should be able to finish this mission. Even if it there is Kage level shinobi, with Kamui he should be able to run away.

Unless it is an opponent even stronger than Kage-level, he should be fine.

However, during this period, there should be no ones that strong.

In this case, what is he afraid of? Just take it as a test for himself, at the same time, he can also take a good look at the landscape of this World.

After thinking this, Kakashi then goes out to buy some of the supplies for this mission.

When passing by the Jiraiya house, Kakashi stop and found that there was no one inside. There was a sign saying that the owner had something to go out at the door. It seemed that Jiraiya had starts to travel around World.

For not sending Jiraiya make Kakashi feels a little regret, but there is nothing he can do, shinobi is always like this. He knows that he will meet him again soon.

Kakashi secretly made up his mind that when he next meet Jiraiya, he will surely make Jiraiya look at his growth, and it will be time to ask for his promise. After all, Jiraiya can be called the best teacher in Naruto world.

None of Jiraiya"s disciple is weak. Even Sandaime"s teaching is not comparable to Jiraiya"s teaching.

Early the next morning, Kakashi packed up his things, sealed them in the Scroll, carried his Millennium sword, and then he left Konoha with a pass from Sandaime.

The village that the caravan is waiting is not far from Konoha. Kakashi then starts to run at full speed and arrive there before the sun set. Kakashi quickly found this businessman, called Ryuga, through the methods written in mission Scroll.

Ryusaki is about 1.7 m, similar to the current Kakashi, wearing a gray-white robes, he looks like a 30 years old man.

With a gentle smile, Ryuga is sitting in a pub while eating a sashimi with a small bottle of sake.

It is very pleasant to eat a sashimi and drink sake.

Kakashi confirmed that this person was the mission employer, so he walked over to him and sat down.

Ryuga did not have a trace of surprise, took a sip of sake and said: "Are you Konoha"s shinobi?"

"Yes, you are the employer of this Mission, Ryuga-san right?"

"Yes, it"s me. I can"t help but surprised to see a young shinobi is sent to do this mission. You must be a genius shinobi."

There was a smile on the face of Ryuga, and he spoke some amazement, but his face did not show a trace of being surprised.

Kakashi seeing this then start to think: "Sure enough, this guy is not an ordinary person. Ordinary person will be surprised to see a young shinobi and thinks that I am not capable enough."

"Thank you for your compliment Ryuga-san."

"Haha, is shinobi-sama interested in drinking a cup or two?" Ryuga asked with a glass of sake in his hand.

"Thank you, but I didn"t drink during Mission, forgive me." Kakashi then refused.

"That"s a pity. The taste of sake from this pub is very good."

Ryuga showed a regretful look, and then he starts to drink the sake in his hand.

Kakashi frown, he doesn"t understand what this guy wants to do. However, Kakashi has foreseen that this Mission may not be that simple.

However, Kakashi did not have a trace of fear, but he was actually excited.

Millennium, whose blood you will draw this time?

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