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Chapter 25

In the seventh training field, Kakashi and Guy are doing the same training.

"Hey, Kakashi, there are only 100 left."

Guy is still so energetic and shouts loudly.

Kakashi and Guy are constantly doing push-ups, and their speed is fast, so that people only see afterimage.

The beads of sweat fell from the forehead of the two people, soaked their clothes, and the ground under these two people also soaked in sweat.

Even if the weather is a bit cold, their harsh exercise has caused these two to feels hot and the sweat could not stop flowing from their body.

"At last, we finally finish ten thousand push-ups" Guy screamed and jumped up in an instant, with big smile on his face.

Kakashi at the same time also stood up straight, but both of his hands were slightly trembling, and his body shows sign of exhaustion.

"Kakashi, now you should start to train the Eight Gates technique. It can quickly eliminate your fatigue and enhance your Physique."

Guy said, revealing his white teeth again.

Kakashi nod tiredly, after all his stamina is not as much as Guy. Doing ten thousand push-ups almost make him exhaust his stamina.

Kakashi can feel the exhaustion from his body, and the cells in his whole body seem to be craving for nourishment.

Kakashi closed eyes, and feels start to move his body"s Chakra. He starts moving it according to the Eight Gates technique, and the Chakra then nourishes the cells with his body in a special way.

An unspeakable sense of refreshment made Kakashi almost let out a moan.

Chakra within his body is constantly being consumed, and the craving of the cells seems to be weakening. Chakra was extracted from the cells, and now it has come back to the cells but it feels completely different from before.

That feeling is like water turning into ice, so wonderful.

A moment later, Kakashi opened his right eye with a hint of shock and joy.

Looking at his own hands, Kakashi can clearly feel that the previous feeling of exhaustion has disappeared, and it seems that the strength his strength also increase a bit.

Did the effect really is this good?

"Kakashi, how are you feeling?"

"It feels good and the effect seems to be very good."

"The first practice effect of the Eight Gates technique is the best, and then it will become slow. You should know that so that you don"t get anxious."

"Yeah." Kakashi nodded gently and said.

If the Eight Gates technique is so good practice, it will not only be used by a few people from beginning to end. He knows that Tenten and Neji, who are in the same group as Lee has not learned Eight Gates technique and because they know that Eight Gates technique is not that easy.

Not only because of its side effects, but also because the practice of Eight Gates technique is not only slow, but they also needs to bear a lot of suffering to learn this. Neji already has Byakugan, and it is use for Gentle Fist style. It is somewhat incompatible with the Eight Gates technique, so Neji does not learn it. And Tenten is a girl, obviously she doesn"t want to have this kind of suffering.

In the original work, Rock Lee only studies in a year or two and already be able to open up to fifth gate, showing his Talent on Taijutsu. But after three years, Lee can only open up to sixth gate, showing that training the Eight Gates technique is harder to open the later gates.

Guy trains for more than 20 years to be able to finally mastering this technique.

However, Kakashi still has time. He believes that he can at least master up to the sixth gates when the plot begins. This is his most conservative estimate. After all, there is still 12 years. He didn"t believe he can"t achieve it.

If he is fully committed to the practice of the Eight Gates technique, Kakashi believes that he not only be able to open the sixth gate, and he would be able to open the final gate. But Kakashi is not only focusing to learn the Eight Gates technique. After all, he does not want to become the Taijutsu type shinobi.

Kakashi has a terrifying Talent for Ninjutsu, and he knows that it was wasteful if he only learns Taijutsu.

What"s more, the terrifying power of the Eight Gates technique will make him die. Kakashi does not want to use his own life to do that.

Ninjutsu and sword technique are what Kakashi needs to focus now. Of course, he won"t be lazy while training the Eight Gates technique. Only by doing it all, that he will be able to become the strongest.

In the three basic types of techniques of shinobi, he already starts to train in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. As for Genjutsu, Kakashi doesn"t need to train that.

With his enormous Spiritual energy, Kakashi is immune from the Genjutsu belowA-rank, and even he has some resistance against A-rank or above Genjutsu. Together with his Sharingan, he knows that it will be hard for Genjutsu to affect him. There is still Tsukuyomi that is hard to resist, but he knows that he may be able to resist it.

After all, Kakashi already open his Mangekyo, he is not afraid of Tsukuyomi. As for the strongest Genjutsu Kotoamatsukami, Kakashi knows that he won"t be able to resist against it.

Fortunately, he knows that Shisui and Itachi are still at the academy.

It will still take some time before they opens their Mangekyo. So Kakashi doesn"t need to worry about those two Genjutsu

"Thank you Guy." Kakashi said the most sincere thanks to Guy.

When he thinks about when he first comes to this World, he would like to say who is helping him the most is Guy.

Whether when Guy starts accompany him to train, or now that he teaches Kakashi the Eight Gates technique. Guy has selflessly offering his own practice style. This make Kakashi feels very touched.

If it is someone else, Guy may not be so generous, but it is because of Kakashi that Guy is so generous when teaching. It can be seen that Guy is really a friend of Kakashi, a friend of his life.

Kakashi start to feel guilty for this because he uses Guy. After all, when he has just come to this World, he still feels strange, even if there is the memory of original Kakashi originally, he can"t help but panic.

But because Guy, Kakashi is able to master the original Ability, and he can calmly face the battles that he could not have imagined before.

Therefore, Kakashi is grateful to Guy, and at the same time also cherish his friendship with Guy. Such a friend, what reason is not to cherish? Is there any reason not to protect him?

"Don"t worry, Guy, I will never let you end up in disability because of the final battle." Kakashi silently vowed in his heart.

After all Guy was the first friendship that Kakashi built after coming to this World. This warm feeling made Kakashi really happy.

"Hey, Kakashi, you don"t need to be that polite. If you really want to thank me, just fight me in another match. After all I just lost the Taijutsu duel. It"s really unforgivable. I want to win this time!"

Kakashi smiled and said, "Okay, let"s go then."

"Ah, that"s great, this is youth!"

Guy said while laughing loudly.

In the setting sun, the two figures then start to move and clashing.

"Take this! Leaf Strong Whirlwind!"

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