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Chapter 24

Looking at Guy who is now full of spirit, Kakashi cannot bear to interrupt him. But if he doesn"t interrupt Guy, He afraid that Guy will not care about Kakashi, and directly start practice by himself, maybe he will run away too.

If that happen, Kakashi"s plan today will be ruined.

Kakashi doesn"t know when he will get another free time like this. After all, there are a lot of missions for Anbu, and he may be called to execute mission at any time.

Therefore, Kakashi doesn"t care and interrupt Guy who"s full of spirit now.

"Guy, wait a minute."

Kakashi"s loud call finally made Guy awake.

"Ah, Kakashi, did call me? What happened?"

Look at Guy"s face, Kakashi is feeling helpless, he really forgets about him.

"I have won this match, so now I want you to teach me the Eight Gates technique."

"Eight Gates technique?"

Guy was a little surprised. He didn"t expect Kakashi to ask him to teach that technique.

"Kakashi, the Eight Gates technique is not an easy thing to learn. I have practiced for so many years, but now I can only open up to the sixth gate."

Guy"s face this time is looking serious, showing how serious Guy at this time.

"Of course I know that, but I still want to ask you to teach me that." Kakashi said with a solemn face. This decision Kakashi was not decided in a hurry, but was decided after he got some consideration.

The Eight Gates technique is not only strongest Taijutsu technique in Naruto"s world, but also the only way to enhance Physique. If he doesn"t have strong physique, he won"t be able to learn the Eight Gates technique.

One of the things that Kakashi value ??is the way to enhance his Physique.

Only with the combination of the strong Physique and the formidable Spiritual energy, he will be able to get stronger chakra. In terms of Spiritual energy, because of his two soul fusions, it is already much stronger than ordinary people. If his Physique is also enhanced, Chakra will be able to attain a new height.

And he trains the Eight Gates technique to a certain extent, as long as he doesn"t open the eighth gate, it can also be used as another trump card. In the future, many of the enemies will be able to absorb Chakra, such as Preta Path Pain, Kisame Hoshigaki, and there is also Obito and Madara that is invulnerable to chakra when they becomes the Ten tails Jinchuriki. If he fights against them, Taijutsu will be important key to defeat them.

Strong Physique is also very helpful for Kakashi to display the Hatake"s clan sword technique.

Combining all of the above, learning Eight Gates technique is important for him. Among Konoha"s shinobi, Guy is the only users Kakashi know.

With their relationship, Kakashi knows that Guy will teach him if he asks.

Therefore, Kakashi is now asking Guy to help him.

Seeing the seriousness in Kakashi"s face, Guy knew that Kakashi was not joking, so he showed his white teeth and made a youthful posture.

"You really deserve to be my eternal rival. You got the same perseverance as me. Well, from today on, we will meet to practice Eight Gates technique."

"Thank you very much Guy."

"You don"t have to. You know what Kakashi, you can just teach me your Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: One Thousand Years of Death, after all its power is really amazing!"

Kakashi is shocked, after all, he did not think that Guy was interested in the One Thousand Years of Death. Right now Kakashi looks at Guy weirdly.

"Sure, no problem."

"Ohhh, that"s great. I didn"t expect you to create such Taijutsu skill."

Kakashi is speechless… It seems that a crow flies over while saying Aho-Aho.

"Kakashi, now I will tell you the mystery of the Eight Gates technique."


Kakashi nodded, then he begins to listen carefully, Hokage"s strongest Taijutsu, how Eight Gates technique is learned.

"The Eight Gates technique has a total of eight gates. The Eight Gates exist in order to limit the flow of chakra within an individual"s body. Ordinarily, individuals can use no more than 20% of their body"s full potential, the brain"s way of protecting the individual from harming their body through overexertion. With training, individuals can learn to remove these limiters, referred to as "opening" the gates. If you unlock all of the eight gates, you will get a very terrifying Strength, but you also will die. When my father opens his eighth, he is able to fight against the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and killed four of them, but he eventually died after opening it."

Guy said with tone filled with sadness. After all, even if this happened a long time ago. For Guy, this is a huge blow.

Kakashi seeing Guy"s face understands what is going on, but he doesn"t say anything. It is useless to say anything comforting at this time. Silent companionship is enough.

Guy soon starts to regain his vitality and then he said: "The eight gates are composed of Gate of Opening, Gate of Healing, Gate of Life, Gate of Pain, Gate of Limit, Gate of View, Gate of Wonder and Gate of Death. With each opened gate, you are given access to more and more of your body"s chakra, thus increasing their physical strength and speed."

"In fact, the first three doors of the eight gates is not that damaging to your body. The start of the Eight Gates technique is from the fourth gate. The Gate of Opening will lift the brain restriction allowing you to use 100% body"s capability."

"The Gate of Healing increases the user"s physical strength. This has the added effect of re-energising the body, enabling it to rapidly recover from exhaustion."

"The Gate of Life turns the user"s skin red when opened. Other effects include the user"s pupils disappearing, their hair standing on end, and bulging veins all over their body. The user"s body also starts to exclude green aura."

"The Gate of Pain increases the user"s speed and power. It may cause muscle tissue to tear on use."

"These first four gates are the less dangerous ones. When you reach The Gate of Limit, it will cause a lot of damage to your body. If the practice is insufficient, it is likely to be seriously injured when using it, so you need to use this with caution."

Kakashi listened carefully and quickly understood the benefits of the Eight Gates technique. At least after some of practice, he will be able to use the first three gates without worrying about overloading his body.

That kind of load may not be as high as when he is using his Sharingan.

In other words, after learning the first three gates, Kakashi"s Strength will increase even further.

Sure enough, the Eight Gates technique is really a good thing.

"Kakashi, do you understand all of it?"

"Well, I understand."

"You don"t understand it. Okay, I"ll repeat from the start again. What? You said you understand?" Guy is shocked while looking at Kakashi, apparently he"s unable to accept the fact that Kakashi could understand after only hearing this once.

When Guy"s father starts teaching him this, he doesn"t understand and make his father repeating again and again.

"Well, I understand." Kakashi nodded while looking calm.

Guy hearing almost got tears in his eyes.

"As expected of Kakashi, you"re really my eternal rival!"

Kakashi smiled after hearing this.

"Okay, now we will start practicing the Eight Gates technique!"


Kakashi is happy because now he will be able to learn the strongest Taijutsu technique in Naruto"s world.

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