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Chapter 23

After opening it for a while, Kakashi closed the Mangekyō Sharingan. But even if he doesn"t use it for long, he can clearly feel his chakra is consumed by a lot, also his Spiritual energt is also consumed by a lot.

"It"s no wonder that Kakashi in original work almost die after using Mangekyo excessively. I"m afraid that not only his Chakra is exhausted, but even his Spiritual energy is exhausted, causing him to faint and become closer to death." Kakashi murmured.

Kakashi pulled back his headband and touched his silver-white hair. Right now he feels a little helpless. According to the current situation, he afraid that he can only uses Kamui one time before he faints.

But fortunately, it is just the beginning. After mastering this, it is not a problem to use it several times, and as his age increases, his Spiritual energy and chakra will also increase, and making him stronger.

There is also a big problem that he can"t practice his Mangekyo, because if he used it too many times, he will go blind, which means that every use is precious, and practicing it is simply impossible.

Unless he attains eternal Mangekyō or has Hashirama"s cells, he still needs to use his Mangekyo sparingly.

Since he opened his Mangekyo, it will be his trump card. After all, even if it is Kage level Expert. If he"s not able to dodge it, Kakashi is confident to chop his head with Kamui.

The four symbols seal then reappeared, completely sealing his Sharingan. After sealed, Kakashi feels abundant Chakra once again in his body. After using four symbols seal many times, Kakashi has become more skilled.

Sealing and unsealing seals in an instant is not a difficult task now.

Under the moonlight, Kakashi took out his Millennium sword and go to his courtyard. He once again start waving the Millennium sword. Even when he did not use the slightest Chakra while waving it, it still looks beautiful.

If someone looks at it carefully, they will find that Kakashi"s sword technique is somewhat different from the original Hatake"s sword technique. It is a bit less fierce and more flexible.

The sword then start going faster and there are afterimages from it and bringing out the sound of the wind, while under the moonlight. It is making the scene somewhat exquisite.

The next day, Kakashi came to Guy"s home very early. It"s a coincidence that Guy is just about to leave his home.

Seeing Kakashi, Guy is a little happy and yelled: "Kakashi, your mission is over? Let"s go do some youthful showdown!"

Kakashi smiled and nod. Today the reason he"s meeting Guy is for practicing taijutsu. But before doing that, he think it was good to do a match against Guy.

"Good, come on, Kakashi, what is the match this time?" Guy said excitedly.

In Guy"s opinion, since the Kyuubi"s attack, Kakashi no longer tries to avoid doing a match against him, but he now do the match seriously that make Guy somewhat happy.

Although he doesn"t know what had cause Kakashi to make such a change, Guy did not care. Furthermore, he knows that even if he thinks about it, he won"t be able to find the answer.

"Then let"s go to the seventh training field today, we will do the match there."

"Okay, let"s go." Guy screamed excitedly and he starts to run to the seventh training field. As for Kakashi, he is still standing there.

Kakashi was helpless and then he immediately follows Guy"s pace.

So, in the early morning, Konoha"s villager saw two black and green figures running very fast inside the village. And the green figure is running while laughing very hard, making people think that he is a crazy guy.

Kakashi couldn"t help but start to get distanced from Guy, because he feels shameful.

"As expected of my eternal rival. I will speed up now!" Guy screamed and starts to run even faster.

Kakashi couldn"t help but smile after seeing this.

"Okay, but I won"t be falling behind."

The two run side by side and soon arrive to the seventh training field.

"Ah! This is youth! I didn"t expect this to be a draw! Come on, let"s start the match so we can decide the victor!"

Guy then start to punch Kakashi.

Kakashi just stopped and looked at Guy"s punch. It feels full of power. Kakashi was sure that if he was hit by it, his face will be bruised.

Then he moves sideways to dodge the punch.

"Hey Guy, you should"ve wait for me to get ready before attacking."

"Kakashi, there is no enemy that will wait for you to get ready."

Well, what Guy said is reasonable. Kakashi is unable to refute it

See Kakashi start moving, Guy raised his right foot to do a flying kick.

Kakashi knows that Guy won"t listen anymore and then he start fighting back.

"Leaf Whirlwind!"

Seeing Guy"s kick, Kakashi did not dodge, but he grabbed Guy"s foot directly. He then turned around and used some force to throw Guy directly.

"Great! As expected of my eternal rival. You just stop my Leaf Whirlwind easily. But now I will show you my Leaf Strong Whirlwind!"

Kakshi then feels strong wind near his ear. Kakashi"s right eye focused, and he sees a very powerful kick has almost hit him!


Kakashi use his technique to instantly disappeared that place.

Guy seeing his kick not hitting anything looks around searching for his enemy.

"Oy Kakashi, where did the guy go, how can you disappears like that?"

When Guy was puzzled, Kakashi"s sound is heard from Guy"s back.

"Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: One Thousand Years of Death!"

Guy was shocked and immediately said: "What is that Taijutsu secret technique? Why don"t I know…"

However, before Guy finish talking, Kakashi make tiger"s hand seal with his hand behind Guy. His hands then start moving and stabs directly into Guy"s back side!


Guy can only scream and he comically leaps into the air.

Kakashi showed a sly smile, standing proudly and looked at his fingers while secretly thought: "This technique is really strong. As expected from a secret technique."

On the other hand, Guy while still feeling the pain at his back side says: "Kakashi, what is that Taijutsu secret technique? I have never heard of it, and… It is very powerful."

"One Thousand Years of Death!"

"What a domineering name! It is not a Konoha Taijutsu secret technique. Did you create it on your own?"

"Yes, you can say that."

"You really are my eternal rival. This is youth. I didn"t expect you to have created a new Taijutsu technique. It is really strong. Right now I need to increase my training!"

Guy said as he start to feels more motivated.

"You know that you don"t need to be that exited Guy." Kakashi touched his head while saying helplessly.

However, it is clear that Guy is not listening to Kakashi and he"s immersed in his youthful World.

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