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Chapter 22

"So Orochimaru is able to escape?"

In the Hokage office, Sandaime is now listening to the report from Kakashi and the others.

At this time, Sandaime was filled with various emotions. Even he feels some kind of regret, he still kind of happy to hear this. After all, Sandaime still couldn"t bear to let Orochimaru die.

"Okay, I understand. Everyone except Jiraiya can leave now."

Anbu"s shinobi then disappeared after hearing this.

"Old Man, what are you going to do with me?" Jiraiya said slyly.

Seeing Jiraiya show up here, Sandaime couldn"t help but be a little surprised. He didn"t expect Jiraiya is so calm right now. He knew that before when Jiraiya heard about the news of Orochimaru"s defection, he rushed out like crazy.

"You looks like not affected now, how can you recover so quickly?" Sandaime could not help but ask curiously.

"Orochimaru, He has his own way to go. Since I can"t stop him, naturally there is nothing to I can say to him." Jiraiya said casually, but only Sandaime can see that Jiraiya is not as calm as he said that.

"Well, what are you going to do next? Continue to travel around the world?"

"Of course. After all, I still have to go everywhere to get the material for my book." Jiraiya laughed as he said it.

"You… Don"t you want to stay and help me? Konoha is now is in its weak state." Sandaime ask as he looked at Jiraiya with a glimmer of hope.

From the three disciples that Sandaime has. Tsunade is now heartbroken and she is suffering from homophobia. Right now she won"t be back here as long as there is wound in her heart.

The one he most optimist about, Orochimaru is now has his mind distorted and he also defect from Konoha.

So the only one left to help Sandaime is only Jiraiya that looks unreliable, but he is actually more reliable than anyone else.

Unfortunately, Jiraiya needs to disappoint Sandaime.

"Sorry, Old Man, you already know my character. I can"t do these things." Jiraiya said with a slight apology.

Sandaime sighed and his eyes flashed with disappointment, although he already knows his answer, but when he answers this, Sandaime couldn"t help but feels disappointed.

"Well, it seems that I still have to rely on my old bones." Sandaime said while sitting in his seat. He seems extremely lonely.

"Old Man, you don"t have to be like this. Shinsuke and Asuma have grown up and I know that they will be able to help you then."

(Shinsuke is the name of Konohamaru. He is also the big brother of Asuma)

"Haha, I know that Shinsuke is good, but knowing Asuma, that brat will just try to make me angry." Sandaime said as he feeling some kind of headache thinking about Asuma who is rebelling against him.

"haha, That kid right now is in his rebellious phase, it"s normal." Seeing Sandaime like this, Jiraiya couldn"t help but feel refreshed.

"You …" Look at Jiraiya"s happy face, Sandaime didn"t know whether to laugh or cry.

"Kakashi is also very good choice. He will become a new pillar of Konoha in the future." Jiraiya then suddenly spoke of Kakashi.

"Kakashi?" Sandaime said as he starts to smoke from his pipe. Then he slowly said: "This child had started changed after the dead of Minato."

"Yes, I am very surprised to see him right now. His heart now is clear, there is no more darkness in it. I believe his future is limitless. Old Man, you have to cultivate him well. It is also for the sake to make up for Sakumo, you should also train him."

Sandaime then starts to look at Jiraiya straightly. He then sighed and said: "The things with Sakumo…"

"Forget it, Old Man, Sakumo is not a fool. He chose this path without regrets. Otherwise, with his Strength, he won"t give in. In the end, it"s Konoha fault. So we should make up with him by cultivating his son"

After being silence while thinking about it, Sandaime slowly start to talk: "I know, Konoha"s Hero"s son should be treated well. Rest assured, I will not mistreat Kakashi."

"That"s good, I believe that Kakashi will become Konoha"s new pillar. Old Man, if there is some trouble, you should let me know. I will come back as fast as I can."

Sandaime of laughed, said: "Haha, okay. But you should come back from time to time."

"Of course I will."

The two men looked at each other and laughed. Sure enough, they can"t help but feeling concerned wherever they are.

Kakashi has finally back to his home. Kakashi"s face is frowning while he sits on his bed, and there is sweat dripping from his face and start soaking his clothes.

Kakashi closed his eyes and his face is frowning even further. Right now, he feels some kind of headache.

In Kakashi body right now, the power of the two souls is constantly colliding. One is the soul of the original Kakashi, which is white, and the new Kakashi"s soul is black.

The fusion between the two has reached the final step. After this step, Kakashi"s Spiritual energy will advance, and he would be able to use the Mangekyō Sharingan.

But he knows if this final step failed, both the original Kakashi and the current Kakashi will die.

It is his chance to upgrade his power, but if he fails, he will die!

At this time, Kakashi feels the chakra inside his body is rampaging and then the three black Magatamas in Sharingan start to turn very fast and look terrifying.

Kakashi couldn"t help but screaming right now. Fortunately, there was no one in Kakashi"s home. Otherwise, such voice will be heard and he has no way to explain what happen.

The white soul and the black soul start to blend together, gradually blending into one, as if they were yin and yang, rotating each other, and finally stop becoming like Tai Chi symbol.

But soon, this Tai Chi symbol disappeared, and the fusion of the two souls is perfectly completed at this moment.

This new soul is neither white nor black, but it"s now silver-white. Just like the color of Kakashi hair.

An unspeakable and wonderful feeling started to fills Kakashi"s mind, an unprecedented sense of clarity made Kakashi feels his mind becoming clearer than before.

It seems that his intelligence has increase by a lot.

Right now, he seems to be able to understand his Ninjutsu even better than before.

Kakashi"s body has already been exhausted, and the whole pain struggle has made his bed kind of messy. There is also some black substance that is oozing out from his body

Slowly struggling to get up, Kakashi feels that his body is now very tired.

However, even when tired he feels relaxed.

Kakashi then slowly open his Sharingan.

As always, there is three tomoe in his eyes, but at this moment, that three tomoe began to turn faster, gradually turning into a dart-like black pattern!

It"s his Mangekyō Sharingan!

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