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Chapter 21

Light rain still pouring, on the edge of the land of fire, the tired Orochimaru leans on a tree, and his originally pale face becomes even more pale than usual.

Right now, there are waters dropping from Orochimaru"s eye. No one knows whether it"s his tear or just rain.

"Ah, it"s look like I still got some reluctance. I shouldn"t be like this."

Orochimaru muttered, the expression on his face was kind of strange, but soon he starts to run again.

Kakashi helped Jiraiya to get into the cave where Yugao is located and then he put Jiraiya down so he can get some rest. Kakashi found some branches and then ignited it with his fire release. Soon the cave temperature becomes warmer.

Kakashi and Jiraiya"s clothes have just been wetted by the rain, and this fire is needed to dry them. However, considering that there is still Yugao in here, the two did not take off their clothes, and just getting closer to the fire to let the fire gradually dry their clothes.

Fortunately, both of them are shinobi, their body is stronger than normal person so they don"t need to worry about catching a cold.

Jiraiya who has recovered from his sad emotion is now looking at Kakashi who"s sitting in front of the fire. Kakashi looks very different from how he usually is.

"Kakashi, I am very happy to see you like this. It"s a shame that Minato is not here to see your change." Jiraiya suddenly said with a smile, but his tone was full of memories and regrets.

"Before I had walk in the wrong path and I have made Minato-sensei worried. Now I understand that I can"t be like that anymore." Kakashi knows what Jiraiya is saying, is now feeling some kind of regret.

The previous Minato was worried about the darkness in Kakashi"s heart, he"s worried Kakashi will never be able to recover. Until Minato died, he wasn"t able to clear the darkness in Kakashi"s heart. It is a pity.

Right now, at this point, Jiraiya as a teacher of Minato is able to see it very clearly. Now that he knows that Kakashi has change, Jiraiya is very happy for Minato, and at the same time, he feels sorry for Minato because he won"t be able to see this.

At this time, Jiraiya knows that Kakashi is able to get stronger. Maybe, Kakashi will be able to surpass his and Minato"s strength.

"You can get out of the shadow now. This time, I may have to leave Konoha for a long trip. By then, Konoha will need to depend on young people like you."

Jiraiya laughed, telling Kakashi about his plan to leave Konoha.

Kakashi was not surprised by this. This time Jiraiya came back because of Minato"s death. Now that he has pay respect to Minato and also now that Orochimaru has defected. Jiraiya is naturally unwilling to stay in Konoha.

With Jiraiya"s character, he won"t be able to stay quietly in one place. He is a free person, not able to be bound by anything. That"s why he never wants to become the Hokage.

Now that Orochimaru is gone, Jiraiya wants to see what Orochimaru wants to do. On the other hand, He also wants to move around the world to see if he can find his own answer to peace.

As for the child of fate? Minato is dead, so Jiraiya doesn"t know who the child of fate is.

For these kinds of things, Jiraiya need to go to the outside world to find the answer.

Even if Jiraiya decide to go, he is still worried about Konoha , it is his home after all. Although Sandaime is still there, it is undeniable that he has been slowly getting weaker and old. Maybe after ten years, he won"t be able to protect Konoha anymore.

Konoha needs a new pillar to rise, and Kakashi is the one that Jiraiya thought to be able to do it.

The previous Kakashi may not be able to do it, but seeing the change in Kakashi, Jiraiya knows that he is able to do it. It will only take a few years before Kakashi is able catch up with him and the other expert.

After all, Kakashi"s Talent is so high that even Jiraiya is shocked. Minato reason for helping Kakashi is not only because Kakashi is his own disciple, but also because Kakashi"s talent makes Minato determined to make him his right-arm.

"I will try my best." Kakashi nodded and said with a very firm tone.

The village of Konoha, he loves this place in his previous life, now that he is reborn here, of course he need to protect it.

"Haha, that"s good. I hope you will not let me down. When we meet again next time, if your Strength can shock me, I will teach you something interesting." Jiraiya said, smiling mysteriously.

Kakashi is curious, what is interesting? Is it the icha-icha paradise in the original work? No, Jiraiya should have not written this book yet. He remembered that it is the birthday present from Jiraiya when Kakashi 18 years old.

That is to say, there is still more than three years before the book is finished.

What is he talking about? Kakashi wants to ask him, but it is obvious from Jiraiya"s expression that he doesn"t intended to say anything. So Kakashi can only shut his mouth.

At this time, Uzuki Yugao finally woke up, looking at Jiraiya and Kakashi in front of her eyes, and she then starts to aware of her surrounding and said, "Jiraiya-sama, Kakashi-senpai."

"Oh, the little girl has finally wake up?" Jiraiya said with a smile.

Kakashi nodded at her but said no word.

"How is Jiraiya-sama here? What about Orochimaru?" She asks as she starts looking around trying to find Orochimaru.

After hearing that she is asking about Orochimaru, Jiraiya couldn"t help but feeling gloomy.

Kakashi quickly replied: "Orochimaru ran away. Thanks to Jiraiya-sama arriving in time we are able to retreat safely."

Yugao quickly looks toward Jiraiya and said: "Thank you very much Jiraiya-sama."

"Haha, it"s okay. Let"s wait for the rain to stop then we can go to Sandaime to give the mission report." Jiraiya said casually, apparently not planning to talk about this topic.

Although Yugao feels the atmosphere is strange, she knows that she shouldn"t ask about it. So she closed her mouth and starts to recover her Chakra while sitting down.

Kakashi seeing there is nothing more to say start to recover his chakra too.

Right now Kakashi is experiencing a deep sense of powerlessness. When he fights against Nadare Roga at the land of snow, he is completely supressed. And now Kakashi was completely suppressed by Orochimaru.

If it weren"t for Orochimaru"s playful attitude, Kakashi had long since killed by him.

Even if Kakashi"s strategy is outstanding, it is still not enough against people with absolute strength. The problem now is that his Strength is not strong enough.

Kakashi feels that he needs to train harder. Because now he has reborn, he need to increase his strength.

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