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Chapter 20

"Haha, Jiraiya, how can you understand my ideals? What I want is to I grasp the truth of this World. How could I get be bound by in this village?"

"Orochimaru! Have you forgotten your bond with Tsunade, sensei and me?" Jiraiya was so sad that he couldn"t accept the fact that his best friend is now an enemy.

Jiraiya even has tears dripped from his eyes. This is the man who wouldn"t even cry if he was hurt. But at this moment, he could not control his emotions.

Orochimaru who see this coldly snort, and his gaze changes slightly, but it was change back in an instant.

"Jiraiya, you fool. You don"t understand anything about me at all."

Orochimaru"s words are like a steel knife, stabbing into Jiraiya"s heart, even after decades of friendship. He said such thing that makes Jiraiya feels bitter.

"No matter what you say, this time, no matter what method I need to use, I will bring you back!" Jiraiya yelled.

"Just by yourself?" Orochimaru"s tone is filled with disdain, but he still knows that he shouldn"t underestimate him.

He has been together with Jiraiya for a long time. Orochimaru is naturally aware of Jiraiya"s Strength.

Even someone genius like Orochimaru has to admit that the gap between their strength not that big. If they fight seriously, Orochimaru won"t know who will be the winner.

"Kakashi, you should leave with Yugao. I will now fight against Orochimaru. I"m afraid I won"t be to take care of you two." Jiraiya did not turn, and told him directly.

"But, Jiraiya-sama…"

Kakashi still hasn"t finished his word, and he was directly interrupted by Jiraiya.

"Don"t talk nonsense, hurry!" Jiraiya yelled.

"Okay, please be careful Jiraiya-sama."

Kakashi said that as he lifts the still faint Yugao and retreat from there.

Orochimaru looked at Kakashi but he try didn"t intercept him. He is just looking at Kakashi. Orochimaru originally didn"t want to kill Kakashi. It was because of his consideration with Konoha village and also because his friendship with Sakumo. It is the reason why he didn"t stop him while he tries to retreat.

Looking at Kakashi that finally able to leave, Jiraiya finally relax.

Orochimaru gave a chuckle and said: "Jiraiya, Kakashi is really like Sakumo, whether it is his look or his personality, they really alike."

Jiraiya doesn"t understand why Orochimaru suddenly said this, but he still habitually answered: "That"s right, Kakashi is very similar to Sakumo."

"Well, the inconvenience has finally left, now there is only us now. Shall we start Jiraiya?"

Orochimaru said as he revealed a smirk.

"Then let"s start!" Jiraiya said, but there is still uncertainty in his tone.

"Haha, you really are a fool."

After a while, there is a collision occurred in the air. The collision between the two Kage level Experts finally begins!

Kakashi left the battlefield of while carrying Yugao nehind his back. But Kakashi is still worried about Jiraiya.

Pulling down his headband, Kakashi starts to cover his Sharingan again. Kakashi finds a place to put down Yugao and then he rest for a while.

There are loud sounds coming from the direction of the battlefield. The battle between Kage level Experts was naturally sounds loud.

Kakashi sighed, with Jiraiya"s Strength, if he want to defeat Orochimaru, it is almost impossible except he start using his Sage Mode.

So Kakashi knows that Jiraiya will lose this battle.

After all, their strength gap is small. With Jiraiya stills holding back again Orochimaru, he will be defeated.

Then there is sound of water dripping, Kakashi touched the water on his face and looked up.

It"s raining?

Is God cry because of those two fights?

Kakashi couldn"t help but smile. This is really a common occurrence in Naruto"s World.

He then brought Yugao into a cave, after leaving a clone to take care of her, Kakashi decided to go back to the battlefield to see the fight.

Although He knows that Orochimaru definitely won"t kill Jiraiya, Kakashi still wants to check it out.

After fighting against Jiraiya, Orochimaru must be in a weak state. Kakashi now has recovered a bit. So it"s possible for him to escape if Orochimaru sees him.

Moreover, after fighting against Jiraiya, Orochimaru won"t have any will to fight again. People always have feelings, even if Orochimaru is determined to break his bond with Jiraiya, his heart must still has a bit of reluctance.

Kakashi knows that there will only be one result in the battle between these two. Jiraiya injured, and Orochimaru successfully escape.

Kakashi start to move quickly through the forest. Soon, he finally arrives at the battlefield.

Only this time the battle is already over. There is only one body lying on the ground. His whole body looks messy, but there is no trace of blood.

The body is Jiraiya.

His white hair looks a bit dark at the moment, with a lot of dust on it, and his headband wasn"t on his forehead. Apparently it is missing in the battle.

Kakashi stopped and stood in front of Jiraiya and whispered, "Jiraiya-sama."

Jiraiya hearing this raised the head, his bloodshot eyes look somewhat angry at this moment.

"Oh you"re here Kakashi." Jiraiya smiled and tried to show his usual self.

"Jiraiya-sama, let"s go back now."

Kakashi didn"t ask for the result of this fight, and he also didn"t say anything else.

Jiraiya showed a bitter smile and said: "Kakashi, you know. I really am a failure. I triid pursue Tsunade for so many years and fails. Now even after being friends with Orochimaru for so many years, he has left too. What am I? Am I really a fool like Orochimaru said?"

"Jiraiya-sama, you are you. Why do you care about how other people see you? In my eyes, Jiraiya-sama is a great shinobi, there is no doubt about it."

Jiraiya looks shocked, apparently he did not think that he was so good in Kakashi"s mind.

"Haha, That"s right. I"m the legendary toad sage Jiraiya. I need to do my best and stop thinking about my failure."

Jiraiya laughed. It seems that the doubt in the heart has finally dispersed.

Kakashi smiled and didn"t say much. He helped Jiraiya stand up and said, "Jiraiya, you"re a great shinovbi. You shouldn"t ever try to doubt yourself again."

"You are right Kakashi. Shinobi can"t never ever doubt himself."

Jiraiya said, revealing his familiar smile.

Now this is Jiraiya that people know.

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