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Chapter 2

In the morning, the first sun shines on the window in Kakashi"s house, and the pale-looking boy stands quietly.

Kakashi, who had not slept overnight, put on black clothes, tied the forehead protector on his head, and went out.

At the ruined street of Konoha village, people walking, everyone wearing a black clothed, holding white flowers for the memorial.

The shine of sunlight made Kakashi somewhat uncomfortable, his silvery eyebrows wrinkled, and he still not accustomed to using only one eye. Coupled with the tiredness of not sleeping all night, Kakashi suddenly felt dizzy and his body was shaking.

"Kakashi, what"s wrong with you."

At this time, a man hands held the almost fainting Kakashi, and the rough voice came.

Kakashi looked back and saw a bowl style cut hair appearing in front of his eyes.The teen in front of him is wearing green tight clothes, with bowl style cut hair, thick eyebrows, and the identity of the person in front of his eyes is Might Guy.

"Ah, Guy, I"m fine." Kakashi said, breaking free of Guy"s hand and standing straight.

Guy frowned, said: "Kakashi, your face looks very bad."

"Ah, its okay, I"m just a little tired."

Guy sighed and said: "Kakashi, my eternal rival, let"s race to see who get to the funeral scene first."

Kakashi glanced at Guy and said, "Sorry, Guy, I don"t want a match today."

"Kakashi, let"s feel the youth." Guy said with burst of flame in his eyes.

Kakashi smiled and said: "Guy, I am fine, today"s youth, let"s put it down. For the time being we should walk to the funeral."

Guy just smile and said: "Well Kakashi, you don"t seem to bring some white flowers."

Kakashi just remembered that he really did not prepare it.

Guy took two white flowers from behind and handed it to Kakashi. "Take it, I know you will forget to prepare."

Kakashi took it and his heart was warm.

The two of them chatted while walking, and soon came to the funeral.

In the middle of the funeral, there is a photo. On the photo, a gentle man is laughing, with golden hair, like a Sun.

This is the Yondaime Hokage in the village of Konoha, the fastest shinobi that got the nickname "yellow flash" that makes the enemy stunned.

The youngest genius Hokage in history has now become history.

Kakashi was feeling sad for a while.

Guy on the side said at this time: "Kakashi, Yondaime-sama guarded the village with his own lives, he is a great Hero."

"Yeah, that"s right"

"Kakashi, one day, I want to die like a Hero."

Kakashi turned his head and looked at this funny man. At this moment, his face was not as stupid as usual, but a serious and solemnity he had never seen before.

"Guy, I hope that you can always be safe, not to die like this."

"Kakashi you know that shinobi doesn"t have long age."

"Ah, but I hope that you don"t die in front of me. If you want to sacrifice yourself like a Hero, please die after me? I don"t want to attend your funeral."

"Kakashi, you…"

At this time, an elderly old man came over and said: "Kakashi, Guy."

Kakashi and Guy dark, said: "Sandaime-sama."

Wearing the Hokage robe, he is Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Sandaime: "Kakashi, you have become a little different."

Kakashi just stay silent.

Sandaime sighed and said: "As long as there are leaves flying, the fire will burn. The shadow of the fire will shine on the village, and let the new leaves sprout, when you want to protect the most treasured people then Shinobi real Strength will show up. Kakashi, do you understand?"

"I understand, but I don"t want people I cherish to die in front of me, especially to protect me."

"Then you need to be strong, and strong enough to protect everything. Use your heart to cherish your companions and your power to protect them."

Kakashi glanced, and then seriously said: "I will, Sandaime-sama."

Sandaime of nodded, then said: "Go, it"s time to go."

"Okay. Guy, let"s go." Kakashi finished, and then went into the cemetery.

"Oh, Kakashi, wait for me." Guy reacted and followed Kakashi to the cemetery.

The funeral lasted for one day, and in the evening, Kakashi dragged his tired body back to his home.

Kakashi also lives in the house of the Hatake clan, where his father Konoha White Fang was living, and has not moved out.

After losing his father, the home became a little empty.

Lying in the bed at home, Kakashi touched the left eye, Sharingan"s warmth has not stopped, Kakashi just feeling helpless then secretly thought: "This Sharingan consumes Stamina and Chakra all the time, no wonder the original Kakashi can"t stand the long-term battle. Is there any way to solve this problem? Kakashi in original work never solve it. A large part of the reason is that Sharingan has the will of Obito and he can"t just remove it. But now that I am leading, naturally I can"t leave such a constraint. "

Kakashi touched his chin and thought about it. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

"Maybe sealing it when I don"t have to use Sharingan will solve the problem. But sealing? It seems that there is no such thing in Kakashi"s memory."

"If Minato-sensei is still there, I can ask him but now."

Kakashi sighed, but feel that nothing could be done about it.

Although seals are hard to find, Kakashi still has a way to get it.

First of all, although the Hatake clan only got Kakashi now, the inheritance of the family is still there. There must be a lot of thing there. Although he doesn"t knows if there is anything about seals in there.

There"s still Minato"s wife, Uzumaki Kushina"s knowledge of seal. There is no one in the village that be able to beat her knowledge about seal. Minato knowledge about seal must be from her to. Although Minato and Kushina are now dead, but on Kakashi"s last birthday, Kushina had sent a roll of Seal to Kakashi, but Kakashi didn"t have much interest in seals at the time, so he haven"t seen it yet.

Finally, with Sandaime Hokage"s help on Kakashi, the seal may be a bit of a hassle, but there must be one or two seals that are enough to seal Sharingan, I believe that the Sandaime are willing to help. But it is kind of troublesome.

After all, in order to keep Sharingan, Minato-sensei and Sandaime need to help him from the pressure of Uchiha clan.

"For now let"s take a look at the scroll that Kushina-san and father left behind to see if there is any suitable seal." Kakashi secretly thought.

First he takes a look at the scroll that Kushina gave.

After a while Kakashi sigh a relief and said: "This seal is really complicated. If there is no foundation knowledge, I am afraid that I won"t be able to understand anything about seals. Unfortunately, the scroll given by Kushina-san is just the foundation knowledge of the seal. There are also some practical seals. Although it is very rare, there is no seal that is able to seal Sharingan."

Kakashi thought for a moment then said: "It seems that there is no suitable seal in this Scroll, so I can only see if there is any suitable seal in the Scroll left by Father."

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