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Chapter 19

Pressure starts to emanate from Orochimaru"s body. Kakashi forehead dripped with cold sweat, and he was unable to move his body.

Orochimaru"s fist appeared in front of Kakashi"s face and after getting hit, Kakashi"s body starts to launch!

It"s very fast!

Orochimaru shows the level that Sannin should have at this moment. He shows that even in Taijutsu, he is stronger than Kakashi!

Kakashi was launch ten meters away, but it didn"t end with just that. Orochimaru start making hand seals and said.

"Snake Charmer Technique!"

A smoke then spread out from Orochimaru and a few giant snakes appeared all around Kakashi"s. Kakashi knows that he can"t escape from this. He could only look at the big snakes that start to move near him.

Orochimaru sneered and then said: "Explosion!"

Kakashi pupils shrank, he saw the giant snake"s Chakra start to burn rapidly. This, they are going to explode!


A huge explosion starts near Kakashi"s figure!


Yugao desperately scream after seeing this!

Orochimaru ignored Yugao, his golden pupils look at the dust from the explosion. He still feels Kakashi"s breath there.

The smoke scattered, and silver hair was wrapped around Kakashi"s body completely.

Seeing the sight in front of him, Orochimaru could not help but shout a name.


Orochimaru, as a teammate of Jiraiya for many years, is naturally familiar with this technique.

After get to learn this Ninjutsu from Jiraiya, Kakashi start to train in this skill. He didn"t expect the power of this technique is very good. The terrifying power of the explosion did not affect Kakashi.

The silver hair faded, revealing Kakashi who"s still fine.

"I didn"t expect Jiraiya to teach you this technique."

Kakashi looked up and looked at Orochimaru standing in front of him.

"It is good, but unfortunately, it"s still not original." Orochimaru"s tone is full of regrets, and there is a hint of mockery.

A samurai sword tries to cut the back of Orochimaru. But Orochimaru did not even look at it as a snake directly wrapped the owner of the samurai sword.

This person is not someone else. It is Yugao. Right now, she"s finally able to move.

It is a pity that this sudden slash is not able to injure Orochimaru.

The snake start to wrap Yugao and it come to Orochimaru. Orochimaru coldly look at Yugao and said impatiently: "I am not interested in you. You should just stay silent and don"t move."

Yugao didn"t expect that Orochimaru to see through her attack. In the next second, she would probably die in the hands of Orochimaru.

But at that time Kakashi start to move!

Kakashi"s right hand starts to slash his Millenium sword at Orochimaru!

"Do you really think this kind of attack is able to defeat me?"

Orochimaru stopped the sword, but the next second Orochimaru is suprised!

The Millenium sword that Kakashi held turned into the real Kakashi. A blue thunder appeared in Kakashi"s hands as he uses Chidori at this time!


The scarlet Sharingan stared at Orochimaru, and the Chidori stab right into Orochimaru"s chest!

No, something"s wrong!

Kakashi took back his hand and he take his sword and cut off the big snake that was wrapped around Yugao. He then take her back and move from there.

The Orochimaru, which was hit by chidori is now change to become soil.

Earth Style! Earth substitute!

At the last moment, Orochimaru use substitution technique into soil and make Kakashi failed his attack.

Just now, after Kakashi use the Hair Needle technique to protect himself, Kakashi used the Shadow Clone and transform himself to become the Millenium sword. After that, his clone held him like a sword.

It is his entire plan to try to attack Orochimaru with a surprise attack.

The plan is successful, but Orochimaru is able to response it because of his terrifying instinct. He is able to avoid Kakashi"s attack.

On top of a big tree, Orochimaru"s figure reappeared, and Kakashi turned and looked at Orochimaru.

"Looks like I still underestimate you. I have to say that you really are son of Sakumo. Your battle sense and planning is really terrifying."

Even after hearing Orochimaru"s praise, Kakashi did not feel happy at all. He has gone all out just now, but Orochimaru has no damage except for the wound on his left arm. This powerless feeling makes Kakashi I feel really helpless.

Touching his left eye, Kakashi knows that there is still a hidden Ninjutsu in this eye, but right now, Kakashi is still unable to use it.

His soul merge is still not completed yet. So now his spiritual energy is still not enough to use the Mangekyō Sharingan. Even if he"s able to use it, it will take a lot of time, and Orochimaru won"t be silent at that time.

Orochimaru won"t give him so much time to prepare. If it was at a usual time it will be possible, but now Orochimaru is defecting, obviously he will not waste time doing this kind of thing.

"Well, looks like I"m out of time. I"m really happy to fight you. Obviously now I will send you to see Sakumo." Orochimaru coldly smiled as he said plainly.

Kakashi holds the faint Yugao in his left hand, holding the Millennium in his right hand. Now he start to feels that Chakra within the body is about to be exhausted. Kakashi small while he thought: "It looks like the end of my life. It"s really crazy to try to fight against a Legend."

"Hidden Shadow Snake Hands!"

Orochimaru"s offense came again, but Kakashi had no spare time to resist against it.

Damn, am I really going die this time?

"Fire Release: Flame Bullet!"

A hot Flame sprang from the back of Kakashi, burning Orochimaru"s snakes directly. The remaining flame moved towards Orochimaru.

Orochimaru"s golden pupils shrank, as he start making hand seals.

"Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!"

The rapidly rising earth successfully blocked the Flame.

Kakashi turned back and see someone appeared. Kakashi looked happy and knew that he is safe now.

"Jiraiya-sama." Kakashi said respectfully.

"Yeah." Jiraiya answered. With an unprecedented seriousness on his face, his eyes are not looking at Kakashi but looking at Orochimaru.

"Jiraiya, looks like you have come."

Orochimaru says calmly. It seems that Orochimaru is not surprised by the arrival of Jiraiya.

"Yeah, of course I"m coming here. My teammate has defected. How can I not come? Orochimaru, why? Why do you defect? ??Even if you have some problem with sensei, you shouldn"t have defect!"

Jiraiya says with a very angry tone. He is now really different from his usual self.

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