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Chapter 18

Triple Rashomon, the defensive power of each door is stronger than the previous one, and Kakashi"s Thunder Dance can"t completely destroy it.

With a loud bang, the first Rashomon destroyed easily, instantly dissipated after getting destroyed, but the second Rashomon is like a strong guard.

Blue"s Chakra arc continually moves as the second Rashomon is still trying to defense against it by counteracts the power of the Thunder dance. Kakashi still not able to destroy it and start to pant,

"Ha… Ha… It was blocked." Kakashi whispered.

Kakashi"s Thunder dance is still at the basic, but even if it is still in its basic form, the power of this skill is already stronger than Chidori he usually uses, and it is also Kakashi"s most powerful skill right now.

Kakashi didn"t try to play around and just use this skill directly because he hope that this skill will shock Orochimaru and able to hurt him, so that the two of them have the opportunity to escape, but he did not expect that even when he move fast, Orochimaru still can react to resist it.

The triple Rashomon is one of the strongest defense Ninjutsu. The strongest version of it is the Quintuple Rashomon. Only the original Hokage, Senju Hashirama has used it, and the defensive power of this Ninjutsu is absolutely outstanding. This Ninjutsu is defense type Ninjutsu in Naruto"s world. It is specifically designed to defend against a wide range Ninjutsu attack.

Kakashi suspects that Orochimaru should have received this skill from the Scroll of Seals, because both Edo Tensei and Rashomon are Ninjutsu from the Scroll of Seals.

Orochimaru is the disciple of Sandaime Hokage. It is not surprising that he can get the Scroll of Seals. At this time, Kakashi also became curious about the Scroll of Seals. A scroll that record thousands of techniques that is sealed by the First Hokage because of the dangerous techniques it contains.

The Ninjutsu inside the scroll is not the Ninjutsu that Kakashi can copy through Sharingan. The power of those techniques is formidable.

But Kakashi stop that thought because the most important thing at the moment is Orochimaru in front of him. If he is not serious, he"s afraid that he will be killed by Orochimaru.

His new life is just beginning so Kakashi doesn"t want it to end so soon.

Orochimaru"s figure came out from behind the Rashomon and looked at the second Rashomon, which was almost broken by Kakashi. He then said a smile: "It"s a good power, although it"s not even 10% of Sakumo"s. But it"s already good."

Orochimaru evaluates it plainly, as if he were pointing a junior.

But the killing intent from his body has not only decreased, but has become more intense.

"It"s a really interesting little thing, Haha, I am looking forward to your future. Originally I thought that you will be ruined by that cumbersome Sharingan, but now it seems that you walk on another path. Haha, very good."

Orochimaru excitedly looks at Kakashi, as if he found a new toy, Kakashi heart trembled. Orochimaru looks like he want to dispose of him.

Kakashi clenched the Millennium in his hand. Although he was nervous, he didn"t fell scared. He even feels a little excited. This is Orochimaru, a Kage level"s expert, it is not every day that he can fight against such character.

At first, he didn"t want to fight against Orochimaru because of the fear, but now Kakashi didn"t have even half of the fear in his heart. Kakashi had a feeling that he even be able to get stronger while fighting against him.

Seeing the fighting intent in Kakashi"s eyes, Orochimaru was a little surprised. He didn"t expect this brat to have such a fighting intent at this time. It"s really rare.

"Haha, good eyes, I hope you can give me even more surprises! Hidden Shadow Snake Hands!"

Orochimaru said as several long snakes were shot from his right hand. The snakes look different from normal snake. It"s Orochimaru"s unique snake Ninjutsu, even if it seems to be disgusting, but it has strong power.

Kakashi is not afraid of that Ninjutsu and use Thunder sword to cut the long snake that is on the way in to two sections.

But this is just the beginning!

"Wind Release, Great Breakthrough!"

A gust of wind spurted out of Orochimaru"s mouth, like a strong hurricane, and the destructive power of this wind is amazing. All the trees around were blown by this wind!

Its power is very strong!

Kakashi was almost blown by the wind and couldn"t open his eyes.

No! This way, he can"t even see his opponent"s movement! It seems that he still needs to use Sharingan!

Sharingan, Activate!

The seal then start moving out and the scarlet Sharingan instantly appeared on Kakashi"s face, and his originally blurred vision became clear at this moment.

The black three tomoe keeps turning, it looks strange and charming.

"Oh? Are you still using Sharingan? But as an outsider, I am afraid it is just a burden for you!" Orochimaru said disdainfully, it seems that he has some disdain for Kekkei Genkai, and there seems that there is some kind of pity in his tone.

Kakashi think too much about what Orochimaru said. Kakashi closed his right eye and used only the left eye"s Sharingan to look at Orochimaru.

Feeling that his chakra is continuously consumed, Kakashi does not hesitate. At this speed, it will only take ten minutes for him to exhaust his chakra!

Shunpo Activate!

Shunpo, who he had been practicing for a long time, was fully used at this moment. He appeared at the side of Orochimaru in an instant. The speed was so fast that Orochimaru can"t react at all.

Millennial slash! Bloom of blood flower!

Orochimaru"s expression starts to change. His right hand touches his left hand. He feels blood dropping from his left hand and there is a deep wound there!

Orochimaru is injured!

But Kakashi doesn"t feel happy at all even he manages to injure Orochimaru. Because the killing intent in Orochimaru"s eyes is becoming even stronger now that he can even feel it touch his skin!

"Shunpo? I didn"t expect you to learn the skill of Sakumo. Haha, you really gave me a lot of surprises."

Orochimaru seems to be laughing, but it gives Kakashi a cold feeling.

At the back, Yugao now is feeling incredibly shocked. Kakashi-senpai actually manages to injure Orochimaru!

After seeing Orochimaru, there was only one thought in Yugao"s mind and that was to run away. But Kakashi was able to slash Orochimaru!

Yugao then suddenly felt that Kakashi"s silent back was giving sense of reliability.

Looking at his bloodied left arm, Orochimaru"s face is now frowning. How long has been since he is injured like this? Orochimaru has forgotten, he did not expect to be injured by a younger generation today.

An emotion called anger start to occupy Orochimaru"s mind. Now he understands that he need to never underestimate his opponent.

In his golden pupil, his full killing intent start to be unleashes!

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