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Chapter 17

"Kakashi-senpai, do you know where Orochimaru"s right now?" Yugao asked curiously.

Kakashi shook his head and said, "I don"t know, I can only go in this direction, and with our Strength, there is no way we can deal with Orochimaru. If we encounter him, we can just hope for the best."

Seeing that Kakashi is not motivated, Yugao feels somewhat boring. But thinking about Orochimaru, he knows that Kakashi is right.

However, Uzuki Yugao is also a genius. Although the reputation of Orochimaru"s strength is great, she feels that her strength is not that much worse than him. The newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger, so she will dare to rush out at this time.

"Kakashi-senpai, although Orochimaru is famous, but you"re not bad yourself, even if your strength can"t is not as strong as him, I believe the gap is not that great."

Kakashi looked at Yugao and smiled with surprise, not knowing where she had such great confidence in him.

"Yugao, you really overestimate me." Kakashi said with a bitter smile.

With Kakashi"s strength right now, he is still doesn"t have half of Orochimaru"s Strength. How could he is compared to Orochimaru?

"No, Kakashi-senpai, I believe you can win against him." Yugao seems to have some very terrifying confidence in Kakashi. Looking at this, Kakashi feels somewhat shameful.

Suddenly, Kakashi feels something wrong. He stop and said said, "Stop!"

Yugao was confused but she still listen to him.

"What"s wrong Kakashi-senpai?" Yugao ask curiously.

Kakashi smiled and said, "I think we should be prepared to escape anytime now."


Kakashi didn"t try to answer the question of Yugao. Then someone came out of the grass in front of him. The one who"s coming out is Orochimaru, the one they tried to find!

"Oh? There are two little kid here." Orochimaru showed a smile, like a snake that"s looking at his prey, his aura feels gloomy and cold.

Yugao then start getting ready and unsheathed her sword at Orochimaru.

The one in front of her is one of the legendary Sannin. He is called the genius of his generation. After meeting him, Yugao finally feels the gap between their powers!

Orochimaru didn"t seem to be going to kill the two shinobi in front of him, but he look the two of them playfully. But still, his golden eyes exclude scary aura.

Kakashi and Yugao can feels cold sweat at their back. This is killing intent!

Kakashi is getting tense, and his Chakra from within body explodes in a flash! Kakashi feels the killing intent removed and he can now move his body normally.

"Oh? You actually broke free? Interesting." Orochimaru was obviously a little surprised, probably didn"t think that this little devil could break through from his killing intent.

"Orochimaru!" Kakashi panted and stared at Orochimaru.

"Silver-white hair, it seems that you are Kakashi, but I did not expect that Sakumo"s son is already this big. Haha, it"s really interesting, let"s see how much of thing you have learn from your father."

Orochimaru said as he feeling the eagerness to test Kakashi"s strength.

For some time, the imposing manner on Orochimaru was really great! Kakashi feels that he is not facing a person, but a fierce snake. He seems to be the prey of this snake, and he will be swallowed into his belly at any time if he"s not careful.

Kakashi unsheathed his Millenium sword with his right hand and held it in front of him. The only remaining right eye was now looking at Orochimaru. As for Yugao, she has been stunned and unable to move. Kakashi doesn"t have time to take care of her.

Furthermore, Orochimaru is now more interested in Kakashi and he won"t touch Yugao.

"Not bad, your stance of holding the sword is very good."

Orochimaru seems to be getting more and more excited, and looking at Kakashi with eyes full of expectation.

Kakashi clenched the Millennium in his hand, and his Chakra start to move rapidly inside his body. Kakashi knew that he only got one chance to try to attack Orochimaru. He got no second chance at all.

This is the only chance Orochimaru give Kakashi show his sword skill.

Right now, Kakashi"s life is in the hand of Orochimaru. He can"t make any mistake.

His chakra start to condense in his right palm, and there is sound of thunder from the Millennium, and there is also arc of blue aura that start to pulsate on the sword.

"Is this?" Orochimaru has some doubts, but he starts looking amazed, as if this is an incredible move that shouldn"t have appeared again in this World.

"Thunder Dance!"

Kakashi is lightly said as the Millennium sword that is in his hand moving like a thunder dragon in an instant, wrapped in thousands of lightnings, and it seems to be really imposing!

Seeing the scene in front of him, Orochimaru"s eyes are excluding scary light, and he feels more excited!

And Yugao is completely shocked by this scene. Is this Kakashi-senpai"s strength? Is this Kakashi-senpai"s most powerful move?

What happened to his sword? The aura that came from Kakashi"s sword make Yugao feels scared.

Too dangerous!

This is the only feeling in Yugao"s heart, she can clearly perceive that if she is attacked by this move, she won"t be able to fight back or dodge at all. She will dead at the instant this move is used!

Without paying attention to the complex emotions of these two people, Kakashi is moving his body like a shadow, the man and the sword seemed to be integrated, and with the formidable thunder, Kakashi waved the Millenium sword in his hand.

Thunder Dance! It is one of the secret art in the Hatake clan sword technique. It requires the Chakra and his sword skill to be powerful enough, and then he injects lighting attribute chakra into the long sword, and with the movement of the sword, the Thunder Dragon start to move into Orochimaru"s location.

Facing this sword skill, Orochimaru did not choose to hide, but chose a frontal confrontation.

If they look closely, they will find that even Orochimaru"s golden pupil looks cold, it seems to reveal a sense of excitement. Orochimaru feels that his cool blood start to boil at this moment.

This feeling, it"s strange. Why is he getting this kind of feeling? When he"s with Sakumo, he already sees this technique countless of time. This is the technique Sakumo uses to kill countless strong enemies?

That sword, that figure, he can"t help but some remember it after seeing this scene.

But even when remembering his memory, the terrifying instinct that was trained on the battlefield allowed Orochimaru to respond without trouble!

Kakashi sees Orochimaru biting the left hand, and start making hand seals and said.

"Summoning: Triple Rashōmon!"

In an instant, the three Metal gates that looks like it came from Hell appear in front of Kakashi.

Kakashi pupils shrank, then he secretly thought: "I didn"t expect Orochimaru to use this skill!"

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