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Chapter 16

After coming out of Jiraiya"s home, Kakashi returned to his home. He didn"t expect that from this trip, he got a Ninjutsu, and it was a very practical defense Ninjutsu.

Kakashi is somewhat unprepared for Jiraiya"s generosity, but for Kakashi, this is a good sign. In this case, if he wants to learn Senjutsu from Jiraiya in the future, maybe Jiraiya will agree, so that he can save a lot of trouble from this.

But for now, Kakashi will temporarily put aside Senjutsu, because right now, his Chakra reserve is a problem. Even if it is free from the limitations of Sharingan, Kakashi"s Chakra reserve still does not meet the criteria to practice Senjutsu.

According to Kakashi"s judgment, the requirement to learn Senjutsu is at least needs his chakra reserve to be above Kage level, and the current Kakashi is still below Kage level.

Putting Senjutsu aside, Kakashi took out the Scroll about seals from Kushina. Regarding the seal, Kakashi is still not able to fully grasp it. And he needs to understand the content little by little. He must slowly learn about it.

Kakashi"s purpose is to completely master the seal, and so that he"s able to control the Sharingan perfectly. So when he use or stop using the Sharingan, it will be sealed again. So that he can use it like Uchiha clan"s member.

However for this thing, he requires a very good control of the Chakra, and he also need an absolute mastery of the seal.

No matter which is it, this is not a problem that can be completed in a short time.

But the other thing that made Kakashi on the guard is the defection of Orochimaru. Right now, he thought that it won"t be long before Orochimaru"s caught doing experiment. At this time, Sandaime is already having suspicion about Orochimaru.

After Orochimaru defected, Jiraiya will also leave, Konoha will enter its dark time. And when the Uchiha clan massacres happen, Konoha will be the at its lowest point ever.

In other words, Konoha is really terrifying, even when it is the lowest point, their strength is still the same as other Great Shinobi Villages. If its Strength is not this much, the other village must have attack Konoha.

For Orochimaru, Kakashi thinks that he is not that bad. Kakashi thought that Orochimaru is a scientist. But he is kind of crazy.

It is just that Orochimaru"s scientific experiment is touching the bottom line of Konoha"s morality. So naturally it is impossible to survive in Konoha"s light, but it is very suitable for the Root.

Unfortunately, Danzo won"t help Orochimaru as he is Sandaime"s disciple. Even if Orochimaru and Sandaime"s relationship is kind of bad right now, they are still master and disciple. Therefore, Orochimaru must leave Konoha, because he doesn"t get help from danzo.

Orochimaru also doesn"t want to continue ??staying in Konoha. Because the world is big, and when he is at Konoha, he will have a lot of restrictions. He can go anywhere he wants, he doesn"t want to stay at Konoha.

If there is anything that can bound him at Konoha, it"s probably just his relationship with Sandaime, Jiraiya and Tsunade. But how can someone like Orochimaru bounded by this kind of thing?

Therefore, in Kakashi"s view, the defection is only a matter of time now.

After getting home, Kakashi silently looked at Scroll in his room. Kakashi didn"t even think about trying to kill Orochimaru.

After all, in the Naruto"s world, there is no one harder to kill than Orochimaru. Kakashi has no interest in fighting against such people, not to mention that right now, Kakashi is still not an opponent of Orochimaru.

However, Kakashi"s idea is not the same as reality.

The next night, Kakashi received emergency call from Sandaime.

Outside the Hokage office, a large number of Anbu shinobi waited here, and Kakashi was no exception. At this time, Kakashi wore his Anbu clothes with a dog mask that looked very strange.

Sandaime wearing the Hokage robe came out and said, "Everyone, Orochimaru has defected to Konoha and is now officially listed as a S-rank rebel. Your mission is to bringing Orochimaru back! Orochimaru holds many of Konoha"s secrets. If he successfully escape, there will be a very serious loss for Konoha. Do you understand?"

When they heard that Orochimaru defected, Anbu"s shinobi was really surprised. He is one of Konoha"s pillar. They didn"t expect to him defect. But everyone didn"t think too much about it. After all, they are shinobi. And shinobi must execute their mission.All Anbu then says: "Yes. Sandaime-sama."

After that, all Anbu disappeared from this place, trying to chase Orochimaru.

Kakashi keeps jumping in the woods, but there is something troubling him. Sandaime let these Anbu to go after Orochimaru, but it looks like he is sending cannon fodder. Sandaime should have known about Orochimaru"s Strength.

In the entire Konoha, the one is who is qualified to fight against Orochimaru are just Danzo, Sandaime, Jiraiya and Tsunade. Danzo and Sandaime did not try to chase him. And right now Tsunade was outside of the village. Only Jiraiya would chase Orochimaru.

But knowing Jiraiya"s personality, he"s definitely not going to use his full power when dealing with Orochimaru, just like Naruto vs. Sasuke. Without using his full power, how could Jiraiya become Orochimaru"s opponents?

At this time, Sandaime seems to send Anbu to pursue Orochimaru, but in fact it is just the looks like he wants to catch Orochimaru.

Otherwise, when in the laboratory, Sandaime can just kills Orochimaru easily.

Kakashi then start trying to slack off so he won"t find Orochimaru.

"Kakashi-senpai." At this time, someone call him from behind.

Kakashi looked back and see purple hair, with a mask, it was one of Anbu"s members.

"Yugao? What happened?"

"Kakashi-senpai, I heard that Orochimaru-sama has defected, so I came along and try to pursue him."

"You?" Kakashi looked up and down at Yugao, he did not expect this little girl to have such enthusiasm.

"Kakashi-senpai, you shouldn"t look down on me, after all I am very powerful."

Hearing Kakashi"s tone, Uzuki Yugao thought that Kakashi was looking down on her and she was not happy at that.

"Okay, I understand.Let"s go together then." Kakashi said without thinking.

"Okay, Kakashi-senpai." Yugao couldn"t help but feeling happy after hearing this, now she can perform mission togheter with the famous Kakashi of the Sharingan. She knows that right now she can get some experience from him.

Kakashi didn"t speak and accelerated instantly. Since someone followed him, his idea to slack off can"t be done. Otherwise, it will be difficult to explain to Sandaime.

"Please wait Kakashi-senpai." Said Yugao as she also accelerates, trying to keep up with Kakashi"s speed.

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