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Chapter 15

Kakashi left the Hokage office. He doesn"t know what to think about. Sandaime really value him. Kakashi was kind of surprised about this.

But Kakashi doesn"t want to think too much about it. For now, he needs to increase his strength.

Today both Jiraiya and Orochimaru have returned to Konoha, and Orochimaru has not defected yet. But Kakashi remembers that Orochimaru"s defection is won"t be long now.

Jiraiya is a character that Kakashi in his previous life really appreciates. At the same time, he is also a very important character in Naruto franchise. When Jiraiya died, the whole Naruto Fans" circles were very sad, showing how terrifying his popularity is.

Therefore, whether it is the relationship between the original Kakashi and Jiraiya, or the appreciation of Jiraiya from his previous life, Kakashi intends to meet him.

After thinking about this, Kakashi then start walking to Jiraiya"s house. He then arrives in front of Jiraiya"s home.

Although Jiraiya has not been in Konoha for a long time since the end of the Third World War, no one tries to take his home. After all, he"s a Legendary Sannin.

Jiraiya came back this time because of the death of Minato. He came back now to mourn Minato. Jiraiya"s mood at this time is definitely not good. After all, Minato is his favorite pupil. He must feel some kind of blow after his dead.

When Kakashi oame, Jiraiya sat by the window and was flipping through some strange magazines.

"Jiraiya-sama!" Kakashi shouted at the Sannin.

Jiraiya look to see him and said, "Hey, it"s Kakashi. Why did you come to find me today? I remember that you are an Anbu. There should be a lot of missions."

"I just finish my mission, so right now I"m resting."

"Oh? Is there anything you need me for? Is there anything you to ask to this Sage?" Jiraiya said while laughing heartily.

"Jiraiya-sama, it"s about Minato-sensei. I want to ask something"

Without paying attention to Jiraiya"s tricks, Kakashi directly asked her questions.

When I heard Minato"s name, Jiraiya was obviously more serious. She put down the bad magazine in her hand and looked at Kakashi and said, "Minato? What do you want to ask?"

"Jiraiya-sama, Minato-sensei was desperate trying to protect Konoha, but now his child"s experience has become like this. Do you think Minato is happy about this?"

Jiraiya eyes then look straightly at Kakashi. Kakashi felt his body cold for a moment, and his whole body"s tense. At this moment, Kakashi almost wanted to pull his Sword to resist.

But after just a moment, this feeling disappeared. Jiraiya changes his expression and said: "Kakashi, Minato sacrificed himself for the village. He was Hero, and the village should have treated his son as Hero"s son. But there is no way because Naruto, he has Kyuubi inside him. Minato should have known about this when he makes Naruto as Jinchūriki, but do you know why he still chooses Naruto as Jinchūriki?"

"Is it because of Uzumaki"s Bloodline?"

"That is only part of the reason. Minato trusts his children and feels that Naruto will definitely finish what he didn"t do in the future, and Kyuubi is something that Minato gives to help Naruto complete it. It"s also a test from Minato to his son."

"A test?" Kakashi had some doubts.

"Yes, only when shinobi has experienced the darkness of the world can save everyone from the darkness of this world."

"But this is too much for Naruto, and is the teacher Minato not afraid of Naruto getting into the dark side?"

"Kakashi, you don"t understand. Minato believes in Naruto, because Naruto is his child."

"Just because of that belief? Why did he need to do that to his own son? I don"t know if it is fortune or misfortune for Naruto." Kakashi said with a bitter smile.

Although Kakashi knows the fate of Naruto, it is still unbearable to see what Naruto has to experience.

"Haha, rest assured, there is still Sandaime here, and Naruto will not go into the dark side." Jiraiya laughed heartily.

"I hope so."

Kakashi knows that although Naruto is now just born, he has already started getting some bad experience. Kakashi knows that even the nurses who raise Naruto are not good at him, and some villagers hate him.

If it weren"t for the Anbu protection sent by Sandaime, he"s afraid that Naruto has already been killed by someone unknown.

"Kakashi, you look a little different from before." Jiraiya said suddenly.

Kakashi is shocked. He doesn"t understand why Jiraiya suddenly talked about this. Is it because his own changes are so obvious? Whether it is Sandaime, Guy or Jiraiya , they said that he has changed.

"In the past, you wouldn"t ask this kind of question. The biggest possibility is that you start to change. Now you are already starts to care about others. You have begun to walk out from the darkness in your heart." Jiraiya said with a smile.

Kakashi is silent. After all, he is not the real Kakashi. Although he inherited all of original Kakashi"s memory and skill, he is still not Kakashi. Therefore, Kakashi"s so-called darkness has disappeared after the fusion of his and original Kakashi"s souls.

Perhaps because of this, even if he inherited everything from original Kakashi, some people still can see his change…

"Now you are looking more and more like Sakumo. And the sword behind you, it seems that you have picked up the skill of Sakumo"s sword." Jiraiya saw the Millennium sword at Kakashi"s back. After seeing Kakashi looks like his father, he couldn"t help but have a little nostalgia.

"Yes, I will make Father"s sword well-known again in this world." Kakashi nodded.

"Okay, very good, I will be waiting for that day. I am very pleased to see you like this. Ok, looking at you today, I will teach you a Ninjutsu." Jiraiya"s changing his topic. Causing Kakashi somewhat stunned at the moment.

"Ninjutsu?" Kakashi stunned, why did Jiraiya said this now?

"Yes, I see that your Ninjutsu is mostly Attack-based and lacks defense. The Ninjutsu I taught you this time is called a hair needle! With this,you can defend yourself with your hair. It is very practical Ninjutsu, I believe you find it useful."

"Thank you very much then Jiraiya-sama." Kakashi then said while accepting this. After all right now Kakashi is really lacking this kind of Ninjutsu.

"No, you are Minato"s disciple, it can be said you are my grand disciple. It is only right for me to teach you something." Jiraiya said with a smile.

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