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Chapter 14

At the underground Konoha village, there is a dark organization called the Root! Konoha bathes in the sun, while the Root struggle in the dark, and in this darkness, there is a man who controls this darkness. That person is Danzo!

Danzō appeared as a frail, old man, who would normally walk with a cane. He had black, shaggy hair, and his right eye was bandaged. Danzō has had an x-shaped scar on his chin. He wore a white shirt, with a black or dark grey robe over the top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder. The robe conceals his right arm which was bandaged.

Danzo stood next to several Root shinobi, and they all looked down while waiting Danzo"s orders.

After a long time, Danzo start to talk said: "Some of you should know that tomorrow Sandaime will go to Daimyo"s place to make himself Hokage again. We need to assassinate him because the Village is gradually getting weaker in his hand name!"

"Yes, Danzo-sama!" All of the shinobi then answered simultaneously, they seems like a group of puppets without thoughts, even when they were told to assassinate the Hokage, they still calm.

Hokage office

Kakashi is now facing Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi !

"Kakashi, tomorrow I will go to Daimyo"s place to re-apply myself as Hokage so that I can handle Konoha"s affairs. I hope you can lead some Anbu members to escort me."

Kakashi, feel remembers something after hearing this and thought of something. "Isn"t this the time when Danzo tried to assassinate Sandaime? Why he doesn"t try to recruit me like the original?"

Seeing Kakashi"s still silent, Sandaime can"t help but ask: "What happen Kakashi? Is there any problem?"

"No, it"s nothing Sandaime-sama. It"s important for you have to re-take the position of Hokage. But I am afraid that along the way you may be attacked. I think it"s better for us to split. I will walk through normal way to Daimyo"s place, while Sandaime-same will go through another way. With that, even when attacked, you won"t be delayed in meeting the Daimyo."

Kakashi thought of the plan. Otherwise, if something really happened to Sandaime, the plot would be completely messed up.

Actually Kakashi does not believe that the few people who was sent out by Danzo can really kill Sandaime. After all Sandaime is still not as old as the start of the plot. Right now, he even can kill Orochimaru if he wanted to.

How can this kind of small fry be able to kill Sandaime? But Kakashi didn"t want to have any accidents. In the event that Danzo able to assassinate Sandaime, there would be a lot of problem.

After listening to Kakashi, Sandaime feels that Kakashi"s thinking is very reasonable. So he said, "What you said did make sense. Let"s do your plan then."

"Okay Sandaime-sama. I will go to arrange it then" Kakashi said.

"Okay, good work."

After Kakashi finish, he then left the Hokage office.

Looking at Kakashi who"s leaving, Sandaime showed a smile.

"Strange, why didn"t Danzo come to find me?" Kakashi felt a bit strange. According to original work, Danzo should be trying to find him. Why didn"t he come now?

What Kakashi didn"t know was that originally Danzo did have this plan, but after watching Kakashi recently, Danzo gave up on this plan.

Because Kakashi at this time is different from Kakashi in original work, he doesn"t drop into the darkness. Danzo naturally does not want to find such Kakashi, which not only won"t follow him, but also will expose his plan, so Kakashi was abandoned by Danzo.

Kakashi didn"t understand, and he was too lazy to think about it. Since Danzo didn"t try to find him, he let it go. After all, he didn"t want to deal with Danzo anyway.

To say who is the most hated among Naruto"s character, Danzo is basically the first on that list.

In the name of Konoha, the damage caused by him to Konoha is quite a lot. What"s more, many of the tragedies in Naruto World are caused by Danzo himself.

Therefore, for such a person, Kakashi won"t try to provoke him if he didn"t try to provoke Kakashi first.

The next day, Kakashi use Henge no Justu to become Sandaime, he is followed by Anbu along the way.

It was very quiet along the way, just when Kakashi thought that Danzo had given up to assassinate him, a group of shinobi wearing strange masks appeared!

Then they attack the convoy, starting to fight against the Anbu who"s escorting him.

Kakashi saw this and quickly raised his vigilance! If he doesn"t guess wrong, he would encounter Yamato next!

Sure enough, a masked teenager shinobi suddenly appeared, looking straight into Kakashi who"s now looking like Sandaime!

Making hand seals, the teenager shinobi then said: "Wood Release: Great Forest Technique!"

Kakashi pupils shrank, sure enough, this boy is Yamato, except for Yamato, there is no one who can use wood release in this world.

Kakashi directly dismissed his transformation. Chidori instantly appeared in his hands and he destroys the wood that Yamato with it. After that he kicks Yamato at his abdomen.

With Chidori still activated, Kakashi then ask: "Wood release? Who are you?"

Although he knows that Yamato will not answer, Kakashi still has to ask this sentence in order not to reveal his knowledge.

Seeing Yamato not answering, Kakashi stop his Chidori and said, "I will let you go. One day, Konoha will need you."

Unlike Kakashi"s in original work, the new Kakashi really knows that Yamato will be very important to Konoha in the future.

Yamato obviously stunned, but he immediately fled the scene, his instincts told him that this guy who is only three years older than him is very strong, he is Kakashi"s opponent at all.

At the Hokage office, Sandaime has returns, and he finally become Hokage again. Right now he is talking with Kakashi.

"Sandaime-sama, one of the assassin shinobi is using wood release, although the power is not strong, but it is indeed wood release!" Kakashi said.

"Oh?" Sandaime is also surprised. He didn"t expect anyone else in this World to be able to use wood release.

"Okay Kakashi, thank you for your information." Sandaime then said.

"Yes Sandaime-sama."

"Kakashi, your eyes has change. I am very pleased that you"re able get out of the darkness so quickly. I know that you will continue to work hard." Sandaime suddenly said.

Kakashi apparently didn"t expect for Sandaime to suddenly say it.

Kakashi bowed his head and said: "Thank you very much for your care Sandaime-sama, I am fine now."

Sandaime then said with a smile: "Well of course. Konoha still needs younger generation like you. In the future, this Konoha village needs to be supported by you."

This statement of Sandaime makes Kakashi feels a heavy burden in his shoulder, but he also feels somewhat happy.

"Thank you for your praise Sandaime-sama."

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