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Chapter 13

Inside his house, Kakashi sits on the ground, all around him there is strange symbol, if seal masters look at this they would know that is the Four Symbols Seal!

Kakashi closed his eyes and start doing the preparation to use the seals.

Kakashi suddenly opened the both of his eyes, a normal eye, and a Sharingan. After looking around, Kakashi muttered: "The preparations are all done, now it"s time to seal the Sharingan, Obito, I am sorry for doing this."

Then he makes hand seals and softly said: "Four Symbols Seal!"

In an instant, a strange symbol move and suppress Kakashi"s Sharingan. Kakashi can feel the Chakra that is originally injected into Sharingan, is rapidly withdrawing, and little by little coming back to his body.

Double! Triple! Four Times! Until Sharingan was completely suppressed by the four symbols seal and completely sealed. Kakashi felt that his Spirit was kind of refreshed, and the sense of oppression in his mind disappeared completely.

The seal is complete!

Kakashi feels really good, and once he feels Chakra within the body, Kakashi is ecstatic! His Chakra has actually increased by ten times!

For a moment, Kakashi felt that his body was full of the strength, and this feeling has made Kakashi almost lost himself in a moment.

"Is this the feeling of Chakra? Is this the amount of Chakra I should have? Sure enough, it is worthy of the called a genius, this is his actual Chakra reserve. After feeling this he feels that he won"t have a problem even if he uses chidori for 20 times."

Kakashi at this point understand how much the Sharingan consumes its own Chakra.

Sharingan takes too much of his Spirit energy. If the Uchiha clan spends some Chakra to use it, then Kakashi need 10 times the Chakra to use Sharingan!

This gap is simply terrifying! What is more terrifying is the fact that Kakashi"s Sharingan can"t be closed, which has caused his to be consumed without stopping. The original Kakashi tries to cover his Sharingan with his headband. Even if he covers it, the Chakra consumption is only decreased by a small amount.

At this point after Kakashi completely sealed his Sharingan, he feels that his Chakra reserve has grown to such an extent. This amount of chakra reserve, even it doesn"t reach Kage-Level, it almost got to there.

"If my Chakra reserve can continue to grow, I will also be able to train in Senjutsu!" Kakashi thought as he smiles happily.

The basic condition of Senjutsu practice is to have huge Chakra reserve, and this is precisely the shortcoming of original Kakashi. But now that his Sharingan has been sealed, his Chakra which was originally used to support Sharingan was now completely liberated and Kakashi Chakra reserve was also released increase by a huge amount.

And right now, Kakashi is only fourteen years old, his chakra reserve will continue to grow, and it is growing rapidly.

Kakashi has clenched his fist and couldn"t help but smiles when thinking about the future.

Touching the already sealed Sharingan, Kakashi pulled down his headband to cover it. One of the reasons is to hide the fact that he sealed his Sharingan. Another reason is because his sealed Sharingan can"t see anything, so it"s useless for now.

Although his Sharingan has been sealed, it does not mean that Kakashi gave up on Sharingan. Sharingan is important, especially the Kamui skill from his Mangekyō Sharingan, which involves Space Ninjutsu. It is a very powerful skill so Kakashi can"t give up on it.

It"s just that now, Sharingan is going to give more harm than good for Kakashi. Kakashi is also thinking about how to reduce the consumption of Sharingan to the point where it can be used normally, but he got no clue about it.

It is to say that in consumption of Sharingan, the original Kakashi has not been able to significantly improve it even in 17 years, so obviously, he needs to do something.

Therefore, Kakashi can only think of other methods.

At present, there is no way. But that does not mean that there is no way in the future. Kakashi believes that everything has a solution, it is just that he has not found it.

In fact, it can"t be said that there is no such thing. At least Hashirama"s cell is a way to fix that, but Kakashi refuse to do that kind of thing, and if he is discovered, Konoha won"t stay put about that, so Kakashi need to find another way.

After temporarily putting this kind of thought aside. Kakashi was in a good mood because he success sealing his Sharingan. He takes out his millennium sword on the bed, and get out and start practicing his sword skill in the courtyard!

Right now Kakashi can feel his body Strength getting stronger than before, which is caused by the surge of Chakra. Now he seems to be able to open the mountains and rivers with each stroke of his sword.

Kakashi knows that this is just an illusion because of his increasing strength and he knows that he has not reached that kind of level.

Then he is slashing over and over again, the sweat start to drop from Kakashi"s face. After a few hundred times, Kakashi finally stopped and sigh.

His body now still hasn"t feels tired. Is it because there is no Sharingan? Is this the true power of Kakashi, the son of white fang?

His Millenium sword in his right hand exudes a dazzling thunder light and Kakashi said softly: "Chidori!"

The Millenium sword was instantly covered by the formidable lighting chakra, and the original one-meter blade became more than five meters, at the same time it"s mixed with the sound of chidori!

Kakashi was indifferent to this, and then he quietly looked at the sword that turned into a long-blade sword. Under the light of his sword, Kakashi"s face looked mysterious.

At this moment, he is not Sharingan Kakashi, he is Hatake Kakashi who belongs to the Hatake clan!

After fifteen minutes, the Thunder on the Millennium sword disappeared without a trace, and Kakashi was half-squatting on the ground. The continued consumption of Chakra made Kakashi unable to stand up, he almost faint because of chakra exhaustion.

Even when he is half-squatting on the ground, Kakashi has no sense of tiredness, but rather he feels excited. It is a kind of eagerness to try thing. From today, he is Hatake Kakashi?

The strange Ninjutsu, terrifying battle analysis instinct, abundant Chakra, how can Kakashi become a weak person? Kakashi believes that in time, even if Uchiha Madara is reborn, he can fight and wins again him.

Everything started tonight, a calm but extraordinary night, this new Kakashi took the first step different from original work, at the same time it is also the first step to change the fate of the world!

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