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Chapter 12

Three days later, Kakashi looks at the long sword in his hand, it"s about one meter long, with a single-sided edge and a silver-white blade.

Kakashi try to swing it, and a smile of satisfaction appeared on his face.

The old blacksmith said: "This sword used the metal from your broken sword and Mifune"s ore. It took me three days to make it. It is considered to be best work I have ever created."

"Thank you very much sir" Kakashi said as he inserting the long sword into the sheath.

"No, this is my job. I only hope that you will make the name of this sword resound in the future. Right, you need to give this sword a name." Said Tsukasa.

"I will name it Millennium." Kakashi said after thinking for a while.

"Well, after creating this sword, I"m really satisfied in this life." Tsukasa said.

"Tsukasa, you shouldn"t said that. After all, we should always thrive to be better." said Mifune.

"Hahaha, you are right." Tsukasa smiled.

"Mifune-san, I have been here for a few days now, it is time for me to go back to the village," Kakashi said.

"Okay, you should take care. I have to leave here in a few days, to go back to the land of iron. If you have time, you should visit me and Koyuki. After all, she will miss you" said Mifune.

Today, Koyuki did not come along, but stayed in Mifune"s home, probably feeling sad to part with him, so she can"t bear to come here.

"Okay, if I go to the land of iron in the future, I will visit you."

Kakashi then turned and left. It has been half a month from the start of this mission, and it was time for him to return to Konoha Village. But this time he got big harvest. First, He fights against the powerful Jōnin from Yukigakure, and he got experience from this fight. Later he learned the Shunpo from Mifune. Finally, he got his new sword, Millennium.

Kakashi is very satisfied with this harvest. He also needs to sort out what he has learned in this week. He now has complete understanding of the Four Symbols Seal, with this, the problem of Sharingan can be solved. .

However, Kakashi intends find an unsealing method after the implementation of the seal Sharingan, otherwise, he can"t use a Sharingan during a fight.

After all, a large part of Kakashi"s Strength now depends on Sharingan, not to mention that Sharingan is a strong dojutsu. He is able to copy almost every justu. This is very useful as he fight against unknown enemy.

In this way, Kakashi is not in a hurry.

His sword skill has reached a bottleneck, but there is already ways to breakthrough as he need to increase his understanding of the sword. With his long sword, Kakashi is now being able use for his Hatake clan sword technique.

Three days later, Kakashi finally returned to Konoha village.

Hokage Office.

"Sandaime-sama, the mission of the land of Snow has been completed." Kakashi said. The mission summary is written on the Scroll that was handed over to Sandaime Hokage.

Sandaime Hokage took and looked at it and said, "Well done Kakashi, this mission is completed. You should go to rest first, and I will give you a new mission in a week."

"Yes, Sandaime-sama." Kakashi said as he left.

"Kakashi, he is really doing a good job at this mission, and he feels like a different person. Without the sense of lifelessness from before, did he already out of darkness?" Sandaime Hokage couldn"t help but feel happy.

What Sandaime doesn"t know is that the current Kakashi is no longer the original Kakashi. Although he got the original memory, he still becomes another person.

Kakashi returned home, remove his equipment and lay on the bed. After getting back, even Kakashi is feeling tired.

The exhaustion has make Kakashi sleep. When he wake up again, it is already time for the moon to rise.

Kakashi groaned with rumbling belly and climbed out of bed lazily. No one"s in this house half a month, so naturally there will be no food. Kakashi changes his clothes and go out to find something eat.

There was a big change after Kakashi left. It has been more than 20 days after the attack of Kyuubi. Many houses in the village have been rebuilt.

After all, there is shinobi, and their efficiency of doing things is much higher than normal person.

Kakashi looked around to see which restaurant was open. Soon, Kakashi"s gaze was attracted by a small shop.

Ichiraku Ramen, the netizen from his previous life dubbed it as Konoha"s best food.

Kakashi"s mask showed a smile underneath, and he didn"t hesitate at the moment. Since he has reborn in this world, he needs to taste the ramen.

"Welcome." Wearing a white chef"s suit, Teuchi smiled and said hello.

Now Teuchi looks a lot younger, and Ayame is just a 7-year-old girl, who is standing behind his father.

"Hello, I want to order 1 miso soup ramen" Kakashi said.

"Okay, wait a moment," said Teuchi.

After he finishes cooking the ramen, Teuchi put Kakashi"s order in front of him.

Kakashi was sitting on a chair. At this time, there was no other costumer in here. The meal time had already passed, so it is empty now.

"Well, it"s hot so you should eat it slowly" said Teuchi.

"Thank you, then I should start." Kakashi said as he tastes the soup first, and it was delicious.

"It"s delicious," Kakashi said.

"Haha, of course it is. This soup is a recipe that I have studied for a long time, and it tastes wonderful. This noodle is also made by my unique technique. It is very flexible." Teuchi said as he was happy that someone praised his work.

"Teuchi-san, you are really a great chef." Kakashi said with a sense of respect.

This is not the conclusion of Kakashi because of this bowl of noodles.

At the beginning of the plot, among the ordinary villagers, Teuchi is the only one who had no intention of abandoning Naruto, and Naruto was often given ramen for free. Kakashi appreciates his mentality who tries to help Naruto.

Naruto likes to eat a ramen noodles, it is not only because this ramen is delicious, but more importantly, the thing Teuchi has done to him make Naruto very touched.

"Haha, thanks for your compliment. I remember you, you seem to be the Disciple of Yondaime-sama right?" Teuchi suddenly thought of this.

At the beginning, Minato had brought Kakashi and his team to eat ramen here, but unfortunately now that Minato and Rin are dead, Obito has also broke into the darkness, and now Kakashi is the only one left.

"Yeah, I really miss those days" Kakashi said with sad emotion.

Realizing something was wrong, Teuchi quickly apologized: "Sorry, I mentioned your sadness."

"It"s okay. This is really delicious. I should leave now. Thank you Teuchi-san."

Kakashi finished the last bite in the bowl, put the money on the table, and turned away.

"Father, who is the big brother that"s wearing a mask?" asked the Ayame curiously.

"Haha, Ayame, that big brother is just a poor little man" Teuchi said as he pick Ayame up.

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